An afternoon at Ace Water Spa

I have been going to Ace Water Spa since 2005, and it’s still the place I love going back to when I want a massage. What’s not to love? It’s just a short taxi ride away in Quezon City, and it’s basically just one big swimming pool.

Ace Water Spa 01

Unlike other spas, at Ace, you don’t just lie down and have someone massage you. You’d have to move to different massage stations, depending on which part of the body you want massaged. Also, at Ace, instead of hands massaging you, it’s water. It’s either water pounding down on your body or water jets hitting the pressure points.

Hydrotherapy or “water therapy” is the treatment of disease through the use of water. Hydrothermal therapy is the use of water temperature, such as in hot tubs or spas. The focus of Hydrotherapy is to rid the body of toxins that may be causing joint pain and inflammation. Hydrotherapy treatments are also helpful in managing chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Source: Ace Water Spa Website

They are very strict: each patron must be wearing proper swimming attire, up to the swimming cap (which they provide upon admission). Board shorts and t-shirts are not allowed past the entrance to the spa. If you don’t have any swim suit, they are selling suits starting at Php 250, or you can rent (*cringe*) for Php 100.

Ace Water Spa 02

Ace Water Spa is now attracting more patrons than before, even with their price hike. When I first visited Ace, the first thing I noticed was the number of seniors using the facilities. Last Monday though, it was mostly parents of kids who were taking swimming lessons, and couples in their 20’s. Adults are charged Php 550 and kids (4ft and below) Php 250 for the use of the facility. It may seem pricey, but that Php 550 is good for 4 hours use of all their facilities: the spa pool, the lap pool, the heated herbal baths, steam room and sauna. They have an ongoing promotion: Buy 2, take 1 in the morning (6am – 12 noon), buy 3, take 1 in the afternoon (12:15pm – 8:30 pm) on weekdays except holidays.

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It’s best to take advantage of the weekday promo, because it wouldn’t be as crowded as the weekends. I went there last summer on a Sunday and the place was turned into a public pool. Not fun. If you have the time before or after work, swing by Ace Water Spa and relax.

Ace Water Spa
399 Del Monte Avenue (near corner Banaue street) SFDM, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 3678041, 3678062, 4150164, Fax. No.: 4152477
Email Address:

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Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. Anna D. says:

    Entry after entry of Ace! Makes me want to give it a second chance… ahahaha

  2. nina says:

    You should! And this time, don’t go on a weekend. Weekday early afternoon is best :)

  3. donG hO says:

    i always wanted to try that. maybe soon. ill be attending the 1st backapcking festival.

  4. Didi says:

    Hey Nina! I’ve never been here, ever! Been passing it every so often but never got the chance to try it out!

    Looks tiny from outside! It’s big pala?!

  5. nina says:

    See you at the festival, Dong Ho! :D

    Didi: You should! It’s a really big place, unassuming lang talaga from the front. It occupies the space behind the BPI bank beside the spa.

  6. ChiQ Montes says:

    nakakainggit with all the events you have listed there.. :) hehe. have fun!

  7. dyanie says:

    gusto ko i try kaso kailangan pla naka swimsuit! haha! :P

  8. Kiko says:

    would you still recommend this spa for those of us who are conscious of our bodies? in other words di ba nakakahiya sa mga katulad kong mataba? :)

  9. nina says:

    Dyanie & Kiko: No need to feel self-conscious. Believe me, the people who go there are not the fittest (me included!)

  10. mommy_kat says:

    Is it really true that cams are not allowed inside the spa? So how did you take the photo above? Planning to go there this week with the fam. Thanks!

  11. mommy_kat says:

    Nice photos, by the way…

  12. Meikah Delid says:

    The note about the travel writing workshop reminds me of the travel writing workshop at Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay. Whoa, I was supposed to blog about it but totally forgot! Will check it out again. :)

  13. says:

    weLLow po..just wondering about your header..san po ung location nyan? it reminds me of my hometown ‘Donsol’.. s ‘dancalan’ po ba yan?..anyway.. i would like to ask permission if i can use you ace water spa photos for my proj (one-page ad of ace water).. ill drop by again here in your site to check for your reply or can you please send your reply thru email? thanks in advance.. :)

  14. GUS says:

    funny, i live 5 min away from AWS and i’ve never been there! But your post might just be the tipping point….:D

  15. iris says:

    you now, ace is really the best pool i have been.

  16. tin says:

    is the entrance fee for those who don’t like to swim the same for those who will use the faicilities? my father doesn’t want to swim kasi… sayang ang entrance fee.

  17. nina says:

    Tin, he can stay at the Lounge, where he has a view of the pools, but he can’t go to the spa and pool area mismo.

  18. Ann says:

    hi there :D nice site ah…nagenroll nga pala ako sa AWS ng swimming lesson yung kay Bert Lozada Swimming School… ang start pa ng class namin e sa April 13-23.. super excited na ako pero at the same time… kinakabahan aksi first time ko palang pupunta dito eh… and actually mukhang maganda siya kahit yung pool pa lang yung nakikita ko from the lounge area nila…sana mag april 13 na! :)) im VERY excited tlga.. :))

  19. your pool is so very big and beautiful looking i love it

    love and beautiful lady


  20. ryan says:

    i’ve been to ace water spa just today. it’s great! i enjoyed it. the water pressure massage my body and it feels refreshing after. too bad we didn’t get the chance to bring the phone or camera inside. i’d recommend it to everyone :)

  21. ehmz says:

    pwede bng nka spagety blouse n beach short sa mga girls?pati sa mam ko sana

  22. julius says:

    ace water spa was a great experience for the whole family and friends. Good facilities and it is well organized kaya lang mamumula ka at mangagati haha :)) pero enjoy :) nakilala ko pa nga si “head master” haha :))

  23. joan says:

    GOSH….GUYS check ace water spa..its reli fantastic,,grabe ang srap nkakaadik dun.,,really its very awesome…grabe…

  24. Eingel_girl says:

    Excellent!!!! Just excellent!!!!

  25. went to Ace Water Spa today May22,2010 Very Dissapointing experience my van was damaged by a ten wheeler truck while it was parked in their official parking space , Ace Water claims no responsibilty to the damage done to my van …..adding insult to injury no rebates were given when we asked because we swam for only few minutes , food not good service slow, your legs and buttocks will get itchy, staff very unfriendly,security lapses of Ace Water Spa may cause you life and limb.

  26. Mav says:

    I love going to Ace Water Spa, super relaxing. Plus I love their hot orange tea :)

  27. Bleh says:

    My wife and I went here but I did not really like it. They try to separate the men and women for some reason?

    They did not want my wife and I to be in the same hot tub pool together. I can’t understand this logic?

    When I go to a spa to relax I don’t want to be taken away from my spouse , I dont see why they can’t go in together?

    Its very strange I would not recommend going, it doesn’t relax you, the water jets are painful and not fun , you are better off going to a swimming pool where you can be with your spouse in peace

  28. sydney says:

    anu pwede suot lalaki,aside trunks?pwede ba yung pang surfing shorts,,medyo conservative ako,,ha ha ha,,thanks

  29. Aleah says:

    Been there just once. Wish I could go back again!

  30. Dee Quixotic says:

    I’ve been planning to relax here since last year pa. Kailan kaya..?

  31. tina says:

    Is it safe for pregnant woman?

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