Eating out and eating well in Boracay

Boracay has changed a lot through the years. Construction of new buildings never seem to stop, be it in the beach front or in other beaches and coves in the island. One of the positive things about this development boom, I guess, is the food. There are now more restaurants in Boracay than ever. From cheap street foods to expensive exotic cuisine, Boracay is sure to have something for every budget and palate.

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Gasthof breakfast

One of the well-known restaurants in Boracay is Gasthof. Proclaimed as serving the best baby back ribs in Boracay, it’s a title that’s well deserved. The ribs are marinated in Gastof’s special marinade, and grilled upon order. The ribs are serve at the table still hot, with a dollop of sauce and tender meat that’s practically falling off the bone. One order of ribs costs Php 550; pricey, but it’s a 5-piece rib that’s packed with meat, perfect for sharing.

I’ve only known Gasthof for their ribs, and was surprised that they serve a great breakfast as well. What you see above is the continental breakfast set. It comes with one sausage (Hungarian, Bratwurst or veal), two eggs (poached, scrambled or however way you want), a huge pancake served with butter and maple syrup on the side, a cup of tea or coffee and some tropical fruit. Pretty great deal for only Php 190, I think. (I was planning on having breakfast at Gasthof, but it was twarthed by me oversleeping and the complimentary breakfast I have at Tans Guesthouse)

Fresh Pita Bread
Kasbah fresh pita bread

Relatively new in the island, though quickly becoming a favorite among locals and tourists is Kasbah, a Moroccan restaurant. Located way out in Station 1, right beside Discovery Shores. It’s a fair walk from Station 2, your progress made even slower by the soft sand. But the walk is so much worth it, as you take in the gorgeous Moroccan lamps that lit up the place, and you get a taste of authentic Moroccan cuisine. The kemias, the kebabs, the tagines, the tea… I loved them all! It comes with a pretty hefty price tag though, so be sure to bring lots of cash when you dine here — the ATM is a long walk from the Kasbah!

Cafe del Mar 03
Cafe del Mar Chicken
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I have been hankering for the dish I had at La Sirenetta in Coron. The restaurant in Coron was actually a spinoff from the Boracay original, Cafe del Mar. Decorated with the trademark mermaid pillar, this was no doubt the same restaurant. The food served had strong Western influence, while using locally sourced ingredients. I ordered the same dish as I did in Coron, the Cafe del Mar Chicken. Grilled (or was it fried?) herb seasoned chicken breast with a side of fries, salad with vinaigrette and a spicy, tangy dipping sauce. I also ordered the same appetizer we had at Coron, but this time, with four dips, instead of just hummus. The pita bread was fresh, soft and chewy. The dips were pretty good as well, and the chicken dish as I remembered it.

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Cafe del Mar is a bit expensive, and though I’d love to try their other dishes, I’d probably only eat there again if I have friends with me to split the bill. The restaurant is located in Station 1.

Lemoni Cafe 01
Lemoni Cafe Lunch Box

The Lemoni Cafe (or Lemon Cafe as others say), is located right smack in the center of D’mall, across the Ferris wheel. The restaurant’s light and airy interior is inviting, and if that doesn’t lure you in, the dessert display will surely do.

They are offering a lunch box special, where for Php 450, you get the soup of the day, salad with their raspberry vinaigrette, your choice of sandwich and dessert. Yummy and filling, this is a great value meal for the price.

Jonah's Shake 01
Jonah’s Choco Banana Vanilla Shake, a good book and a great view.
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No, I did not forget about Jonah’s! I was merely saving the best for last. Jonah’s is a Boracay institution: you haven’t been to Boracay if you haven’t tasted Jonah’s shake.

The shakes at Jonah’s are the perfect for keeping cool under the sun. There are plenty of flavors to chose from — there’s one that sure to please the most discerning of tastes. What I like best about Jonah’s is that the shakes taste real. It doesn’t taste of artificial flavoring, but of the fruit itself. For only Php 90 for a tall glass of delicious shake and a spectacular view of the fine white sand and glistening blue sea of Boracay, Jonah’s is certainly hard to top.

Boracay, Philippines 28
Chori burger, barbecue and hotdog

Okay, so Jonah’s wasn’t the last on the list! Another favorite and a must try when in Boracay is the Choriburger. Short for chorizo burger, it is made with grilled chorizo in a hotdog bun and slathered with sweet or spicy sauce. It’s the perfect thing to munch on as you watch another spectacular Boracay sunset.

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Choriburgers are sold along the beach road at the numerous grill kiosks that pops up late in the afternoon. Aside from choriburgers, you can also buy other street food favorites like barbecue, isaw (intestine), tenga (pig’s ear) and hotdog.

[Update March 29, 2016] This post was written 7 years ago. The Boracay Compass has a recent, more detailed guide to Boracay Restaurants.

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    Hi! Its really good knowing there are still places in Boracay we can stay at an affordable price. We are booking a stay at Tans Guest House this October 2010, I was just wondering how much budget i should make arriving at kalibo. I mean the land/sea transfer.
    Thank You for the Info!

  10. “One of the positive things about this development boom, I guess, is the food.”

    I totally agree! Every disadvantage has it’s advantage, luckily.

    My favorite resto in Boracay is Viveri’s Cafe. They have very yummy food for a small price. It’s located in Station 3 near the main road. In a side street called ambulong road. Try it next time, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed :)


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