How to apply for a Myanmar tourist visa

[UPDATE] Starting December 2013, Philippine passport holders, along with citizens of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, and Vietnam are exempt from requiring a visa to travel in Myanmar for a maximum of 14 days.

In May 2010, it was announced that visa on arrival (VOA) will be available at the Yangon and Mandalay airports. This meant that foreigners visiting Myanmar no longer have to apply for a visa prior to departure. However, in September 2010, the VOA was suspended, due to the (then) upcoming November elections. There’s no news yet whether the suspension has been lifted, but if you have plans on visiting Myanmar, it’s best that you apply for a tourist visa beforehand.

Myanmar Visa
Is there such a thing as a decent passport or visa picture?

Unlike the Australian tourist visa application, the Myanmar visa does not require as much documents. Along with your filled up application form, you need to submit the following:

  • Valid passport
  • Photocopy of valid passport
  • 2 passport size photos
  • CD with scanned copy of passport photo
  • Signed waiver that you will not publish anything against the Myanmar government.

I’m not joking about the last one. The government is wary of people working in the media (journalists, photographers, writers, etc.), so if that’s your line of work, state a different job in your application form. They don’t ask who your employer is anyway.

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You have to personally apply for the visa. The Myanmar embassy in the Philippines is located at the 8th floor of the Gervasia Corporate Center, along Amorsolo Street (on Google Maps: The building is right across Makati Cinema Square. Look for the Benchmark Corporate Center and Fabricare signs. Visa application and pick up is from 8am to 2pm. Not a lot of people travel to Myanmar, so there’s a high chance you’re the only one applying for a visa when you visit the embassy.

If you’re going to have your photo taken before applying for a visa, it’s best to do it at the Kodak studio inside Makati Cinema Square. They already know the requirements of the embassy; you can have you photo taken and have the CD copy for only Php 78. If you already have photos on hand, scan it at 100%, 300dpi, then save as JPG and burn unto a CD.

The visa application fee is US$25 or Php 1,100. This is cheaper than the visa on arrival, which costs $30. Visa processing takes 3 – 5 working days. The Myanmar tourist visa is valid for 3 months and for up to 28 days upon arrival in the country.

Myanmar Embassy
8th floor of the Gervasia Corporate Center
Amorsolo Street, Makati City
Phone: (02) 893-1944, (02) 812-3644
Google Maps:

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. Napagoogle akong bigla ng location ng Myanmar sa SEA ng mabasa ko ang post mo, baka pwede isabay sa Cambodia Laos and Thailand backpacking trip ko or masyado ng malayo for land trip. Thank you for this very helpful info Nina.

  2. Lois says:

    Thanks Nina! We were planning to add myanmar to the list of SE Asian countries to visit. We thought as Filipinos we don’t need a VISA. Thanks for saving us the trouble :-)

  3. flip says:

    yay!!! thanks nina sa info… will come in handy soon :-)

  4. chris says:

    hindi ba nakakatakot sa myanmar? I’d love to go to Bagan.sana mag post ka ng pics sa bagan

  5. dyanie says:

    teh, parang hindi ikaw yung nasa picture! :D

  6. Paolo says:

    Hi Nina. Got back from Burma. I was in Rangoon as well as in Kachin state in the north. I loved Burma, most especially the people. They’re very sincere and when you talk to them parang walang barriers (unlike when you speak with most people of other nationalities) Thanks for recommending the guesthouse. The people at Ocean Pearl were very helpful. Medyo ma-hassle going to Burma (with the money and transpo and all), but I was expecting it, pero it’s all worth it, especially if you’ve made friends there. I’m definitely going back.

  7. Liza says:

    Hi nins,

    Will they ask for show money or something to that effect? Can you apply now and byahe ka after a month? thanks! you’re the best!

  8. this is very helpful nina. I want to visit myanmar and laos also, but i don’t have the time to plan for it yet. I’m looking forward for your posting on pics from myanmar.

  9. Julius says:

    hi nina, glad i stumbled to this entry of yours. i want to ask if Filipino tourists need visa to enter Myanmar? cuz i think the VOA and any visa for that matter is applicable for non-asean countries.

    what’s the embassy’s take on us and it’s visa issuance?

    i’ve got tickets for yangon this march1 so i hope i can be clarified on this issue before i leave. i don’t want to be at yangon airport stuck with this problem. haha

    looking forward to your insights.

  10. Julius says:

    hi nina,

    i’d appreciate it if we can correspond via email. :) i must not panic i must not panic…

  11. Ricky Dimayuga says:

    Hi Nina. Thanks for your Myanmar blogs. They were very helpful. Can you share the name of the local travel agency you used for your Bagan tour? Thanks.

    • nina says:

      Hi Ricky, I didn’t use a travel agency to arrange my tour in Bagan. I arranged for my horse cart driver with my guesthouse.

      • Ricky Dimayuga says:

        Oh, what about your plane tickets from Yangoon to Bagan? Did I read it right in your other post that you got them from a Yangoon Travel Agency? Thanks!!!

      • nina says:

        Nope, my only flights in Myanmar are those flying in and out of the country. I took the bus to Mandalay (ticket bought at the bus station), boat to Bagan (ticket bought at my guesthouse in Mandalay) and bus to Yangon (ticket bought at my guesthouse in Bagan)

  12. Jamie says:

    Hi nina,

    have seen this site in the while surfing. Just want to ask if abovementioned requriements are still the same including the visa fee.



  13. Dr. Thad Evangelista says:

    Dear Nina,

    We have confirmed tickets and hotel to yangon myanmar on monday from may 2 to 5 2011. We did not apply for visa as we presumed we are members of ASEAN. We are now in BangkoK awaiting for our flight to myanmar may 2 morning.CAn we get visa on arrival in yangon airport?

  14. denise says:

    hi nina

    my friends and I will go to myanmar this june. did you receive the visa on the same day you applied? If not, how long (days?) did you wait before receiving the visa? thanks.

  15. 3sh says:

    hi nina, my friend and I just applied yesterday for tourist visa. The guy told us we can get it on monday. Yey,cant wait to visit myanmar on august ;)

  16. Sheena Marie Chavez says:

    Hi Nina,

    Thank you very much for this post. It helps a lot. Can you please email me your itinerary when you visited there? will be in Bangkok first for few days then will go to Myanmar. May I know standard days to cover the major spots there? How long it will take to travel there via air? so I can plan ahead and maximized my vacation leaves. Thanks a lot!

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  18. shohag says:


    I am Bangladeshi. Currently student in Malaysia. Could anyone tell me the visa requirement for Myanmar? Its urgent….

  19. TheBlackTwig says:

    Hi Nina. I’m a frequent visitor now after I saw your link for the blog award. Anyway, I want to ask why Myanmar requires a visa if it’s one of the Southeast Asian countries. Don’t we have a regional agreement about this visa thing? Or they are an exemption? Thanks!
    I like your Travel Expenses Summary, somehow gives me an idea on how much budget I should have with me when visiting countries. Thanks again!

    • nina says:

      Yup, a visa is required even if you’re holding an ASEAN passport. Last year they started giving out visas upon arrival for a fee ($30), but cancelled it due to the November elections. Not sure if it has been reinstated already.

  20. Liquid Druid says:

    Do they provide a copy of the waiver that you’ll just need to sign? Or do they require you compose your own waiver based on a prescribed template?


  21. Hi, I have some updated 2012 Myanmar Visa info on my site, I hope you don’t mind me linking it here, but it will be helpful for travellers to Myanmar. You have a great website by the way, reading through it now!

    Myanmar Visa? 5 Essential Travel Tips, Before You Get to the Airport.

  22. katrina says:

    hi Nina,

    any idea how to get to Myanmar from ho chi minh, vietnam? the cheapest possible way


    • nina says:

      I read that the land borders are closed, so you would have to fly to Yangon if you want to explore Myanmar. Not sure if there are direct flights from Ho Chi Minh, but you can either fly to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur first to catch a flight to Yangon.

  23. anuradhapura says:

    good day,
    is there a need to present a plane ticket to myanmar?
    bank statements?


  24. vergie says:

    pls mga ate… first time ko lang to,,, inenvite kasi ako ng friend ko to travell in thailand and burma (myanmar)… in 30 days… kaya lang di ko talaga alam kung pasok ba ang mga pinoy sa thailand and myanmar… isa pa i really dont know the idea on how to get the travell information… i dont even know how to communicate the thai embassy for that… super hindi ko alam kung pwede bang mag travel papuntang thailand first… and burma 2nd… but before that my friend told me to get the visa from burma embassy for advance para dumating agad at ng pagkatapos namin sa thailand is going na naman kami sa burma… pls mga ate… i need your reply….

    • nina says:

      Kung may valid Philippine passport ka, hindi mo na kailangan kumuha ng visa for Thailand. Yung visa for Myanmar, basahin mo itong entry kung paano kumuha ng visa.

  25. vergie says:

    sabi ng friend ko dapat kasi raw ako ang mag asikaso ng papeles ko kasi nga isasama niya ako sa travell niya, amrikan kasi xa at hindi niya alam kung anu ba ang mga kailangan ko…kya ako na lang mismo nag hanap ng way para masagot ang mga tanong ko,,,planu sana namin next month pumunta sa thailand at burma… kya lang po… hindi ko alam kung saan ako magsstart…. ang sabi niya kelangan ko raw tumawag sa thailand embassy kung okey pa ba ang passport ko,, at pwede ba akong maka travell doon…malayo po ako sa manila to comply and ask personally sa thailand embassy…kaya heto na lang chance ko para malaman kung anu ba dapat kung gawin…thank you….

  26. Mark says:

    Hi all, I am a Burmese living in Manila. I think all the information here are quite useful if you want to visit Myanmar. But time to time, they change it. Don’t worry for this because now change for better. I highly recommend you if you visit Myanmar — to visit Kachin State (The northern state) for hiking snow mountains. Shan state is a bit like Tagaytay and Baguio. Then ancient city Bagan, and many other places. If you want to visit, you can also ask me for more information and for cheaper expenses. I am not agent but I want to help if you want to visit.

    • Swan Lake says:

      Hi Mark, I’m an expat living in Manila. Very interested in learning Myanmar language. Do you perhaps know a Myanmar individual here in Manila who can do a private course? Let me know, thanks.

    • primrose pe says:

      I LIKE WHAT U SAYING….yes my husband is myanmar too and mostly my friends is mynamar they so friendly and caring.wil be visit to yangon soon..see u myanmar dream come true with our son…

    • korufa says:

      Hi Mark!My son plan to marry his gf from Myanmar this coming Dec’13.Can you help me some tradition in your country?My son told me I need to prepare money to give to the girl family.Do you know idea of the amount.Thank you very much.

  27. ed Jo says:

    4 of us (US citizen) are going to Myanmar Yangon in July. We will be in Hong Kong for a day to get our visa. Do you know if we can do this? I have done this for the Vietnam visa. We do not want to book our flight into Yangon until we have our visa but I read they require the flight booking to get the visa.
    Thanks, ed

  28. mhavz bautista says:

    Hi to all. I’m pilipina and I have boyfriend which is from myanmar. Were both working in qatar. Then we going vacation and he’s going to visit the philippine within 18-20days. Just want to ask if he might need a visa for that? Though it is part of asea. As part of my research some of that is saying no need visa less than 21days. And s0me of that saying visa is up0n arrival.

    I just want to clarify ths thing. And it help me a lot.
    I h0pe u cn help me.. Tnkz;)

  29. mhavz says:

    Tnkz nina. Highly appreciated. And kung viceversa, kelangan ko dn b ng visa g0ing to myanmar?

  30. Marisse Lee says:

    Hi, Nina! Me and my cousin will be doing our Southeast Asia trip next year and the information I am getting from your website is really very helpful. May I know if Myanmar is the only country in SEAsia that requires visa? What is the best route if we will cover Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia? Also, how much budget shall be required?

    • nina says:

      East Timor also requires a visa, but otherwise, all other countries are okay. If you want to travel to Myanmar, you would have to fly in to Yangon. There are direct flights from Bangkok. Given your selection of countries, you can start in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, head west to Cambodia, cross the border to Laos, then down to Thailand.

      As for the cost, it depends on your style of travel, preferences and how long you’re traveling. To give you an idea of the cost for traveling in each country, check the posts under the Travel Budget category.

      • Marisse Lee says:

        Thanks a lot, Nina! I have been reading your articles really as I find them very helpful and your expense reports are practical and workable than the others I’ve read. I spend more time in your website than I do in FB actually. You are an inspiration.

      • nina says:

        Thanks Marisse! I’m happy to know that my spreadsheets are being put to good use :D

  31. Shyla Sweet Roque says:

    Hi Nina,

    I have a french boyfriend and we planned to celebrate his birthday in Myanmar. We already ask his french friends for his Visa which is easy since he can buy it upon arrival. Now, our problem is mine. I am a Filipina,should i get Visa also? Can i buy it upon arrival? Or should i get it from here?
    Hope you can help me. Our plan is to go end of July. Can we still make it?
    Many thanks and godbless on your blogs

  32. betty lopez says:

    Thanks for sharing this.I plan to travel to Myanmar and Laos next year

    • nina says:

      From what I’ve heard, you can now apply for a visa electronically, or apply for a visa on arrival. But to be on the safe side, you can still opt to apply for the visa from the Embassy in Makati :)

  33. sana makapunta din ako sa myanmar. thanks sa information. :) sana di mahirap ang visa dito :)

  34. Iris says:

    Hi Nina,

    My sister & her family will be stationed in Myanmar by Feb. 2013. She wants my mom to join her there. I’ve read that you are only allowed to stay for 28 days. Can my mom extend her stay say about 2 months? Kasi useless kung 28 days lang daw mag stay ang mom ko dun. Gusto niya at least mga 2 months ganun.

    Thanks in advance.

  35. Paola Erika says:

    Hi Nina, thanks for the info. It’s only now that I knew about the Visa Requirement in Myanmar. I really hope there will be no hassle in getting a visa. I’m looking forward to this solo trip and seeing this exquisite country! :)

  36. Have a nice day Nina! This is Yulivy a filipino citizen holding a tourist visa here in Thailand……I have concern about Myanmar. I am with my American fiance if we’ll be leaving to Myanmar from Thailand, what was the immigration requirements for us Filipino in order to board the plane. My fiance will be working there as an English teacher and we’re planning to get married there…….my concern is will the immigration require me to have a round trip ticket for a tourist?

  37. […] how to get your Myanmar tourist visa here in the Philippines — I personally found my guide at Just Wandering and En Route – but when I was applying for mine, I found (through Joey) that there were […]

  38. princess says:

    hi miss boyfriend will be having a business trip to myanmar and he wants me to be there too,gusto ko lang sana malaman kung kailangan b talaga na may ticket na kagad bago kumuha ng visa??wala pa kasing sure na datr kung kelan sya pupunta pero ayaw sana nia kong mahirapan s pagkuha,kaya the sooner the better daw sana..and i dont have a job,i am student,hindi ba ko mahihirapan s pagkuha??thank you….

  39. betty lopez says:

    If u are a Singapore Permanent Resident, apply at the Myanmar Embassy in SIngapore>It only takes a day to get a visa with a fee of S$45, just present the 1 page application fom, copy of passport and Singapore PR IC . If u apply in the morning you get your visa in the afternoon from 4:30-5:30

  40. Narisa Molina says:

    Hi nina I want to visit mynmar, recently working in singapore can make visa here to go mynmar?

  41. HYG says:

    Hi, i noticed from them myanmar embassy website that you need a letter from the employer with a description of your work, etc. Do i submit this during the visa application?

  42. luis says:

    Mingalaba brother i wanna visit Yangon, i wanna ask if more or less how much money do i need to bring???? and if there is a direct flight from yangon to manila???
    what is your contact number????

  43. Tereza Lopes says:

    It was an awesome place to spend vacations with family and friends. Thanks for sharing this post.

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