My favorite Pinay travel bloggers

When I started travel blogging in 2006, there were only a handful of travel blogs locally, and it’s mostly run by men. The travel blogging landscape has changed over the years and women are now traveling as much and as far as the guys. Here are some of my favorite Filipina travel bloggers:

Pinay Travel Junkie

Pinay Travel Junkie
Gay started traveling when she was single, continued traveling when she got married, and now, she’s on her way to being the perfect nomadic momma.

Pinay Solo Backpacker

Pinay Solo Backpacker
Who’s afraid of getting lost? Gael isn’t definitely one of them! While some travelers fear losing their way, this fearless female traveler boldly goes where no one dares.


With an unquenchable thirst for adventure, Izah looks forward to each trip with gusto. whether she travel for work or for herself, she tackles each with the same enthusiasm and fervor.

Sole Sisters

Sole Sisters
Who said backpacking means dressing down and looking like an unwashed slob? Sole sisters Chichi and Lois are off to break stereotypes, traveling around Southeast Asia for five months with only the stylish clothes and accessories in their backpacks.

Lakwatsera de Primera

Lakwatsera de Primera
Claire can’t seem to keep still. One moment she’s in Australia, the next she’s in some far flung province in the Philippines. A very diligent travel blogger, she shares her adventures with a regularity lazy bloggers (me) can only dream of.

Flip'n Travels

Monette of Flip’n travels
The double X chromosome of Flip’n Travels, Monette is another chicha travel who’s mighty talented with the pen. Their collaboration work on the Hello Stranger series is a must read.

First time Travels

First Time Travels
Don’t let the name fool you; Claire is a seasoned traveler who’s been to various places around the Philippines and the world. And she does it in between her hectic work for an NGO.

No spam, no virus, no kiddin'!

No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin’!
Though it’s actually a personal blog, Chyng travels too much that it’s starting to evolve into a travel blog. Onting pilit nalang. She takes each trip as a challenge to experience something new. She has gone spelunking in Sagada, hiking in Batad, SCUBA diving in Bohol and wake boarding in Camarines Sur. What’s next, Chyng? ;)

Fly and get lost

Fly and Get Lost
Technically not a traveler YET, Karen is itching to get on the road and on board the hopelessly-addicted-to-travel wagon. Right now, she’s planning her Southeast Asian adventure, which will mark her first time to travel overseas. All the best to you Karen, and I hope to travel with you someday :D

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. Karen says:

    Ehh, kinilig naman ako dun! Haha! We’ll travel soon, Ms Nina. Halos isang buwan nalang. :)

  2. neldeleon says:

    This is nice :) I love reading them, including you.

  3. Thanks so much Nina for including me here! Yes, it’s getting more hectic here in my NGO world but I’m taking a breather soon. I definitely look forward to my next travel and I look forward to reading more travel stories from you, too!

  4. Ed says:

    great post Nina! this article goes out to those women who are afraid to take a step forward and start walking. indeed they (and you) are inspirational!

    pa repost sa FB wall ko! :D

  5. Tripadora says:

    Thanks Nina! :) haha. totoo ung unquenchable thirst!

  6. wow! I heart this post! Happy International Women’s day Nina! :)
    true that, date ikaw lng nababasa ko ng travel blog na Pinay, you’re a legend, ngaun nagkalat na tau, asteeg ang Pinay! Isa kang inspirasyon. :)

  7. bale… nataranta naman ako dito. hihi. coming from one of the kickass pinays who inspired me to blog :) thanks gurl!

  8. flip says:

    nice list nina… you should be included sa list kasi you’re one of the pioneers ng travel blogging sa Pinas :-)

  9. dyanie says:

    Ang blog mo ang pundasyon ng lahat! Ikaw ang simula! Wooot!!! Wow si ate (Chyng) kilig yan pag nabasa to hahaha!! :D

  10. Thanks for this post. It’s not easy surfing the Net to look for bloggers of this caliber and well, mileage, perhaps.

    By the way, happy IWD!

    Dahil walang budget to travel I will let my blog do the travelling for me via language na lang. I’ll be here every now and then!

  11. chyng says:

    Teh, I travel too much? Me?!
    Sino ba yung di na nakikita ng mader nya dahil she’s so lagare with all her rakets and personal travels? ^_^

    Seriously, i got starstruck when I 1st met you. Taas ng respeto ko sayo nun.. (yun lang.. nothing follows) LOL

  12. fetus says:

    uy i shared this in my FB :) uo nga, si lakwatsera lakwatsera talaga hahaha, di mapakali.

  13. Micamyx says:

    I love this list! Dapat pero kasama ka hehe :P Mabuhay ang mga babaeng female travel bloggers! :D

  14. nice list! will RT this tomorrow, helpDOT!

  15. hmm… parang di na-post comment ko. hihi. anyhoo, thanks so much for including me nina! nataranta naman ako :) this really means a lot to me.

  16. hi nina! sila din ang mga favorites ko syempre kasama ka, mga tunay na pasimuno :)

  17. Wow, thank you for this Nina, I agree institusyon ka na sa mga pinay travel bloggers. I used to be a lazy blogger hahahah for the first 2 years i blog once a month and sometimes once every three months. I’m just catching up with the backlogs now :)

  18. docgelo says:

    chyng and gael FTW!

    …glad to have met you, nina before i left for penang.

  19. supertikoy says:

    nice! nadagdagan na naman ang mga babasahin kong travel blogs!

  20. kaoko says:

    Wala yung favorite kong travel blogger? I nominate na isama mo s’ya, si Nina Fuentes ng Just Wandering.

  21. Lois says:

    Thanks for the mention Nina! We love that you featured us even though we’re really new in the travel blogosphere!

  22. You got us blushing fuschia pink Nina! Thanks so much for the shout-out, a wonderful surprise!

    Mabuhay ang lahat ng kick-ass Pinay travel bloggers!

  23. OLAN says:

    this list comprise the true PRIDE of PINOY TRAVEL BLOGGERS! Kudos everyone!

  24. Josiah says:

    Nice post Nina. Ang laki na pala ng pinagbago since 2006. Kapag nagyayaya ako sa lahat ng kaibigan ko, laging masmaraming babae ang sumasama kaysa lalaki. And to what I observed, masmarami akong nameet na babaeng travellers.

  25. dong ho says:

    definitely are among the country’s best female travel bloggers. had the chance to travel with two (Chyng and Ga-el – ang saya kasama) in the list and looking forward to meet the rest.

  26. Olay says:

    found this site through her & again found reinforcement why travelling (local or global) makes sense. kudos girl!

  27. Favorite ko din si Chyng!

    Girl Power!!!

  28. Hello!

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  29. eeek! kinilig naman ako dito! thanks nina, you are an inspiration and im trying my best o pay it forward… :D

  30. Apple - TD says:

    this is so nice! hope to meet other female bloggers too :) haven’t tried it yet kasi now lang ulit nagkachance magblog, ang saya maging active ulit sa blogging kahit time consuming worth it naman pag nakikita mong marami kang visitors

  31. Tripper10 says:

    Galing naman nito…

    Good Job po Ms.Nina.. :)

  32. LINA C. ABOGADIE says:

    Thanks for the list of your fave pinay travel bloggers. Hope to meet you all in one of your travels. Keep travelling and sharing your experiences.

  33. very nice post Nina and happy that all those in the list and the lister (that’s you! haha) are actually the travel bloggers i look up to. Glad I have met most and looking forward to meet the Sole Sisters Chichi and Loi and the two Claires!

  34. Bookmarked this page…I wanna read other pinay travellers’ blog, so cool that pinays are kickin’ asses travelling now and take note: alone! talkin about evolution of generation! wohooo!

  35. Maria says:

    It’s nice to know that women are making a mark in the society and exploring different places here in the Philippines and other countries. Continue spreading your wings and explore the wonders of nature. I’m looking forward to reading your blogs. Keep up the good work girl.

  36. […] empowering from Gael Hilotin’s blog. A little more search and I found a post regarding pinay travel bloggers (from Nina)! Wow! These girls are  travelling all over the Philippines and around the world, […]

  37. Lance says:

    Hi Nina,
    Nice post! I was surprised seeing Chyng’s blog in your list. She is a personal friend of mine. I used to blog too before kasi.. Continue writing and sharing your getaways and adventures!
    Have an awesome day!

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