Travel Expenses: Cebu 2008

I was looking through my archive and in my personal files and I was surprised to find out that I didn’t have any spreadsheet on my first Cebu trip’s expenses. I’m pretty certain I wrote down all my expenses, but I guess after tallying it, I passed out because it was pretty darned expensive. I *am* quite a high maintenance traveler. I can rough it out, but as long as I’m traveling with people who doesn’t mind splurging, my weekend jaunts will always be over 10K >_<

August 2008
Cost Per Person
Air Transfers

Cebu Pacific Php 3,928.96 Php 3,928.96
Manila Domestic Terminal Fee Php 200.00 Php 200.00
Cebu Domestic Terminal Fee Php 200.00 Php 200.00

Airport Transfers
Manila (Two way) Php 340.00 Php 340.00 1
Cebu (Two way) Php 150.00 Php 50.00 2

Golden Valley Hotel
Family Room w/o breakfast Php 2,400 Php 800.00

Transportation Expenses
Taxi and jeep around Cebu Php 1,279.00 Php 468.00 3

Food Expenses
All meals including snacks Php 2,870 Php 2,870.00 4

SD Card Php 700.00 Php 700.00 5
Personal shopping Php 570.00 Php 570.00 6
Internet Php 30.00 Php 30.00 7
Souvenirs Php 919.50 Php 919.50 8
Total Php 11,076.46

1 This was kept low because I spent the night at my friend’s house in Makati, and on the way home, I took a regular taxi, instead the expensive airport taxi I usually take.
2 The was also kept low because I shared the cost of the taxi with Melo and Eric from the Mactan airport to Cebu. For our return flight, Melo and I rode Shangri-La Mactan’s free airport shuttle service.
3 It was mostly taxi, but since there were three of us sharing, the cost was kept at a minumum. The most expensive taxi ride was the Php 250 from our hotel to Shangri-La Mactan (unmetered).
4 We eat a lot. A huge chunck of this was due to Acqua, Shangri-La Mactan’s awesome Italian restaurant. The price is not so awesome though. Cheapest meal was the Php 88 dinner at Larsian.
5 I bought an extra SD card because I was anticipating that I would be taking lots of videos. Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my battery.
6 The bag! It was too cute! I can’t NOT buy it! T_T
7 That Php 30 Internet went a LONG way. Net Express across the University of San Carlos offers Php 8/hour Internet rates during off peak hours, and Php 12/hour during peak.
8 I bought an Island Souvenir T-shirt for my niece, some cellphone charms, Cebu Chorizo, dried mangoes and Shamrock otap.

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Cebu 2008.xls (81K)
Cebu 2008.pdf (65K)

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