Cheap Accommodation in El Nido Town

Two weeks ago, if someone told me that traveling to El Nido can be done on a budget, I wouldn’t believe it. Now that I’ve been there, I can say that it *is* possible. Not counting the travel expenses to and from El Nido, staying in El Nido town can be quite cheap, given the range of budget accommodations available, as well as affordable canteens and restaurants scattered throughout the small town. It’s not surprising that a lot of backpackers from all over the world flock every year to this gorgeous place, as well as a growing number of Filipino budget travelers.

El Nido Maps
Just Wandering’s overly simplified and obviously not-to-scale map of El Nido Town
(click to view or download larger version)

During our off time (one day spent resting in between island hopping adventures), I decided to walk around town and check out some of the affordable places to stay in El Nido. This is a short list compared to several available online, but these are places that I have looked at and doesn’t look too dodgy. I wasn’t able to check the rooms on offer on most of them, but I have chatted with the owners or caretakers about their rooms and facilities. I they were kind enough to answer the questions of this pesky traveler who wasn’t even planning on staying at their place, they’re automatically included in the list.

Marina Garden Beach Resort
M. Quezon Street (formerly Calle Hama)
Mobile: +639176247722 / +639088843711
Rooms from Php 690 (good for 2, shared bathroom, has free Wi-fi)
Read my Marina Garden Beach Resort review

The Alternative
The Light room of The Alternative

The Alternative
Serena Street, Bgy. Buena Suerte
Mobile: +639178963408
Rooms from Php 500 (good for 2, shared bathroom, has free Wi-fi)
They let me check out the Light Room, which is their most expensive room at Php 1,800 per night. The room has two double beds, and has space for an extra mattress. It has ensuite toilet and bath (no hot shower) and a veranda overlooking the beach. There is no direct beach access from the veranda. Fan rooms only.

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Shore Pass Lodge
Serena Street, Bgy. Buena Suerte
Mobile: +639072269213
Rooms from Php 1,300 (good for 2, ensuite toilet and bath)
All rooms are priced at Php 1,300 each. I vaguely remember the caretaker telling me that there is only 1 queen sized bed in the room (or was it 2 single beds?), but I do remember her telling me about a group who stayed the week before who were able to fit about 8 people inside. They just paid for the extra mattresses (Php 100 per mattress). The lodge is fronting the beach, but there is no beach access from the veranda.

Pura Vida
Serena Street, Bgy. Buena Suerte
Mobile: +639204800012
Most expensive room at Php 1,900 per night (good for 2, beach front, ensuite toilet and bath with hot shower, with terrace)
There is also a restaurant on the ground floor fronting the beach. There’s also a monkey in the premises. He is not caged, but on a leash. He’s right near the entrance, so watch out as he does lunge at people passing by.

Casa El Nido
Casa El Nido as seen from the beach

Casa El Nido
Mobile: +639298335630, +639198233711
Rent at Php 3,500 per night
This is great budget option for big groups. The house is right at the beach, has 2 aircon rooms, one large living room, has a large balcony overlooking the beach and a service staff.

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Og’s Pension
M. Quezon Street (formerly Calle Hama)
Mobile: +639167070393 / +639204040223
Rooms from Php 500 (good for 2, fan room, shared bathroom, includes breakfast)
Og’s Pension is beachfront, but access to the building is through a small alley off M. Quezon. They have a restaurant right on the beach, which is probably why their guests wander over to Marina’s beach front to sunbathe.

Rovics Pension House
Entrance to Rovic’s Pension House

Rovic’s Pension House
M. Quezon Street (formerly Calle Hama)
Phone: (02) 9398789 (Manila), (02) 4176079 (Manila)
Mobile: +639285202655 (El Nido), +639205420695 (Manila), +639209232305 (Manila)
Rooms from Php 1,500 (good for 2, with A/C)
Rovic’s is easy to spot along the El Nido town’s main road. Its color facade is eye-catching. However, though there’s an entrance along the main road, the reception is on the beach side. When I went there, nobody was manning the entrance to the building from the street, and I passed through all the rooms to get to the “lobby.”

Cashew Mango
M. Quezon Street (formerly Calle Hama)
Mobile: +639186632771
Rooms from Php 1,500 (good for 2, with A/C)
Cashew Mango is undergoing major expansion, adding 9 rooms to the current 5. All rooms are air conditioned. They have 2 beach front rooms at Php 2,500 per night.

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Rico’s Beach Cottages
M. Quezon Street (formerly Calle Hama)
Mobile: +639294671632 / +639272588456
Rooms from Php 1,000 (good for two, ensuite toilet and bath)
Most expensive cottage is at Php 1,800. Rooms can accommodate up to 3 person. Additional bed cost Php 150.

Dara Cottages
One of Dara’s Cottages

Dara Cottages
M. Quezon Street (formerly Calle Hama)
Mobile: +639198993803
Rooms from Php 1,000 (good for two, ensuite toilet and bath)
Beach front property with quaint nipa cottages. Most expensive cottage at Php 1,300, Php 300 for extra bed.

El Nido Cliffside Cottage
Rizal Street
Mobile: +639197856625
Rooms from Php 500 (good for two)
Not beach front, but the beach is just about 7 minutes away on foot. Most expensive room at Php 700, good for up to 3 person.

El Nido Cliffside Cottage
El Nido Cliffside Cottage as seen from the street

Lualhati Cottage
Rizal Street, Brg. Maligaya
Mobile: +639193196683
Rooms from Php 600 (good for 2, 1 double bed)
Set outside the town proper, but still a comfortable 10-minute walk from the beach.

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. Yay..finally a budget travel take on el nido. Most people (including myself) perceives that an El Nido trip = mucho moolah.Thanks nina..for all the budget friendly accommodations you posted on your do I get myself a free trip to El Nido tee hee…

  2. dyanie says:

    yay! that’s what i love about this blog eh. the affordable accomms hehe. nice one nins! :) the map looks familiar. the one you did in bora hihi :)

  3. kate says:

    i really LOVE this blog :) thanks Justwandering!

  4. Cindy says:

    Thank you so much, your posts are very helpful.

  5. Randy says:

    Hi, I loved your blog and website. My wife and I are traveling to Palawan in a week or so. We are not booking anything up front and hope to be able to get a place to stay when we get there.

  6. Chichi says:

    Borrowed your cheap accommodation map for our feature on How to Travel Palawan on a Budget. Thanks for the really helpful posts Nina!

  7. mauisalang says:

    I’m currently searching for a place to stay in El Nido, and this site is truly very helpful. Thanks!

  8. strawberry says:

    Thanks heaps, Nina. This is really informative and useful. I and my husband are planning a trip to Palawan, and is worrying with the towering prices of accommodation, until I came across your blog.

  9. Marco says:

    Thanks ate nina for this! Going na bukas!

  10. Shayeeda says:

    love it! thanks

  11. Grace says:

    Found what I was looking for! I just saw that you flew…debating on whether to get the van from Puerto since I want to also check it out. I love your maps and your budget breakdowns.

  12. ayan says:

    wow nice list..
    laking tulong to..were goin there next week =)

  13. Glynn says:

    this is quite a list! very helpful & informative indeed… thanks a lot!!

  14. cj says:

    Thanks. I have been looking and not finding anything. Thank you for the time you spent.

  15. naomie says:

    hi were visiting palawan,pero budgeted time lang..possible kaya na makapunta kami ng el nido and undergroundriver..8:30am sun. dating namin airport and kelangan namin makauwi ng 5pm manila,,un lang kasi ang last flyt pauwi..pls i need ur opinion..pls mail me…

  16. naomie says:

    sorry hindi ko nailagay yung date pag uwi, sun 8:30 puerto kame and kinabukasan mon,5pm flyt pabalik manila

  17. Great list! Thanks so much.

  18. eku says:

    hi do you have any recommendations for CORON? :D TY!

  19. paz cuaresma says:

    Hi! Where did you stay in El Nido ?

    P.S: Your blog is so helpful. It helped us during our Boracay vacation last summer.

  20. Manilyn says:

    your travel to el nido is super amazing, i just have to ask, since you’re a seasoned traveler, and this would be a first for me, is it necessary to book a tour in 2-3 weeks advance or if i book it a day before we decide to take the tour, and i will only be with my boyfriend. any good advise? coz i don’t want to spend all our time on the road and hopping in and out of the island for just to catch up with the time, i want to enjoy the beauty of the place. please help, we will be travelling this july. thank you for your time…

    • nina says:

      Hi Manilyn, sorry for the late reply. For El Nido, you don’t have to book a tour in advance, unless you have a specific itinerary in mind and want to have the entire boat to yourselves. Otherwise, you can just walk into any tour operator in El Nido town and ask which tours can still accommodate you. Of course, if you do this second option, you’d have to share the boat with other tourists.

      If you want, I can recommend a contact in El Nido who can arrange a tour for you.

      • myra says:

        hi nina, i found your blog very helpful and informative. will be going to el nido this coming october31 to nov4. can i have your contact in el nido for arranged tours that me and my husband is planning.

        you may email me the contact details.

        thank you in advance.


  21. debbiesrain says:

    We were at Marina Resort for 6 days. Beautiful place with hammocks at the beach front. The service was excellent! people are friendly and prompt. Wifi is 24hrs. We stayed in a fan room but no complains at all except some “ANAY” (wood insects) at the window and a “tokko!” animal sound every night! Other than that, I will give this resort a buy…great job!

  22. kakay says:

    hi !!for low budget we find this – ios good and nice staff!

  23. myra says:

    hi nina, i found your blog very helpful and informative. will be going to el nido this coming october31 to nov4. can i have your contact in el nido for arranged tours that me and my husband is planning.

    you may email me the contact details.

    thank you in advance.


    • Nina says:

      Myra, I did not get the contact number of our tour operators during this particular this. There are plenty of tour agents in El Nido town, and unless you really need to arrange for a special tour ahead of time, there’s no need to contact anybody.

      However, if you really want to customize your tour, you can contact Aleo Almedo at 09215964365 or 09278800763. He has his own boat and if you want an exclusive tour or if you want to camp in the islands, as we did during PHL360, he can arrange that for you.

  24. Lakbay Diva says:

    saving this page for my el nido trip next week! thanks a lot nina!

  25. Dan Arif says:

    Just what I was looking for.. planning for my trip next month.. thanks for the list Nina.. I’m gonna fly in through Puerto Princesa and will have to take the van to El Nido then.. hopefully the road conditions are ok..

    • Nina says:

      Hey Dan, I was just in El Nido last April, and the road is still not finished. About 70% of the drive was on very rough road. Bumpy ride aside, it’s not so bad. Enjoy your trip!

  26. Bic says:

    Hi Nina,

    Just want to share this with your readers:

    To those looking for super budget accommodation,
    Magos Cottages of Mang Victor Magos located in
    Corong Corong is super cheap. I only paid P200 a
    day last Jan 2013. Room is good for two; no electric
    fan but windows can be opened for ventilation.
    Structure is somewhat aged, and made of wood
    and bamboo. The four rooms are very basic;
    there is no running water but there is a deep well,
    so you can wash clothes for free. Ideal for the no-frills

    Thanks for reading!

    And oh, the road to El Nido from Taytay is still
    work in progress in some stretches (as of Jan 2013),
    so expect a little bump along the way, but otherwise
    the rest of the trip is pleasant.

  27. erica0129 says:

    For cheap accomodation in El Nido, Biolinas guesthouse is a recommended place. It is clean and has private cr. For 1000 pesos, me and my 2 friends stayed there. It is only 333.33 per pax.. the owner is so friendly and very down to earth.. you may contact biolina’s guesthouse at 09102005072..

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