Trinoma Blogger Food Tour

When Yehey announced that it will be sponsoring 100 bloggers for a free food tour in Trinoma last November, I was devastated. The tour was scheduled for the 2nd week of December and I would still be in Australia. So it was with much glee that I found out later on that it has been re-scheduled on January 9, and from 100, they’re now looking for 150 bloggers. Yay! (or should I say, yehey?)

Trinoma Baller ID
Trinoma Baller ID

My joy was short-lived, however. They already have their 150 bloggers, so no more slot for me. Two days before the event, Kaoko send me a flickr mail: would I like to take her place, since she won’t be able to attend? And so last Wednesday, I joined a hundred other bloggers at Trinoma, all looking forward to the gastronomic delights that await us.

Pepper Steak
Crazy Pepper Steak’s…Pepper steak.

I would like to say that they didn’t disappoint, but I can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful they they organized this whole affair, and the good we were able to sample were really fantastic. However, as with most pilot events, there were still details they have to iron out like logistics and communication with the participating restaurants. We were broken into groups and went on to different levels as not to clog the restaurants. After a briefing with our guide, we headed down to the lobby level. To our surprise, another group was inside Bread Talk and Toast box. Our guide said we’ll head on to Conti’s while the other group are still in the other shops. We were welcomed inside Conti’s with blank stares; the store manager wasn’t in and the crew have no idea about the food tour.

Puto Bungbong!
Puto Bumbong from Mangan

Going up the next level, we went inside to try Crazy Pepper Steak, where we were welcomed warmly. We had to wait a couple of minutes before they served the meals they wanted us to try. Our guide also took this time to alert the other restaurants in the vicinity that the mob is coming. So when we went out, the other restaurants were all set and waiting.

Tofu something.
Mann Hann’s Tofu with veggies and century egg

That was pretty much the theme of that tour (in our group anyway): some restaurants are ready and waiting, while some say that they aren’t participating, despite being marked as CONFIRMED in the list our guide handed out. And then there was that incident at Cabalen… but I’ll let AJ tell you the story.

Tofu Steak
Terriyaki Boy’s Tofu Steak

All in all, it was an afternoon well-spent. Some of the restaurants were already favorites, but it’s great to discover new dishes that I’ve never thought to try. The rest were places I haven’t tried before, and will definitely be going back to. Also, it was great to see blogger friends I haven’t seen since last October, and to make new ones (Hi Noreen, Edward, Jules and Jean!. To the Trinoma and Yehey team, thanks you so much! :)

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Here are a couple more pictures from the food tour:

Lamb Leg Roast
Cyma’s Lamb Leg Roast


Abe's fried tilapia
Frying Fish? No, it’s Abe’s fried tilapia


Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. Baklang AJ says:

    It’s always nice seeing you at blogger events. Even though I don’t say hi. Nahihiya kase ako kase we weren’t formally introduced yet (or have we been? lol).

    Our great cabalen experience was fun no? Lol!

    And oh, there’s a photo of my favorite binukadkad na plapla!

  2. oh my ang sarappppppppppppppp!!!

    ganda ng pics sobra ^__^ may mga pics pa u?

  3. nina says:

    Hi AJ! It was great to get to talk to you during the tour, kahit nga lang resulta siya ng Cabalen XD Chika nalang tayo sa next blogger event (or blog and soul meet) (and haha, pla pla pala siya…kala ko tilapia)

    Jehzeel: Bakit lagi kang nananalo kapag may promo? Nakakapansin na kami ah ;) The rest of the pictures are on my flickr :)

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  5. ajay says:

    w00t! yer back? nagutom ako!

  6. nina says:

    Yupyup! Been back in Manila since 2 weeks ago :D Why weren’t you there nga pala? I was looking for you :(

  7. Gizelle says:

    Andito pala lahat, sa susunod dito na ko titingin…Finally foodblogs, not just photos! YeheY!

  8. kaoko says:

    Glad you had fun! I’m dying of envy right now at not being able to go (Loser is me! I was doing OT! — I rhyme, o diba?) but I’m glad someone got to go in my place. Sayang naman diba? That tilapia—what I would give to try that!

    Pero man, that Cabalen thingie, sobra ha. That manager needs to take a course in guest relations.

  9. nina says:

    Hi Gizelle! Well, wala pa masyadong food blogging dito.. I can’t decide whether to start a dedicated food blog (so I wouldn’t feel like such a poser when I go to food-related events), or keep it here (because I already have too many blogs and not enough drive to update them all XD)

    Kaoko! Khursten didn’t go either :( Anywhoo, bawi nalang tayo sa food sa picnic! :D

  10. Gizelle says:

    Onga, I haven’t check the other blogs, pero I think food tripping under category na din dito…what you eat in places you visit. =D More food power!

  11. Bloggers' Food Tour At Trinoma | says:

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  12. Ferdz says:

    Ang sarap sarap naman. Just thinking about tasting all those food at those resataurants! Wow! sana maulit.

  13. eric says:

    kitams tayo ulit next time!

  14. vinc1 says:

    Malapit na daw yun micro-site sa Yehey where, yun mga user submitted na photos nyo, ilalagay na. anyway, habang wala pa, eto daw pwede natin puntahan for the moment.

  15. estan says:

    wow! the food seems to be good. i just hope the next time these restos sign up for this kind of event, prepared sila.

  16. Ade says:

    The fried tilapia looks delicious! My group didn’t get to go to Abe. Too bad I missed that one.

  17. nina says:

    Eric: Definitely! Are you going to the Happy Slip meet and greet next week?

    vinc1: Thanks for the link! :)

    estan: Onga eh. I think may miscommunication rin with the organizer. Or maybe the organizers got too optimistic. Actually, okay na rin na not that many restaurants joined, else we wouldn’t have time to try them all. I just hope that next time they organize a tour like this, mas organized na.

    Ade: Okay lang yan, we weren’t able to try the tilapia either. For photo op lang siya XD

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