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Apparently there’s a travel blog meme going around and I just got tagged by Gay and Chino. It was a stroke of great timing as after finishing my Guam series, I’ve nothing to write about anymore.

Most beautiful post
What is the characteristic of a beautiful post? Is it in the way it was written or how it affects the readers? Does it wax poetic about a particular destination? Oddly enough, what I find beautiful is something that is very personal: Confessions of a solo female traveler. It’s a post I wrote in celebration of International Women’s Day in hopes of encouraging girls to go explore the world.

Most popular post
Published in 2009, my post about How to renew your Philippine passport in just 30 minutes certainly got a lot of attention. Though the process I’ve outlined is obsolete, it still manages to draw in the people looking for passport renewal information, which got me updating the post every so often (read: whenever I feel like it).

Most controversial post
I’m not one for writing strongly worded prose — you can only find them in my private journals — much less write something to stir a controversy. Somehow though, I seemed to have offended someone’s sensibilities when I wrote about Airline food. Seriously. After that comment, I started having these huge cravings for croissant. Nothing beats the LOLs that came from the person who told me to go to DAM HELLL though.

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Most helpful post
When I started my travel blog, I wanted it to become a resource for other travelers who are planning for their own trips. That’s why I always feel so happy when people, both online and offline, come up to me and tell me that they found my blog so helpful when they were researching and even when they’re at their destination. My puny attempt at being a travel guide book writer paid off with the Boracay Cheap Accommodation Guide post, which is still quite a huge hit among travelers. Its success inspired me to reprise the role and came up with the Guide to Cheap El Nido Resorts.

A post whose success surprised me
Though I know that visa posts will get a lot of attention, I’m surprised that my How to apply for an Australian visa and Applying for an Australian tourist visa: A guide for Filipinos are still racking up the hits even if they were posted way back in 2007 and 2008 respectively. While the information are largely obsolete (the Australian immigration update their forms every 3 months and the submission process has changed already), people still comment to ask questions that I’m finding hard to answer. What surprised me though was other readers sharing their own visa success stories and offering their own advice and answering questions for other reader.

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A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
I’ve published over 600 blog posts over the years and I must admit that I didn’t go beyond 2010 to look for posts that fit this criteria. However, I would like to take this chance to push this post to the spotlight: How to apply for a Myanmar tourist visa. It’s not going to win any writing awards, but I just want to put Myanmar into people’s subconscious because it’s such a lovely country to visit. Maybe I would be more effective if I finally write about my travels in Myanmar. Someday, someday.

The post that I am most proud of
Last April, I hosted the Philippine Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival on Solo Travel. My intention for proposing the theme is let others share their stories about going solo because frankly, after 5 years, I figured my readers would appreciate hearing other voices talking about traveling solo instead of me rehashing the same old story. It was a challenge compiling and reading all 31 entries that joined the carnival and I have to say I’m quite proud at how I managed to string them all together.

There you go, my top 7 posts (and a couple of extras). I hope you find them useful somehow.

No, not tagging anybody. Want to do this meme? Go right ahead and post. Just say I tagged you ;)

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. Ed says:

    RV had a two-hour massage after hosting the blog carnival about quaint cities. If I’m not mistaken, around 14 entries yun. Ano kayang stress-reliever ginawa mo nina after nun?

    Really nice when people leave a comment and say that our posts have helped them. It’s just priceless what we do with our passions when we inspire others to do the same. Kudos to you and your blog Nina! :D

  2. Marky says:

    I missed that Blog Carnival edition because that time I’ve only been on one solo trip not much to choose from, but since had another solo trip and I’m looking forward to another. To think solo travelers like you have been putting the idea for years now, its about time for others to embrace that kind of traveling. More freedom on the road pa hehe.

  3. I also like Confessions of a Solo Female Traveler, parang yung I’m a Travel Blogger But… ni Ed – digging deeper into the thoughts and feelings of the author. (I feel like the longer I make my own 7 Links, the more I run out of bloggers to tag, I think I’ll do the same if i manage to do one :)

  4. kara says:

    Wow, seems like I missed a lot of cool blog carnival topics. The one on Solo Travel sounds fun to write about. Grabe naman yung comment na “Go to Dam Hell” with comments spaced one minute apart :p

  5. i remember reading all of this except for the airline food, mabasa nga…
    hmmm.. hit kaya kung gumawa ako ng “confessions of a solo male traveler?” hahaha
    go nina!

  6. shema says:

    Hi Nina? Im glad to find this website and read some of your advises to those who want to apply a tourist visa like you. I am also planning to apply a visa to australia, what is the best and a fastest way visa do i need to get the Tourist Visa or the Fiancee’ visa? my fiancee is waiting for me to go there this year. I hope you can help me on this matter.

  7. chyng says:

    my favorite is also the confession.. it’s very comforting to hear that being NOT FRIENDLY is just fine. such a relief! =)

  8. GO TO DAM HELLL? Add what comment?

    ^ Certainly made me laugh as I revisited your other posts. I enjoyed this meme, Nina. It reminded me of how long (and how awesomely) you’ve been doing this.

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