Review: Amor Farm Beach Resort

Accommodation plays a role in your overall trip experience. Whether you’re staying at your hotel/hostel/guesthouse/b&b/resort the whole day or just sleeping there, it would still impact how your general feeling about the place. I guess one of the reasons why I enjoyed my Donsol trip so much was because of the overall feel and the lovely people at the Amor Farm Beach Resort.

New airconditioned rooms

One of Donsol’s first resort, Amor Farm Beach Resort is listed as Lonely Planet as its second choice. LP describes Amor as: “right next to the vistors centre, this is a peaceful place, albeit not quite as well kept as Woodland.” They’re right about it being a peaceful place, but it seems the tourist center has moved, because it’s now a 5-minute walk from Amor.

Yay for clean toilets!
Yay for clean bathrooms! (I had my share of memorable toilets, and this is one of the rare toilets I can remember in a very positive light)


The resort is very rustic, very natural and very Filipino. The cottages have thatched roof, the rooms are spotless and the staff are very friendly. The resort is filled with greens, save for the basketball court (which used to be a place to dry their palay). Amor also has a restaurant serving good Filipino and western dishes at reasonable prices.

Reading materials
Left your book at home? Amor has some reading materials you can borrow.

Amor’s restaurant also serves as the resort’s common area. There is a TV (which seemed to be always tuned to ABS-CBN — kapamilya sila!), a a component (for videoke, perhaps?), a table laden with books and magazines from around the world (Harry Potter in French, anyone?). If you’re traveling alone and looking to chat up with other travelers, just hang out at the restaurant and you’ll surely find someone to talk to.

Ate Agnes
The ever wonderful Agnes who welcomed us with open arms *drama* It’s really the people at Amor that made this stay so enjoyable.

Being listed in the Lonely Planet Philippines meant that most travels head to Amor Beach Resort when traveling in Donsol. If you’re going during the peak season (December – May for Donsol), better book a room beforehand because they fill up very quickly. When we were there, a room would only be unoccupied for less than an hour (just enough time for the housekeeping crew to do their job) before a new guest would settle in. Amor is the accomodation of choice for plenty of travelers who has gone butanding watching in Donsol. It’s also my choice.

Inside Amor Farm Beach Resort
I saw a frog there one evening *cringe*

Amor Farm Beach Resort
Dancalan, Donsol, Sorsogon
Mobile: +63 9095181150
E-mail: /

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Room rates (as of December 2009)
AC Room with hot & cold shower – Php 1,800
AC Room (standard) – Php 1,700
Fan Room – Php 1,000 / 1,300
Fan Room with hot & cold shower – Php 1,400
ALL rooms are with ensuite bathroom and veranda overlooking the beach.

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. It’s called a “beach resort.” Is it actually on the beach? What is the nearest beach like? Do you have a photo of a typical room (other than the bathroom)?

    Less than $40 USD for a thatched-roof room with no TV near the beach sounds GREAT to me! I’d love to spend a week, or two, there!

    Nice write-up!

  2. nina says:

    It’s a beach front property, but I didn’t take a photo of the beach because…well, let’s just say no one really goes to Donsol for the beach XD There’s a photo of the room in my flickr.

    Is US$40 your bar for room rates? I go for half that XD

  3. eric says:

    gusto ko bumalik sa albay!!!

  4. Half of $40 sounds even better! But with the dollar plunging in relation to pretty much every currency in the world… you’ll be planning your next vacation to the USA!

  5. nina says:

    Eric: Balik tayo! :D

    David: Ahahahaha, no plans to go to the US for now. I’d rather go to the rest of Asia or Europe first :P

  6. ai says:

    hello… me and my friends are planning to go there…do you have any contact numbers for point persons of fireflies atching.and also for other resorts aside from listed above….all rooms are fully booked already.would really appreciate your help on this..thanks..

  7. nina says:

    Hi Ai! The firefly tours are organized by the resorts mismo. Just ask the people at your resort. You can find a list of other Donsol accomodation here.

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  9. Beth says:


    Babalik ako sa Donsol this comming summer, miss ko na sa Amor Farm.
    Kumusta na kayong lahat dyan sa Amor Farm.


  10. Beth says:


    The best place to stay is at Amor Farm.
    Babalik ulit ako sa Donsol ngayong darating na Summer.


  11. Guenther Gmelch says:

    Hi dear team of amor farm,
    my girl friend and i, we come to donsol at 04.04.2008 and want to stay till 08.04.2008. Do you maybe have a nice room for us?

    many greats from europe / germany


  12. Laurence says:

    We spent 4 days in Amor beach ressort. It’s a quiete place, close for seing “butanding”.
    Don’t make a transfert of money from your country ! We did that, they received a amount decreased because their bank took a commision and we paid the difference ! They didn’t want to find a arrangement. We left with a bad feeling…

  13. Frits says:

    We are trying to make a booking to Amor resort, but we can not find a email adress or something.
    Please help.

  14. Rasyl Amor says:

    Hi Nina…it was a shame i wasnt able to meet you when you visited Amor Beach Resort:(. This is Rasyl, the one receiving and organising reservations online ( / On behalf of the AMOR Beach Resort Team, i would like to thank you deep heartedly for posting the details and for the feedbacks you shared to the wannabe travellers and those that had experienced being served and pampered in the resort… .We have new rooms, in addition, plus with hot and cold shower..Btw, our new contact no. is +63 9095181150. Our rate are are as follows:
    AC Room with H&C shower – 1,800.00php
    AC Room (standard) – 1,700.00php
    Fan Room – 1,000.00 / 1,300.00
    Fan Room with H&C shower – 1,400.00
    To you Madam Laurence, i do remember the incident..we have exchange emails….please also try to understand that in everywhere in the world that once you wired a money, bank always have charges that should not be taken from the NET amount expected by the receiver,..we’re sorry you left the place with that bad feeling…it’s not out intension,..As much as possible, we want every guest we have would leave the place with a smile, and would say,’ i love to come to this damn good place!”
    Beth , thanks to you too.:)..Fritz, you can also contact us @ /

  15. rai says:

    hi, just wondering about the room rates, is it per day or per head? what is the pax per room? thanks

  16. Rasyl Amor says:

    Hi Rai, the room rate is per day. If you will come with your friends you can split the rate into 3 , as the maximum pax per room is 3 (1,800/3 = 600.00php per pax) But if you are just alone, you will need to pay for the room/day rate.

  17. jude says:

    can see more picture of amor beach plz
    my friends are planning to go there?

  18. Belle Ramos says:

    thank you nina for sharing and for having this blog….such a big help…. happy traveling!!

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