Airbus A380 in Melbourne

I am an idiot. I knew all along what time the A380 was scheduled to touch down, but I still didn’t go on time gah, so all I got were these slightly obscured photos of the A380 docked at Tullamarine Airport.








Okay, so it’s big. It’s not as humongous as I thought it would be. Or maybe it would be more impressive if I was closer to it :P I don’t think there wouldn’t be any problems with the A380 landing in Manila. Vince (haha, feeling close), pointed out that bigger planes have already landed in NAIA before.

The MSN009 test aircraft will be in Melbourne until it leaves tomorrow at around 8:00 am, bound for Manila. Melbourne Airport’s observation deck at Terminal 2 will be open to the public on Wednesday, October 10 (9 am – 8:30 pm) and Thursday, October 11 (7 am – 10 am).

Now that I’ve seen the A380, my next target is the Beluga. Haha, wishful thinking.

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Article by Nina Fuentes

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  1. khursten says:

    The other guys look like vienna sausages beside this plane.

    *phew* my house is safe

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