Flying with Cebu Pacific

Cebu PacificWith all the promos Cebu Pacific had last 2006, it’s pretty hard to avoid not booking through them at least once. Their acquisition of brand new Airbus A319’s, enabled them to offer flights to more regional destinations, which in turn gave more Filipinos options for cheap travel both domestically and overseas.

I flew with them twice last year: to Cebu and to Bacolod, both originating in Manila. Back then Cebu Pacific was still giving out free bottles of C2 Iced tea. I hear that they’ve stopped giving them out this year (to the dismay of Pinoy travelers who are used to freebies). I wonder if they still have their fun games.

Buying the tickets
I was able to buy our roundtrip Cebu tickets through their online booking facility, during their Piso promo (which came after their 10-peso promo). On the promo fare, I was able to buy 2 roundtrip tickets for only Php3,100+ (approximately US$60). Nice, no? I was actually aiming to get Manila-Tagbilaran-Manila tickets as we’re bound for Bohol, but back then, they only have 1 flight to Tagbilaran so I keep on getting the non-promo fare prices.

For the Bacolod flight, my sister and I bought our tickets direct from the Cebu Pacific Ticketing office in Robinson’s Galleria. It was an emergency trip, and since we will be travelling with a minor who’s only getting a one-way ticket, we had to buy it from them directly as their website cannot allow bookings for minors travelling alone. Since it was a Sunday, the ticketing office wasn’t as crowded as it gets during their crazy seat sales. Waiting time was only about 10 minutes, and the people behind the counter were friendly and courteous. For 2 roundtrip tickets and 1 one-way ticket, our total was about Php7,500+ (approximately US$150).

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Cebu PacificOn the air
The two flights I had with Cebu Pacific was certainly different from the flights I’ve taken with other low cost carriers. For one thing, as mentioned, they gave out bottled iced teas (now discontinued). Another is that they have these fun games. Basically, it’s like a “bring me” game: the flight attendant would call out an item, and the first one to bring out said item gets a prize. Prizes are Cebu Pacific products like cellphone holder, water bottle holder. Basically merchandise they sell onboard.

If you’re taking a Cebu Pacific flight anytime soon and want to win in their games (if they’re still having it), here’s a tip for you: Take note to remember the bring me items on the flight out. One of those items are bound to come up again in the next round ;)

The million dollar question: Are they always on time?
On the four flight segments I flew with Cebu Pacific, they were nearly on time. I’ve been lucky so far and haven’t experienced more than 30 minute delays.

If you ask other travelers though, they would say nearly all the flights they had with Cebu Pacific were delayed, specially the international flights. I guess it would depend on how lucky you are that day. ^_^

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Will I book with Cebu Pacific again?
Definitely! I’m a sucker for discounts and bargains, so even if I won’t be earning miles with Cebu Pacific, I would still book with them. Now, if they would only schedule these promos when I actually have money…

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. karla says:

    last year i went to cebu with the cebu pacific promo :D

    they had fun games back then.. i’m not sure if they still have the fun games :)

  2. eric says:

    i have been regularly flying with 5J, unless if PAL has a cheaper fare. i have flown with 5J this year, and napansin ko lng medyo na de-delay na nga sila lagi. i have a 1-hour delay flight once tapos may 3hour delay din ako recently.

    but i still love 5J :)

  3. Christine says:

    Yup, they still have those games and giveaways, at least as of last Holy Week. But now they give out this super-sweet pineapple juice that I can’t drink. WIsh they bring the C2 back.

    BTW, was great seeing you today! That was a pleasant surprise. :) Please send me your email so I can send you pictures. my email is gypsysoul73(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

  4. dyanie says:

    they still have those fun games but no more drinks. as per my mom who just arrived from ilocos via cebu pac

  5. estan says:

    I just arrived via Cebu Pacific here in Cebu yesterday and the free snacks is no more (blogged about this here) but its now for sale at exhorbitant rates!

    Also, palagi na rin delayed.

  6. nina says:

    Hmmm, Cebu Pacific should get their act together. I mean, discounts are great and all, and being a budget airline you *do* get what you pay for, but damnit, it is too much to ask for great service?

    Estan: read your post. Grabe ang pricing ah!

  7. Ferdz says:

    I recently flew from Tagbilaran via CEB and I was actually waiting for some freebies like even drinks from them, because the last time I flew from Kuala Lumpur I got a bottle of Nature’s Best, it would seem that only international flights have free drinks now?

    So far they are dong ok in terms of schedules.

  8. Norman,CEBUPAC FAN says:

    Hello!! sa lahat nang may Rekalam0 sa CEB wag kayong maganyan kasi alam nyo
    They are one of the best airline in Asia.Yun sabi nyo na walang Drinks dahil masyadong nang cheap ang binayad natin sa kanila not enough t0 serve drinks.Nakatry na ako ng Cancelled at Delayed flights nila but we should accept it,Di naman lahat nang planes ay Perpekto PAL,Airphil,Asianspirit at SEAIR nga ehh DELAT din. Kaya ako ipinaglaban ko ang Cebu Pacifc aIr Dahil maganda service nila kasi AFFORDABLE,COMFORTABLE,ACCOMODATING,FUN!! ive been flying CEB for 15times
    dahil sa mga commitment.So I am certifien CEBU PACIFIC Fan or a youth fan 12yrs old palang ako..THANKS!!

  9. jane says:

    call me pathetic or shallow, pero consuelo na lang sa frequently delayed flights nila e sobrang goodlooking ng mga male and female attendants nila. kahit na irritated ka na on board because of the delay, those fresh, cute faces and their extremely professional service makes you temporarily forget the headaches of the delay, until you arrive at the Manila Domestic Airport. chaos ulit. hehe.

  10. nina says:

    Hahaha, ganun Jane? Makasakay nga ng Cebu Pacific uli ;)

  11. F.A. says:

    I’ve been reading your entries about 5J. Thanks for flying with us. :)

  12. nina says:

    F.A: I’ll be flying with you again soon! :D (if you do recognize me, say hi :D)

  13. Sue says:

    It used to be so easy to purchase their tickets online, but now it sucks. You can’t book online if you will use credit cards that were issued overseas. You would have to contact their call center and it’s difficult to get thru right away. I booked via phone 2 weeks ago but until now I haven’t got my e-ticket yet. A couple of nights ago I made a follow up and the call center agent sounded so sleepy, I think she went back to sleep after my phone call.

  14. nina says:

    Really? I had a friend who booked from overseas using a foreign CC, and never had a problem. It’d be terrible if you had to call them from overseas — waiting for an agent to pick up often take several minutes. I really hope Cebu Pacific would also make as much effort in improving their ground service as they are in their marketing campaigns.

  15. Sue says:

    Hi Nina! I booked tickets online less than a year ago, the transaction was a breeze then. But when I tried to buy tickets early this month, the agent told me that they no longer accept cards from Europe. I hate making phone calls! Last night I made another follow-up on my e-ticket and the agent made me wait for so long, I even heard them talking and laughing, for a moment I thought my call was transferred to a night market.

  16. mcd says:

    HI… magkano bah first salary if flight attendant ka ng CEB? kasi sa PAL 40K first pay, how about sa CEB? please reply at my email nalang … pwede din dito but kng pwede email nlng hehe thanks! ;)

  17. nina says:

    Sue: Sobrang hassle yun ah, not to mention ang gastos pa! I read somewhere na even if your card was issued overseas, you can book online provided you fill in a local address. Haven’t tried that though…

    mcd: Hi! Sorry, but I’m not with Cebu Pacific, so I wouldn’t really know :)

  18. lili says:

    how much for the first pay of flight attendant in cebu pacific? you can reply in my email address thank you…

  19. hahaness says:

    40k na sweldo ng flight attendant ng PAL? haha. kakatawa ka naman. wala pa nga atang 20k sweldo ng mga yun FYI! kahit international na.

  20. anne says:

    how much nga ba ang first pay sa CEB flight attendants?
    pls reply on my email add… =D

  21. edzie says:

    12k lng ata ang starting s 5j. my friends were cabin crews 5j. s PAL 15k and below lng ang salary. lumalaki lng po ang sahod ng fa coz of their allowance. =)

  22. knc says:

    8k lang sa pal no. 40k kayo dyan.

  23. pol sarmiento says:

    how much is the salary for ticketing agent in cebu pacific?

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