Third Eye Blind to open San Miguel Oktoberfest 120! UPDATED!

UPDATE: How to get tickets for Third Eye Blind in Manila, and how long their set is going to be. Details are at the end of the post.

Yup, you read that right, San Miguel Pale Pilsen is bringing Third Eye Blind to Manila for the grand opening of this year’s Oktoberfest. On September 5, this world renowned rock band, along with Philippine’s top bands will be gracing one of the four stages along San Miguel Avenue. San Miguel is aiming to break two Guiness records with this year’s grand Oktoberfest: the most number of people toasting, and the longest bar. Apart from the copious amounts of beer, participants can also interact with SMB’s personalities, like Efren Bata Reyes and PBA players.

Through the years, San Miguel Oktoberfest has been enjoying strong support from the Filipinos, that the Department of Tourism now recognizes the event as a local Fiesta. Aside from the grand kick off party at the Ortigas Center, there will also simultaneous parties all over the Philippines: in Olongapo, Sta. Rosa, Lapu-lapu (Cebu) and Davao. San Miguel Oktoberfest 120 (siento bente) will span for 120 days, starting September 5, until December 2008. The kickoff party is open to the public. For only Php120, you can watch Third Eye Blind, Rivermaya, The Dawn, After Image, Rico Blanco, Pinikpikan and 35 other Pinoy bands.

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San Miguel Beer is also premiering its limited edition beer, the San Miguel Oktoberfest beer. This beer is 100% malt, meaning it’s full flavored, light bodies, sweet to the taste and promises a smooth finish.

So… where will you be on September 5?

To buy tickets for Third Eye Blind and Oktoberfest 120, call 632-2226 and look for Jel. Amanda called the number and shares this info:

Apparently the General Admission ticket (P120) only gives you access to the longest bar and when I asked the employee from San Mig if you can see Third Eye Blind from there she said that it’s very far from the area. Ugh. So, if you want a really good spot you have to buy the “Gold Ticket” (or whatever it’s called) which costs P1500. Gives you access to all the areas and also a front view of 3EB playing. Purchase of tickets is in the San Miguel building itself.

Tickets can also be bought at the gates during the event proper, but I’m not sure if they would also be selling the Gold Tickets then.

Juned further explains the Gold Ticket for 3EB access:

Ticket Type: Gold Ticket
Special Viewing Section: Php 1,500.00 per head inclusive of 2 San Miguel Pale Pilsens at General Admission Section and 3 San Miguel Oktoberfest Beers & food at the Special Oktoberfest Marquee Section

Source: Dilis Media

Reader Jel shares that the Third Eye Blind will perform for at least one and a half hours, playing around 15 songs. Cameras are allowed inside, so better have those batteries charged! Third Eye Blind will be performing around 11 pm.

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Article by Nina Fuentes

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  1. jinsen12 says:

    LOLzzz…Marben, i know exactly how u feel. U still hav the e-heads hang-over no?
    I guees no beer or beerfest can give u that hangover like eraserheads reunion concert.
    Na-miss ko yung crowd nung reunion concert. walang jologs.
    on the way to julio vargas amoy ng jologs na.

  2. Bords says:

    Mga tol, may budget naman yung E-Heads concert. Yung Oktoberfest ay sang malaking beerhaus concert. Iba naman yun. Pero tama kayo tol, sana i-angat na nga ang standards ng concerts ngayon. Hindi yung puro mukhang summer slam ng pulp na dinudumog ng mga batang mukhang daga.

  3. poleng says:

    Pinoys deserve better, and the audience gets educated from the usual tulakan and batuhan if you give them class and quality.
    San Miguel, i hope you hear us. Wag naman sanang mukhang PWEDE NA yung mga shows niyo na kaya niyo naman bigyan ng budget. To all promoters na rin.
    Add more security and give your stages more flair.
    People are noticing the difference na after the Eraserheads reunion concert.

  4. sickANDtired says:

    Checking the sched of Oktoberfest led me here. Having second thoughts na watching the next Oktoberfest gig when i saw a news clip on GMAnews of these kids tearing down a barricade. I miss the Eraserheads concert when everything was peaceful and fun. Once in a lifetime na nga yun and i agree with the comments above. We are getting sick and tired with the usual multi band performances meant for the wild and rowdy crowd and not for concert going people like us.

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