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I did the unthinkable and went out of town on a long weekend. I normally don’t plan anything on long holidays as the Philippine non-working holidays don’t apply to my work. However, it applies to my friend and I was going crazy being cooped in the house for more than 2 weeks, so I threw caution to the wind and planned a weekend trip to Baguio.

Hailed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City is a cool respite from the sweltering heat of Metro Manila. Perched at 1,500 meters above sea level in the Cordilleras, Baguio enjoys temperature that’s 8°C lower than Manila’s. It’s perfect for a weekend getaway, since it’s just 5 hours away if you drive really fast. The city is also pretty small, so you can see most of its attractions in one day. Many also go to Baguio for the ukay-ukay shopping (thrift store or second hand clothing) as well as for the fresh fruits and vegetables.

This trip pretty much confirmed that I am not suited to be a hardcore backpacker. I do try to keep things cheap, but I also love indulging myself. The bulk of my expenses went into food and souvenirs. If I held off in the shopping, went to more budget friendly eateries and rode the jeep instead of taxis, the total cost would probably be around Php 2,000.

Baguio April 2010
April 9 – 11, 2010
Cost Cost
(per person)
Land Transfers
Victory Liner (A/C) PHP 870.00 PHP 870.00 1

Taxi to Cubao station PHP 110.00 PHP 110.00
Taxi from Muñoz PHP 70.00 PHP 70.00

Baguio Transient House PHP 1,100.00 PHP 550.00 2
Php 550 per room per night

Taxi within Baguio City PHP 730.00 PHP 365.00 3

Food Expenses
Meals, snacks, drinks PHP 1,500.25 PHP 1,500.25 4

Internet PHP 200.00 PHP 200.00 5
Toilet PHP 2.00 PHP 2.00
Souvenirs PHP 950.00 PHP 950.00 6
Map PHP 60.00 PHP 60.00
Total PHP 4,677.25
1 Victory Liner has buses that leave for Baguio in the Cubao terminal every hour. We rode the 2am bus going up to Baguio and arrived around 8am.
2 There are plenty of transient houses in Baguio. Basically, transient houses are like self-service accommodation: no housekeeping, no towels, and you can cook in the communal kitchen (except you have to bring your own utensils and cooking equipment)
3 We took the taxi everywhere in Baguio. The fare never went above Php 70, except during our first day when we asked the driver to wait for us while we camwhored at The Manor before taking us to Session Road.
4 Ah, food. We do not scrimp on food.
5 I had to work on Friday night so I loaded up my friend’s Smart Bro.
6 Souvenirs include socks, scarf, magnet, local food products (ube, choco flakes, kalamay) and veggies
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Download: Baguio.xls (10k)

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. chyng says:

    oohh, Im also in baguio last weekend. we might have bumped in to each other. Ü

  2. dyanie says:

    hi nina! deluxe ba yung victory liner bus? yung lazyboy ang seats?

  3. liza says:

    hi nina,

    a very timely post. we are going to Baguio this April 30 to May 2 and Im the one organising it. Thanks for your very useful and informative blog.

    I love it! :)

  4. Cat says:

    Would you recommend driving to Baguio from Manila or taking a flight up there? Also, when is the best time to visit the city? ;)

  5. nina says:

    Chyng: Balita ko nga! Kaso mas madalas kaming tulog than outside exploring XD

    Dyanie: Nope, that’s the regular airconditioned bus lang. The deluxe bus cost Php700 one way

    Liza: Thanks! I’m glad you find it useful :)

    Cat: It’s better to drive to Baguio than to fly. Right now, there are no commercial flights to Laoakan airport. The closest is in San Fernando, La Union, but there’s still another hour’s drive going up to Baguio. The great thing about having a car, is that you can load up on veggies and fruits when you go home!

    Summer is a good time to go, because the weather’s much kinder up in the mountains. December to February is also good.. temperatures go down to 7C in the evening!

  6. Cat says:

    Wow! Thanks for the tips. I wonder why they don’t have commercial flights to Baguio though. You’d think it would draw more visitors / tourists, right? I guess it’d be better to drive, in case you want to stop somewhere on the way. ;)

  7. betty says:

    My sister, father and yaya ent to Baguio a week ago,Their budget was P10,000 and she told me their accomodation at Teachers Camp was P90 /person/day.quite cheap.They however spent P1000 (1 day rent) for the taxi to bring them around to all the major and minor attractions in Baguio for photo taking.

  8. earvin says:

    liza ill be in baguio on the 29th of april can i join you guys this gonna be a first for me add me on facebook

  9. maggie says:

    ms. nina.. may bus sched ba by midnight from baguio to manila? am thinking kasi na day trip lang.. leave manila by midnight.. arrive in baguio in the morning.. then leave baguio the same day.. probably by midnight din.. thanks..

  10. ghevo says:

    hello guys. Sa mga pupunta ngt baguio city para bumisita eh heto po pwede kong ma sugest na ,mapuntahan niyo dito. dito na ako sa baguio nakatira and maybe pwede akong magsulat dito kung papano at san kayo dapat mamasyal.

    kung mangagaling kayo sa metro manila malamang ang magiging pamasahe niyo roundtrip is hindi lalagbas ng 900.

    marming murang inn dito sa baguio na malinis na pwede niyong matuluyan. bigyan ko kayo ng sample.

    a. pagbaba niyo ng victory liner terminal sakay lang kayo ng taxi ( HUWAG MAG ALALA KASI ANG MGA TAXI DRIVE DITO EH NAGBABALIK NG SUKLI UNLIKE SAMANILA NA KINOKONTRATA KA O KAYA NAMAN DI NAGBABALIK NG SUKLI). Sabihin niyo lang “manong dalhin mo kami sa LANDBANK HARRISON RD”, papatak siguro ng 30 to 35 pesos yung babayaran niyo. Pagbaba niyo dun eh tingala lang ay may makikita kayong harrison inn. Dun kayo pumunta. Malinis dun and disente naman. 580 pesos lang pero room good for 2. may pivate cr den cable tv and hot and cold shower. dapat agahan niyo dahil madali lang mapuno yun.

    ang harrsion inn ay locate sa mismong city. paglabas m burnham park na. at nasa kalsada ka kung saan lahat ng public transpo ng baguio eh doon dumadaan.

    malapit din yun sa paradahan ng PMA, mines view,

    b. pagbaba niyo ng victory liner terminal sakay lang kayo ng taxi ( HUWAG MAG ALALA KASI ANG MGA TAXI DRIVE DITO EH NAGBABALIK NG SUKLI UNLIKE SAMANILA NA KINOKONTRATA KA O KAYA NAMAN DI NAGBABALIK NG SUKLI). sabihin mo lang, “manong pakihatid naman kami sa ANDOK’S ng naguiilan rd, yung crossing na nasa tapat ng petron gasoline station. Pagbaba niyo dun sa Andok’s may makikta kayong kalsada na papunta sa kanan. lakad lang ng konti, madali lang makita yun kasi tabing kalsada lang naman, hanggang sa makita mo na yung SUMMER INN HOTEL (magkaiba yung summer place hotel na nasa marcos high way at yung summer inn hotel na nasa Naguiilan rd.). 500 pesos lang ang room dun good for 2. alang tv pero may private cr.

    c. pagbaba mo ng victoryt magtanong ka lang kung saan ang engineer’s hill. ituturo naman ng mga tao dun eh (WAG KA MAG ALALA MABAIT MGA TAO DITO HINDI KATULAD SA IBANG LUGAR NA IWAWALA KA PA NILA) Actually ang victory liner terminal na papuntang manila eh nasa Engineer’s hill area na. Doon maraming transient ranging 300 to 500 per head.

    May mga magaganda ding hotel na malapit sa SM BAGUIO…. hotel 45, bloomfield, casa vallejo, etc. pero dunsa sinabi ko eh kung nagtitipid ka lang naman

    hindi ka maliligaw sa baguio. kung tamad ka ng maglakad eh sakay ka lang ng aurorahill o trancoville na jeep. iikot at iikot yung sa city.

    1.Wright park
    2. Mines view park
    3.Botanical Garden
    4.Burnham park
    5.Bell church
    6.Strawberry farm sa trinidad
    7.Balatoc mines
    8.Ambulao dam
    9. Sto tomas radar kung saan makikita mo ang panggasinan at south china sea at ang buong baguio pag nandun ka
    10.SM baguio ehehhehe
    11.Camp John Hay
    12. Ukay-ukay
    13.Baguio Cathedral
    14. Lourdes Grotto
    15. St Joseph Parish kung san kinasal si aga muhlach at charlene gonzalez
    16, Mansion
    17. Sta.catalina may malit silang park dun kung gusto mo mag unwind

    1. Oh My GUlay! – matatagpuan yan sa upper session rd. Upper most floor ng LA AZOTEA building. naku magugulat kayo maganda ang ambiance diyan. parang garden within the building.

    2.Kafe Klatch- located sa likod ng Caltex gasoline station, at legarda rd.

    3. kung gusto niyo masulit kayo sa pagkain sakay lng ng taxi at magpahatid kayo sa GOOD TASTE. for only 100 pesos may isang banyera ka ng pagkain. ehehhehe malalaki talaga serving nila dun. sabihin mo lang “manong sa good taste nga sa likod ng center mall

    4. kung sosyal ka naman pahatid ka sa 50’s diner malalkai din servings nila dun. sabihin mo lang “manong sa 50’s diner po malapit sa pink sister.

    5. kung bibili ka ng pasalubong go to baguio public marker. PERO INGAT LANG MADAI DUNG MGA NANDUDUKOT na hindi taga dito sa baguio. mga dayo rin. Kaya huwag maglalagay ng pera at cellphone sa backpack, buksa ng jacket o sa likod ng pantalon. LAGI DAPAT NAKABULSA SA HARAPAN.

    huwag din bibili ng mga prutas o gulay na ang timbangan nila eh yung maliit na binubulsa lang. hanap kayo ng malaking timbangan. kasi kulang kulang.

    huwag pupuntang mag isa sa burnham park ng gabing gabi na lalo na sa madilim na parte kung mo mahold up. madaming dayo dito naganun ginagawa

    • lazyaicy says:

      thanks so much for your post. very impormative.
      i’ll take note of all your suggestions, and hoping to have a great weekends in Baguio.

    • Lysander says:

      Hi there! I’m actually planning to go to Baguio, alone. I’m searching the web, hoping to find some stuff that would help me as I wander there, and I read this. I know this comment or post was on the year 2010, so I decided to do this – send you a message, and hopefully, you’ll respond. Just in case you read this, I’m looking forward to talking to you via sms or facebook. You can send me an email (or message in facebook) at Thank you!

  11. she who has been says:

    i like this post..
    since Im planning to declare my-own-holiday hehe just to get-out-of-the-busy-city-life..baguio is one of the places that Ive been eyeing to visit..last time i was in there, i was with my friends but now, it just me, myself and my dog..going on a bus ride with half of my [and my dog’s] room-loads-of-things so..i really appreciate this..and plan ahead..

    keep it up!

  12. she who has been says:

    @ghevo >> who are you and where have you been hiding?? I like all your suggestion.. last time I was in baguio, my friends and I stayed at Veniz hotel so Im actually thinking of going there instead of roaming around and look for a not-so expensive place to crash in hehehe tnx for the info..


  13. QUENG says:

    Hi! magkano po ang budget for ONE PERSON for TWO DAYS na po? kasama fee sa bus balikan (from manila to baguio, baguio to manila), food (3x a day), budget pag punta sa mga tourist spots and pinaka-cheap na room to stay in. Di na ko bibili ng souvenirs. hehe. kasya na po kaya ang 2,500 per head for two days?

  14. LdeGuzman says:

    Hi Ghevo,

    Copy-pasted this very informative post. Hah! My fiance and I are planning to spend a five-day personal holiday up in Baguio next month…we’ll make sure to check out these inexpensive inns and the “must see” places.


  15. glorie lou says:

    Grabe! This is just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you for posting this. I’ve been thinking about taking my Mom up to Baguio for her birthday, and I found your post. Super helpful. Thank you. Keep writing. :)

  16. Kathleen says:

    is it safe to go there this August?

  17. June says:

    Hi Nina, may I ask for the name of the transient house you stayed in? thanks!

  18. michelle says:

    Hi nina! i’m glad i got reacquainted with your blog. I used to read your posts but I lost/forgot your website link. I’m planning to stay in North Pine this coming May. Altho nag aalangan ako with the location. I know it’s near Camp John Hay, pero is it inside a subdivision? If it is, malayo ba sa jeep/taxi stations? thank you

  19. Rochelle says:

    How much po ang rent sa mga transient houses pag 3D2N? :)

  20. ren ren says:

    pa suggest naman po ng existing na transient rooms ngayon 2015 na mura at maayos na place to stay.. planning to visit on june 12 since its a long weekend.. thanks in advance

  21. arline says:

    San po ba pwd magstay pang 4D3N na ung mvava lng po rent,,,

  22. arline says:

    Sn po pwd magstay ung mura lng po tnx

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