Travel Budget: Singapore

I’ll start this entry off by saying that this travel budget is rather inaccurate, since I pretty much stopped writing down my expenses when I got to comfortable in Singapore. So there were items that I missed, and items that probably shouldn’t be listed.

I’ve included the cheap airfare to and from Singapore in this budget, excluding the expenses incurred in the Philippines (airport & travel tax, taxi). It’s a fairly decent amount, except that it does not include any accommodation expense and no costs on souvenirs either. This budget is only for six days in Singapore: Day 1, and Days 25 to 30.

Singapore 2009
June 1, 25-30, 2009
Exchange Rate: SG$ 1 = Php 33

Air & Land Transfers
Jetstar Asia (from Manila) SG$ 71.00 PHP 2,418.08
Singapore Airlines (to Manila) SG$ 88.00 PHP 2,260.80 1
Aeroline Bus (from KL) SG$ 43.00 PHP 1,419.00 2

Taxi SG$ 30.00 PHP 990.00 3
EZ-Link card (bus, MRT & LRT) SG$ 70.00 PHP 2,310.00 4

Meals and snacks SG$ 77.95 PHP 2,572.35 5

Mobile phone credits SG$ 45.00 PHP 1,485.00 6
Singapore River Cruise SG$ 18.00 PHP 594.00
Asian Civilization Museum SG$ 8.00 PHP 264.00
Total SG$ 450.95 PHP 14,313.23

1 I used my frequent flier miles to buy my ticket, so I only had to pay the taxes and fees.
2 I love this bus.
3 This is only for two taxi rides, both going to Changi Airport.
4 It’s so easy and cheap to use Singapore’s public transport system. Fares are cheaper if you use an Ez-link card.
5 This includes meals outside the house and groceries for the meals I cooked at my brother’s flat
6 3G/HSPA is my downfall.
Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. Bryan Karl says:

    I’ve waited for this! Hmmm ang mahal pala. Ang laki ng budget. Waaah. Kakayanin!

  2. karen says:

    hi ms nina, would you know cheap but presentable accommodations in SG? we’re going there next year pa naman but we are so excited and getting things sorted this early haha thnx :)

  3. Donna says:

    Hi! Will be going to Singapore in 2 weeks time. My first time. For only 2 days. Could you suggest (by priority) the places that I should visit or see? Thanks

  4. Mela says:

    Wow. Singapore truly is an expensive country. What makes it cheap, though, is that you probably know someone living there now so it is easy to crash!

  5. Precious says:

    Hi there!

    I’m planning to go to Singapore this November and stay with my aunt, I did call the embassy to ask if I will need a visa for my 2-month stay and they said I won’t need a visa for a 30-day stay and may extend to 2 months at the immigration department in Singapore. I’m just anxious to make this trip a smooth one, so maybe you can help with my worries?

    One is that most of the airlines and travel agencies offer 14-days max only, does this mean, I can’t stay in Singapore for 30 days without prior securing a visa?

    Two is that, can I just buy the airline ticket, round-trip, for a 30 day trip?

    And finally, any advise on the extension application thing?

    Thanks in advance. I would really appreciate your reply. Desperately worried here. I just want everything to be smooth and legal. :) Thanks!

  6. mercedes asuncion says:

    i want to travel in singapore im asking how much the traveling expences from ohilippines to singapore? tnxs,,

  7. lea says:

    thank you nina! planning to go SG-KL in Dec, this is very helpful! will be reading further related posts, :)

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