Travel Expenses: Morocco

For the first time since I started traveling in 2006, I did not go beyond my estimated budget. Also for the first time (not including Myanmar since, it’s not possible there), I did not use my credit card nor my ATM/debit cards. It is indeed one small step to financial freedom and a giant leap for Nina.

Then again, there were activities and cities that we incorporated into the budget that we weren’t able to do or visit while in Morocco. Still, Morocco, though not as cheap as Southeast Asia, is a relatively cheap destination. Another thing that made a huge impact in keeping the costs down is having a travel buddy to share the tab with.

Excluding the airfare and my personal shopping, our total is a surprisingly low figure, considering that we traveled for 19 days. The trip took us through 7 cities and 5 UNESCO World Heritage sites. We ate in the streets and in the restaurants, we stayed at hostels and riads. It’s a great mix of budget and mid-range options that kept us happy and quite content.

Enough with the words, on with the numbers!

Morocco 2011
October 21 – November 8
In local currency In PHP
Riad Hiba MAD 600.00 PHP 3,209.64 1
2 nights, ensuite toilet, with breakfast
Pension Suika MAD 178.00 PHP 946.49 2
2 nights, shared toilet
Pension Sekaya MAD 300.00 PHP 1,609.09 3
2 nights, ensuite toilet, with breakfast
Auberge La Source MAD 500.00 PHP 2,681.82 4
2 nights, ensuite toilet, half board
Hotel Amlal MAD 390.00 PHP 2,064.03 5
2 nights, ensuite toilet, half board
Amour de Riad MAD 431.00 PHP 2,295.27 6
4 nights, ensuite toilet, with breakfast
Green Oasis US$ 32.00 PHP 1,369.60 7
1 night, shared toilet, with breakfast
Trains MAD 360.00 PHP 1,950.77 8
Buses MAD 498.00 PHP 2,671.13 9
Grand taxis MAD 65.00 PHP 356.08 10
Petit taxis MAD 252.00 PHP 1,344.96 11
Food and Beverages
Meknes MAD 122.50 PHP 655.30
Chefchaouen MAD 246.00 PHP 1,311.11
Fes MAD 288.00 PHP 1,536.35
Merzouga MAD 160.00 PHP 858.18
Ouarzazate MAD 71.00 PHP 377.01
Marrakech MAD 540.50 PHP 2,881.81
Casablanca MAD 46.00 PHP 224.70 12
Abu Dhabi US$ 8.00 PHP 343.24 13
Volubilis admission fee MAD 10.00 PHP 54.78
Sahara sunset camel tour MAD 150.00 PHP 804.00
Ait Benhaddou tour MAD 325.00 PHP 1,730.18 14
Ait Benhaddou admission MAD 10.00 PHP 53.06
Jardin Majorelle MAD 40.00 PHP 213.57 15
Souk Cuisine cooking class MAD 500.00 PHP 2,662.72 16
NAIA terminal fee PHP 750.00 PHP 750.00
Roaming charges PHP 175.04 PHP 175.04
Local sim and prepaid credit MAD 60.00 PHP 323.53
Postcards and magnet MAD 42.00 PHP 224.67
Keychains and t-shirt MAD 100.00 PHP 535.96
Postage MAD 92.60 PHP 492.39 17
Toilet fees MAD 15.50 PHP 83.80 18
Porter MAD 20.00 PHP 106.35 19
Total PHP 36,896.63
1 After traveling for more than 24 hours, Riad Hiba was a great treat. Our room was HUGE! It was pricier than what we would have wanted, but it was worth the warm hospitality of our hosts and the amazing breakfast. It was a great start to our Moroccan adventure.
2 There was a huge downpour in Chefchaouen the day that we arrived and the room they reserved for us got flooded. They arranged for us to have a room at the hostel next door, Mauritania and transferred us to the following day. Most of the backpackers are staying there so it can be quite noisy at night specially in our room which is right next to the lounge. On the upside, we were right beside the wi-fi router and more importantly, they have a cat!
3 Truly an oasis in the midst of the Fes medina. The inside of the riad is pretty, but the room itself lacks character and had a tiny ensuite toilet and bath.
4 The location of the hotel is perfect: right across the dunes of Erg Chebbi. What made this place special though is its host, Hassan Ougnir.
5 It’s a great budget option located within walking distance to a lot of shops and restaurants. We opted to go half board here, and it seems it’s the right decision: their tagines are the best we’ve had in Morocco.
6 Very easy to find and just 8 minutes from the Djemma el Fna square and the souks. And no stairs! (at least for our room)
7 Booked this through AirBnB. It’s a room in a house in Casablanca’s ville nouvelle and it was gorgeous! Kinda regretted not booking more nights here.
8 Train rides include: Casablanca airport to Casa Voyageur (main train station), Casablanca to Meknes, Marrakech to Casablanca and L’Opera to Aeroport.
9 Fees include bus ticket and luggage fee. Buses taken: Meknes to Moulay Idriss, Meknes to Chefchaouen, Chefchaouen to Fes (CTM), Fes to Merzouga (Supratours), Merzouga to Ouarzazate (Supratours) and Ouarzazate to Marrakech (Supratours).
10 Grand taxi from Moulay Idriss to Volubilis and Volubilis to Meknes.
11 We took the petit taxi to get around, mainly when going out of the medina and into the ville nouvelle. Only a handful automatically turn on the meter when we get in.
12 We stayed in a house where we have a fully equipped kitchen to use. We opted to talk a walk down to the neighborhood supermarket and bought things to cook for dinner.
13 McDonald’s Quarter Pounder and fries. We do not regret it.
14 We chose to go hire a car with a guide instead of commuting, and it was well worth it. Our ride was a Toyota Land Cruiser and our driver/guide veered away from the main road and we went off road. We had a great view of the landscape, which not a lot of tourist get close to.
15 Pricey, but the garden is very well kept and very serene.
16 My sister’s request.
17 This is how I fully understood how far away we are from the Asia-Pacific region.
18 Unless otherwise stated, toilets in Morocco charge between MAD 1 – 2 per person, per use.
19 We mistook the tout for the porter that the riad sent.
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Morocco 2011.xlsx (1103 downloads)
Morocco 2011.pdf (1009 downloads)

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. kim and mj says:

    I’ve been waiting for this post and din’t expect it to come this soon, not complaining though!:-D

    Seriously, the first thing I did was scroll down the total, and whoa! this is making me so happy! Hindi naman pala ganon kamahal! Rejoice! haha! this is another encouragement to pursue the dream, thank you Nina, you are always an inspiration!

    • nina says:

      Haha, ito kasi ang pinakamadali since I use an expense tracker on my iPod and export it to Excel. Onting tweaks and formatting, ayos na :D

      It’s relatively cheap to travel in Morocco, and can be done cheaper pa. Ang mahal lang talaga yung airfare going there :(

      • Mark says:

        Can I ask you what If I won’t a book a hotel in morocco? I’m planning to go in fes ‘coz I have a friend living there and she offered me a place to stay

      • Nina says:

        Good for you then! That’s one less expense to worry about :)

      • Mark says:

        Well actually that friend is already my girlfriend. And she doesn’t know how to make an invitation letter. And I am also afraid that Bureau officers here in the PH will block me because they will be so strict about it.

  2. That’s amazing, Nina (and Cla)– and for 19 days, too! But I don’t see Uncle Moe!

  3. inaabangan ko din toh tlga tong post mu. kaso mahal nga tlga airfare so mga 10 yrs naipon pa cguro. haha thanks for sharing Nina! :)

  4. Bilib na bilib talaga ako sayo Nina! Ako hindi ko kaya mag-trackdown ng travel expenses not unless siguro kung matutunan ko na talagang i-apply ang ‘stick to the budget’ concept LOL

    Hmmm… magkano kaya inabot ang personal shopping :))

  5. RV Escat says:

    i had to check the list twice if may visa fees ba talaga at baka nagbago na ang rules. visa free pa din ang morocco! awesome!

    it appears to me your stay in riad hiba incurred the biggest spending! must be nice to live there. at any rate (pun intended), affordable talaga ang Morocco! WOW, Nina! but the airfare is another story. hihi

  6. dyanie says:

    Teh! para san yung postage fee? Im now curious with the airfare haha! :D

  7. chyng says:

    ang hardcore ipronounce ng mga places and food! haha
    oh, thanks sa FILIPINO. nagustuhan ni mama =)

    same with dyanie’s question – how much ang airfare?

  8. great post, super thanks! i will bookmark this… i wanna go to morocco too! :)

  9. This is very helpful, Nina! I have been toying with the idea of going to Morocco for the longest time, but I just haven’t saved enough yet to afford the trip. Hayyy!

  10. Wee! This is an awesome guide for budgeting! We’re still deciding whether to include Morocco in this RTW or not, we’ll see how the moolah goes.

  11. GeoMax says:

    Hi Nina,

    Its me Geo from Marvin & Babes Bora wedding :)

    How did you get Morocco Visa? How much is the airfare?


  12. ellen says:

    Hi! This looks great. Glad you shared your budget for the trip, how much was the air fare though?

  13. AC says:

    Morocco is an awesome destination! Is it a place you’ve been itching to go to for the longest time, or spur-of-the-moment trip?

    Wala lang.. it’s not a destination that most people would go to, at least from Asia, pero cool!

  14. […] I published my Morocco travel expenses, friends started messaging me expressing their surprise at the figures I presented and asked for […]

  15. Travel Ria says:

    37K for 19 days! WOW! Is it a good place for honeymoon :D (giddy)

  16. Bing says:

    So inspiring!

  17. Peachy Herrin says:

    how did you get there? how much did you spend on airfare?

  18. darla says:

    Hi! I noticed na mura pa ung nabook mong flights to Morocco MNLA to Casablanca. Considering na nag business class ka pauwi or pati papunta? How did you book that flight? Is there a promo by that time? Now I’m checking around $2k to 3K ung business class.

  19. win says:

    i love your blog nina. Its very informative. BTW, is the $998 airfare already a roundtrip? Thanks

  20. gela says:

    hello, Nina! was just passing by and found your blog. congratulations on your trip to Morocco and at that cost! wow. question? did you need to have a Visa when just transiting Abu Dhabi? how much was the cost?

  21. Alecks says:

    Hi Nina, I would like to ask which airline did you use for Morocco? Thanks! :)

  22. A says:

    Hi Nina,
    Can you let me know what travel agent you used for this trip? Or did you pretty much do everything on your own through research & on-line booking?
    Thanks much!

  23. angela says:

    Hi nina im planning din to go to morocco. I want to know if yung 37k total na yun for both of you or 37k for each one? Thanks

  24. Helene says:

    Hello Nina
    Is Morocco pretty much a safe country to visit for single female travelers?
    Is immigration easy? Lots of questions? Thanks

  25. bulit says:

    wow…thanks nina…its very helpful…now i can going to plan a plan going to morocco…my dream place..many thanks…

  26. Angeline says:

    HI maam , was surfing the net and pass through your blog . Thank you for this post. And just want to ask if traveling in morocco is just the same in traveling asian countries. I mean when it comes to requirements and visa and so on. Hope to hear from you.

  27. Charina says:

    Hi Nina. how are you? Planning to visit Morocco nxt month,Im a solo female tourist ,going to book flight from Etihad my lay over time is just 2.5 hrs then will just crossing terminal 3 to terminal 1 at Abu Dhabi airport (stop over),is it right no need of transit visa? Please correct me..but before anything ..Does Phil Immigration needs the itinerary copy of my whereabout to morocco.?.I will book to the hotel in Casablanca ..and probably get their tour package from the hotel…upon arrival. Any vaccination required before entering morocco?.Whats their dress code in Morocco?.thanks Nina for info..

    • Nina says:

      Hi Charina, so sorry for the late response. We did not get a transit visa for the UAE, since we did not clear immigration in Abu Dhabi. From experience, they did not ask us for our full itinerary, but we did write down the address of our first accommodation in Morocco in our embarkation form. No vaccination required. As for the clothes, best to leave the shorts and sleeveless tops at home.

  28. Jean says:

    Hi Nina! I have been searching information about travelling to Morocco from the Philippines. I will be leaving this December and I already have a hotel reservation for a 9-day stay and of course a round trip ticket. I will also prepare my proof of sufficient funds and itinerary.

    I hope you will see this message in time. I am wondering whether you visited the consulate in Manila to get an immigration certificate or not. I know Morocco is visa-free for us but I was told to visit the consulate to avoid being offloaded. Im really confused.

    I’d be awaiting for your reply.

    • Nina says:

      Hi Jean, nope, we did not visit the Moroccan consulate in Manila. That thought really did not occur to us. We had no problem at immigration both here and in Casablanca.

      Do bring your documents, just in case. If I remember correctly, I have a photocopy of my business registration, but that’s it, as far as documents are concerned.

      Enjoy your trip! Morocco is gorgeous!

    • janna says:

      Hi jean, hope you still receive this message, just wanna ask you the documents you prepared when you traveled to morocco last 2014? are you a solo female traveler? first time traveler? really wanna go there next year.. hope you see these. thank you.

  29. imyhappy says:

    Hi Nina,
    how much is the air fare going (back and forth) from manila to Morocco? Do you know of other flight options? connecting flight? and which is cheaper.I am planning to go to Morocco early next year. Do I need visa?

    • Nina says:

      Hey there! We flew on Etihad Airways, which connects in Abu Dhabi, UAE. As far as I know, there are no direct flights to Morocco. I suppose a cheaper option would be to fly to Dubai on Cebu Pacific, and find a flight from Dubai to Morocco (Casablanca is the main international hub). As listed in the Project Morocco file, my round trip fare was $998.

  30. RG Cruz says:

    Your post is very helpful. I called the Consulate just to double check the visa requirements but I was told about the immigration certificate, which was practically a visa application in terms of requirements. I was told though that the immigration endorsement assures you wont be offloaded by immigration . however reading your post gives me confidence. I really have no interest in countries that require visas for us.

    and I love your post on the expenses. youre like the morocco-whisperer.

  31. hanz says:

    I have been planning a trip to Morocco and finally I stumbled upon your blogs – it’s been months since I have been looking for travel blogs to assist me in my trip. I just want to know, since the flights are uber expensive, did you book your flight months before your trip? I’ve been looking for a cheap alternative and your insight would be helpful! Plus, did you also travel inside morocco? Thanks! Sorry if i have so many questions :)

  32. Nina Fuentes says:

    To the person who commented, asking about immigration advice for traveling to Morocco, transiting in UAE, I’m so sorry, my spam killer ate your comment :(

    Anyway, it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you are confident (if you have nothing to hide, you wouldn’t be worrying, and it wouldn’t show in your body language). It also helps to show them your return ticket, hotel reservations, company ID or business registration. Once again, sorry about the comment thing, and please post again, if I wasn’t able to answer your question (I wasn’t able to read the entire thing before it disappeared).

    • Mark says:

      Do I still need to have a transit visa? I’m travelling from NAIA to UAE then.. Casablanca. I hope they won’t coz it will cost me more. I only have a limited budget.

      • Nina Fuentes says:

        Hi Mark, if you are arriving in Abu Dhabi and departing from Abu Dhabi, you will only stay in the transit area, and will not clear immigration, so you don’t need to get a transit visa. However, if you are flying into Dubai and flying out of Abu Dhabi, you will need to pass through immigration. You will need a transit visa then. But do check with UAE’s immigration website to know what you need to transit in their country.

  33. mj says:

    Is it ok nina kung walang invitation sent to me by my bf in morrocco to travel there? Makaka lagpas ka ba sa airport ng Philippines? I will be a first time traveller early nxt year

  34. Hi nina, mg ask sana ako kasi mg Morocco ako this Feb. and e2 ung flights ko. Manila-Dubai via Cebu Pacific(promo fare hehe) tapos Dubai to Casablanca via Egypt Air tapos pag uwi ko Same route din. kung mg layover ako sa dubai ng mga ilang oras need pba ng transit visa??? Nalilituhan din po kasi ako sa pgbbooking ko sa dubai to casablanca kasi ibang oras na po un d2 sa philippines dba?hehe. plss help tnx

    • Nina Fuentes says:

      You *might* need a visa, since you will be clearing immigration in Dubai (as you are holding two separate tickets). Inquire with the UAE embassy regarding this, or with a travel agent.

      All the times in your ticket are local time — meaning if your ticket says that your flight in Manila is departing at 8pm, and your flight from Dubai leaves at 10am, you will leave at 8pm Philippine time, and 10am UAE time.

  35. Ahhh…pero sa Philippine immigration d po ba ako maooffload nito?? ok lang po ba sa kanila pg dalawa ticket? ppbayagan ba nila???? hehe sori po tlga 1st timer travelling abroad kasi. :)

  36. lorraine says:

    hi nina…i will travel to morocco this feb 3 to feb 9 , turkish airlines..kinakabahan ako sa phil immigration may requirements pa ba sila hiningi aside from returning tickets, hotel reservations..sorry first time sa morocco sayang kasi ang ticket pag hindi na approved maka alis nang pinas..

    • Nina Fuentes says:

      First off, don’t be nervous if you have nothing to hide. If you are a genuine tourist, you don’t have anything to worry about. Chances are, you’ll have your ticket and hotel reservations when you travel anyway, so if they ask for it, just show it to them.

      • lorraine says:

        HI nina, thanks again..any advice if its wise to exchange peso to moroccan dirham here in manila before going to morocco or much better to exchange it thier in moroccan airport…

      • Nina Fuentes says:

        I’m not sure if you can buy Moroccan dirhams, since they don’t allow the currency to be taken out of the country. Best to bring US dollars or Euros and exchange them when you arrive

  37. Paul says:

    It is very helpful, thank you !

  38. Pete says:

    Excellent post. I found it very helpful.

  39. janna says:

    Hi Ms. Nina thank you for this helpful post, sobrang curious lang po ako kase planning to travel next year to morocco and may friend po kase ako na nakatira dun,ask ko po kung need talgang mag pa reserve ng hotel o pwede ko na po ilgay yung address niya sa immigration paper as tutuluyan ko dun sa morocco? hindi naman po ba magiging problema yun? thanks po in advance.

    • Nina Fuentes says:

      Hi Janna, no need to reserve a hotel if you will be staying with a friend. Just be ready to answer questions if they ask where you’re staying and who you are staying with (not a high chance they will ask, but it’s better to be prepared). Enjoy your trip!

      • Janna says:

        Thank you ms. Nina.. in case po na tanungin nila kung san ako mag stay mag ask pa kaya sila ng invitation letter from my friends family? natatakot po kase ako ma offload kase ang pricey ng airfare, its best po ba mag magpabook na lang ako kahit 2 days sa hotel para yun yung ilalagay sa immigration paper? sorry po ang kulet ko. thank you po ulit.

      • Janna says:

        Thank you so much po Ms. Nina, in case po nag mag ask sila do i need like an invitation letter from my friends family? ang alam ko po kase need ng invitation letter if yung country is requiring a visa. ayaw ko po kase ma offload kase ang pricey ng airfare. Thank you po ulit.

      • Nina Fuentes says:

        Hi Janna, as far as I know, Philippine passport holders do not require a visa to enter Morocco. If they can provide you with an invitation letter, that’s a good document to present if requested, but otherwise, it’s not required.

  40. janna says:

    Hello Ms nins ako po ulit :) ask ko lang po kung may mga hinigi bang bank statement yung immigration ng morocco when you arrive there? thank you po.

  41. janna says:

    additional po ms. nina can you give me like a breakdown or idea of what paper i should prepare before i book a flight to morocco. thank you po ulit..

  42. Mohamed says:

    Hello guys,
    to whom it may concern.

    I am Mohamed from Morocco. I have read all your comments above and i’m truly excited.
    I would like to say you’re all welcome in Morocco. it would mean a lot to me to host you in my country and in my house and be your guide all over Morocco to discover its Beauty, landscapes and learn about its diverse culture.
    if you’re willing to visit Morocco or need more details and recommendations please feel free to contact me at

    Thank you!

  43. ian says:

    Hi nina My Boyfriend and I are going to meet in Morocco this November since my Belgian Tourist Visa got denied we opted to just meet there and spend the holiday for 10 days. Question: need kpa bang sabihin na magkikita kmi ng boyfriend ko if tanongin ako ng Immigration Officer kung sino kasama ko? or it would be best to say i will be travelling alone? We are gays and bka my ayaw sa mga ganyan and dahil dun bka di ako matuloy. also this is my first time to travel. Sa Hotel Accomodation namen advisable ba na i palagay ko name ng boyfriend ko? I work in an international company so wala problem yung COE Bank statements and ITR however di ko alam kung ano yung best to say na my kasama ako or wala nlng? thank you in advance

    • Nina Fuentes says:

      Hi Ian, it’s best not to lie to immigration agents. If they ask who you are traveling with, just say your friend. Regarding the hotel, they usually just ask the name of whoever is booking. They won’t ask for your COE, bank statements, etc. in Morocco, but they might ask you questions in the immigration in Manila (if you are flying out of the Philippines), so best to have some documents ready.

    • maria says:

      ian sana mabsa m msg ko plssss……kc papunta din me s morrocco this november sna eh wl lng tlga me knowledge about s immigration dito pinas anu mga hahanapin n documents eh wl p nln akong work kc kkaresugn k lng….plss…thanks

  44. ian says:

    Hi nina thanks for the reply. One more thing If I say that My friend is from Europe Belgium is okay to say that? im a bit afraid they might think that Inwont return because of that since its also my first time to travel. will it help as well if I have a visa? im planning to get visa to japan or south korea because its easier and im sure i can get it. Is it me or Im just being paranoid of getting of board im. all our bookings woukd be put to waste .

    • maria says:

      2 months me ng antay result visa k’tpos nun oct 31 nkita k result n rejected ung application…so sad kc gusto k n din mkasama bf k eh choice nmin s morrocco kc malpit lng s belguim nbsa k msg m dito ntuwa ako kc halos same situation ntn….sna msgit m ko….

  45. maria says:

    ian hello nbasa k lht mga questions m ky nina ohhhh ako din denied this month ung visa k p belguim I was planning to go Morrocco t meet my bf……ask k lng nkaalis kn b? anu ung hinanap sau s immigration? plsss sna mbsa m to…

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