Getting to know Kuala Lumpur bit by bit

Today was actually a pretty off day for all of us. The one-hour delay in the flight meant we didn’t land in Kuala Lumpur International Airport until 9pm, and inside our rooms until midnight. We were all exhausted, but there’s work to be done. The result: none of us went to bed earlier than 2am, and having to be up by 8am for breakfast.

Sayuri back in Malaysia
Sayuri is back and blurred in Malaysia.

Still, we managed to see some of Kuala Lumpur’s top attractions. Our first stop this morning was the Petronas Twin Towers. Unlike the last time I was in KL, we didn’t have to line up, and we got tickets for the 10am viewing. We boarded the high speed lift, and in 48 seconds, we were at the Petronas Sky Bridge, 170 meters above ground. What greeted us was a view of the sprawling metropolis, including the limestone hill of the Batu Caves.

Mounted royal guard
I love this guard at the King’s Palace

Back on the ground, we visited other attractions: the KLCC Aquaria, the King’s Palace and the National Monument before heading to Sunway Lagoon for lunch and an afternoon of fun and recreation. Unfortunately, we were all too pooped for anything, so the highlight of this trip to Sunway was the Tomahawk and the Suspension bridge. The itinerary includes an evening at the Ministry of Sound, but we were just too tired. We retreated back to KL earlier than expected, and had an early dinner of bak kut teh, stewed pork, veggies, fish and shrimp omelet.

Sunway Lagoon Surfing
Body boarders at Sunway Lagoon

I know we’ve barely scratched KL’s surface with today’s itinerary, but I was pretty happy to have discovered the National Monument. I honestly wouldn’t have bothered going there on my own, but I was happy to discover that it has the same peaceful serenity that the American Memorial Cemetery in Fort Bonifacio has. Definitely going back there if I find myself in Kuala Lumpur again.

Petronas Sky Bridge
With Ferdz, Martin of Tourism Malaysia and Ivan at the Petronas Sky Bridge

We have a couple more days to spend here in KL, and I’m looking forward to that next discovery.

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. Monica says:

    Great shot of the body boarders! It almost makes me want to learn how to swim. Almost. Haha…:)

  2. davidd aka puuikibeach says:

    You’re the only one of the three of you who are “live blogging,” or at least “daily blogging” the trip? I guess that shows who the real problogger is! I admire your dedication to your craft.

    I feel that it’s this first-person, as-it-happens approach you take while on the road which sets your travel blog apart from many others. I’m sure it’s one more tiring chore on top of the already exhausting travel schedule, but as a travel blog reader, I appreciate this extra effort you put in. I feel as though I’m “looking forward to that next discovery” right along with you!

  3. nina says:

    Please do not insult my fellow bloggers, Davidd :)

  4. Bryan Karl says:

    Waah I like the body boarders pic… Waah kelan kaya ako makapunta sa ibang SEA countries…

  5. ah SUNWAY LAGOON — good times :D

  6. freeze says:

    looking forward to your posts about Malaysia. Sige Nina, sell KL to me. :) I haven’t been there and it’s not on top of my bucket list. Not yet, at least for now. All I know is they are a haven of cheap shoes! :D

  7. dementedchris says:

    48 seconds?!? Wow!

    I must confess that I haven’t really considered going to Malaysia but your entries have been piquing my interest. What’s the Tomahawk?

  8. nina says:

    Bryan Karl: onting ipon lang, kaya mo yan ;)

    Magnetic_rose: I’m sure you have such fond memories of Sunway Lagoon, Ms. MTV Blogger ;)

    Freeze: Hahaha, I’ll try my best. I’m enjoying KL much more now. Well, for obvious reasons lol.

    Dementedchris: I think you’ll enjoy Malaysia, Chris. Especially Malacca and Penang :)

  9. Luncur says:

    I’m using one of your images on my blog. Hope you don’t mind. Here’s the link to the post

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