Travel Budget: Boracay

I’ve been putting off posting this because it’s just too darned embarassing. For a trip that has a lot of free stuff, it has been one expensive weekend.

Then again, if you have a penchant for eating out at fancy restaurants, you’d have to pay the price in the end. That and a terrible addiction to the Internet. Bah.

So here you go, an idea of how much you’d spend in Boracay if you’re careless with your money x_x

Boracay September 2009
September 5 – 8, 2009
Air transfers in PhP
Seair PHP 0.00 1
Terminal fee PHP 220.00
Land transfers
Taxi to and from airport (MNL) PHP 860.00 2
Trike to and from port (Boracay) PHP 130.00
Taj Guesthouse PHP 0.00 3
Food expenses
Meals, snacks, drinks PHP 3,654.25 4
Internet PHP 554.00 5
Skullcandy earbuds PHP 995.00 6
Medicine PHP 60.00
Envirosax PHP 495.00 6
Total PHP 6,968.25
1 Thank you, Seair!
2 The yellow taxis of doom have finally invaded the domestic airport.
3 Long story. Basically, Ms. Net of Tans Guesthouse was so happy with the review I wrote about them last January and brought a lot of business to them, so she insisted that we stay for free. Taj Guesthouse is owned and operated by her sibling.
4 Good food in Boracay is expensive. This includes a paella lunch, pasta with truffle oil, crispy pata and the best calamansi muffin from Real Coffee among other things.
5 Loser.
6 Retail therapy?
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Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. It’s okey lah!! Libre naman ang airfare eh…

    Besides, as my dad (may he rest in peace) would say “huwag na huwag magtitipid sa pagkain…”

    Eheheh!! :D

  2. wah! the food in boracay is so expensive lalu na yung mga posh restos! dun naubos ang pera namin! can you believe ka-price ng chocolate mati yung seafood buffet? nakakaiyak! >_<

  3. hippynomad says:

    nyah! we’ll be in bora next week and hope the weather will be good.. may mai rerecommend ka bang activities sa bora bukod sa shopping.. thanks! =)

  4. nina says:

    Mr Whattaworld: May punto ang daddy mo! Pansin ko nga eh, sa lahat ng travels ko, puro food ang mataas na gastos XD

    flip’n travels: Exag yung price ng chocolate mati na yun! But it’s oh so good T_T

    hippynomad: Dami magagawa dun aside from shopping (actually, shopping in Boracay is not recommended since everything is more expensive in the island). There are plenty of water-based activities that you can try (snorkelling, diving, reef walking, kite boarding, skim boarding, etc.), you can waste all your money on food, hike up Mt. Luho or even go Zorbing! Ron of flip’n travels has a great list here: Hope that helps :D

  5. lawstude says:

    ayos na rin no? the food there are really expensive. boracay is all about indulgence anyway – the food, the activities and of course, the massage where they turn you to a puto-like delicacy after.

  6. Sharon says:

    Hi Ms. Nina! My husband and I were in Boracay last Sept 6-9. Andun ka rin pala. We stayed sa Tan’s din, sa Namaste Annex (malaki yung room namin!). Napili namin dun dahil na rin sa review mo. And you’re right, very helpful at maasikaso ang staff (si Ms. Pen at Joseph) nila.

  7. Sharon says:

    Sa may bandang likod na po yung Namaste Annex pero sa kanila pa rin yun. Saka bago sya. Nung una nga nadismaya ako nung sabi sa may likod kme kasi akala ko mas malayo pa sya sa beach pero it turned out, maganda yung room namin at malaki. Nung nagkaroon ng bakante sa Tan’s mismo, tinanong nila kung gusto namin lumipat pa pero di na lng kasi maliit lng yung room sa third floor at mas gusto na namin dun sa annex.

  8. hippynomad says:

    hi nina! need help.. we’re 2days now in boracay and it’s been raining cats and dogs.. we already had food trip last night and visited the d mall.. what else can we do? thanks!

  9. pinoyislands says:

    wow sarap naman libre airfare sana ako din hehe. sobra mahal nga food sa boracay pero ok lang yun..sulit naman ang bakasyon pag masarap pagkain :) ganda blog mo sobra :)

  10. ron says:

    Hi Nina..

    thanks sa link-up… pano ka nakaka kuha ng free seat from sea air. hehehe
    gusto ko rin! :-P

  11. Alanie says:

    how far is station 3 to main beach front?

  12. Darwin says:

    wow! andun din kami sa bora nung time na nagpunta ka nina. Sept 3-6 nga lang. sayang di ko pa alam yung site mo noon. we stayed at boracay courtyard (1st timers eh). ok naman sa price and may “promo” sila nung time na yun pero di ko gusto yung lugar mismo. hindi mashado name-maintain ung cleanliness eh. we are planning to go back to bora May next year (family outing) and thanks to your blog may idea na ako where to stay. i already contacted Tans and Taj and their rates are quite competitive considering the place is located at stn 2. though try ko pa din mag-scout sa mga resorts that you mentioned.

    kudos nina! job well done!

  13. iheartadventures says:

    Hello Nina!

    I’m planning a wedding in boracay. I want to do an ocular. I tried contacting Ms. Net but she’s not replying to my texts and email :(

  14. Iza A. says:

    Hi, Nina. My husband and I are planning to go to Boracay in November. We might stay at Taj based on your review. :) As for the food, how much would be your recommended budget for 3D/2N?

  15. Sarah Cruz says:

    Everytime I went vacation to Boracay I was get out of budget. Thank you for sharing this at least I would plan how to spend my money without compromising my food..ahaha :D

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