Back to Bicol

Back to Bicol

Legazpi City, Naga, Donsol, Bulusan, Matnog
Tue 05 Apr – Tue 12 Apr

Day 3 – Hello Once More, Donsol


Thursday, April 7, 2011

We made our wy back to Legazpi, leaving Naga early to ensure we have plenty of time. The ride was uneventful, save for some uncomfortable shifting in out seats to find the least cramped position in the packed van.

The central terminal in Legazpi have all the vans and buses that arrive and depart the city. While we could have just jumped from our van to one that’s headed to Donsol, we opted to stretch our legs before tackling another 2-hour ride.

We did not venture far. A short walk from the terminal is the Pacific Mall, where we’re sure to find a place to rest and eat. We ended up at the place adjacent instead; CDJ Halo-halo, which also serve hot meals and has free wi-fi. Just what we needed.

Though new vans service most routes, I was dismayed to see the old beat up Mitsubishi L-300 vans that seemed to be the same van I rode 3 years ago. Nevertheless, it proved to be a more comfortable ride as it has a bigger legroom, which new vans don’t have.

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The ride was shorter than we thought, taking only 1.5 hours. It was the wait for passengers that was agonizing, and my sister-in-law had resorted to paying for an extra seat just so we can push off and be comfortable in the back row (which they insist can fit 4 passengers).

We had reservations at Vitton, a sprawling resort right at the beach and right next to the tourism office. It was great to have some time to relax and do laundry before diving into another set of activity.

Our only activity for the day, rather, night was the fireflies tour. Arranged through Vitton, we were driven by tricycle to the boarding area about 30 minutes from the resort. We registered and got into a small banca, and we soon found ourselves enveloped in darkness as we putt-putted. Up the Ugon river.

Just shortly after we pushed off the bank we saw individual fireflies. It was amazing enough to see one and two, but to see an entire tree covered in fireflies that seem to be blinking in uniform is just beyond amazing.

This is what I love about Donsol. You can break away from the things that give you stress and get as close as you can to nature. The sight of trees shrouded in darkness and the sound of the soft splashing of the paddle on the water lulls us into quiet contemplation. The night sky is filled with stars and we know at that moment that tomorrow’s going to be perfect.

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Article by Nina Fuentes

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  1. BPS says:

    Psst Nina… do you know the urban legend of fireflies in trees? Hehehe.

  2. Kat says:

    This is something that I missed when I went to Bicol. It’s on my priority list when I go back. :)

    Had a similar experience with the shuttle service in Legaspi. It seems that not a lot of folks travel to the other towns when it’s late, like mid mornings or afternoons, so the wait’s pretty long.

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