My US Visa Interview Experience

On the early morning of May 3, I found myself on the side walk outside the US Embassy in Manila, bewildered by the number of people waiting to enter the embassy. It’s not the number that shocked me actually (I know there’s always hundreds of people lined up outside the embassy), it’s the suits and business attire worn by the applicants, as if dressing to get that job they’ve always aspired for.

US Ambassador to the Philippines at the inauguration of NOX1. Photo by Jane Tenefrancia Uymatiao, used with permission.

The time in my confirmation says 7:15, but I was there an hour ahead, even if the instruction was to be there 30 minutes before my schedule. I walked away from the hoard and found a quiet spot facing the Manila Bay. Distracting myself from the unappealing aroma wafting from the water, my mind wandered back a month when I first learned that I need to apply for a US Visa.

I had just walked back to our table at the Camsur Watersports Complex after taking pictures of wakeboarders showing off practicing. The first thing I did was to check my iPod if there are new e-mails. There were several, but one particularly stand out: an invitation to visit Guam. As excited as I was about this opportunity, I knew that a US visa is required for the tiny US territory, and that’s one thing I don’t have, and frankly, something I never thought I’d ever apply for. I quickly fired off a reply, explaining my predicament, and they assured me that they will assist me in getting a visa. A meeting was set with the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) a day after my return to Manila, and in the meantime, I filled out the online application form.

I had to snort at my (now) apparent stupidity, printing each page of the questionnaire, not knowing that I can view and print it in its entirety at the end. It took me more the alloted 20 minutes to complete and print each page, giving the Internet shop owner in Bulusan a headache with my crazy request to print and scan each page. After it was all over, I was toting a 26-page pile of documents that I now use as scratch paper. Filling out the form made it somewhat real: that I’m really applying for a US tourist visa.

They gave us pointers during the meeting. Be confident, don’t fidget. Don’t be afraid because there’s nothing you should be afraid of, specially if you’re not planning on doing anything illegal. I pestered them and friends who has been through this before and got the same advice. With the advice comes their assurance: you’ve been to plenty of places already. That shows you come back to the Philippines every time you travel.

Outdoor waiting area. Photo by Jane Tenefrancia Uymatiao, used with permission.

I look at my watch and saw that it was already 6:45am. I stood up and made my way back to the embassy’s entrance. I lined up with the rest of the applicants for a non-immigrant visa, wondering just how am I going to appear confident and nonchalant when I feel the opposite inside. I sneaked a peek at the documents that the applicants ahead of me are toting and I was startled to see a document that I do not have. I timidly ask what that paper was and was told it’s the confirmation page for the appointment. All I had with me is the other confirmation page and the bank slip as proof of the payment.

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When the GVB said they’ll offer assistance to my visa application, I wasn’t exactly sure how they will assist me. Never did I imagine that they will pay for the visa application fee, set the interview appointment and provide the formal letter if invitation from Guam, as well as a guarantee letter.

The line slowly moved and I quickly realized the difference in the lines. One on the left is for non-immigrant visa application, the middle one for immigrant visas, while the right most and the longest are for seafarers. US citizens can just walk right up to the entrance and enter. Security, was as expected, tight. Electronic gadgets are not allowed inside. No mobile phones, no mp3 players, no iPods, no laptops, not even USB thumb drives and bottles of water. Once through the security, we wait at the outdoor holding area.

Inside NOX1. Photo by Jane Tenefrancia Uymatiao, used with permission.

I got the e-mail shortly after Easter. My interview was set for 7:15am on May 3. My heart suddenly started beating fast. Now it’s real. I knew I had to go for an interview, but now that the date has been set, it completely sunk in that I am doing it. I have to face what I’ve always been too happy to avoid. The first thing I did was to message the accountant… is she finished with my business registration? I need the documents for the embassy ASAP.

We were given a number as we entered the embassy. I watched the board with fascination, wondering why 2286 was being called the same time 2304 was flashing on the screen. Now I understand why a friend told me she was too preoccupied watching the numbers to read the book she read. Jasper Fforde likewise spent the entire day inside my bag.

The business registration papers were waiting for me when I got home from making the rounds at my banks, picking up the bank certifications I requested for. I heaved a huge sigh of relief and set about arranging my supporting documents in my clear plastic envelope. I checked and double checked each item in the checklist I was provided with, hoping that the consul won’t ask for documents that I do not carry.

At last we were called. I realized that the numbers on the board were for those already being processed inside the new NOX1 building. For those waiting outside, you need to listen to the staff calling out numbers by batches. After another round of security checks, we were finally inside the US Embassy’s newest consular services facility.

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Right after I got news about my visa appointment, Yogajane published the photos she took during the NOX1 inauguration. My eyes glazed as I took in each detail, wondering how I’d feel once inside that shiny new building.

We were told to line up and I blindly followed the people ahead of me. Seeing that our line was too long, a staffer pulled the guy ahead of me and told me to follow them to another window. Before I knew it, we were standing in line window 15 and we heard the consul asking the guy ahead of us for the purpose of his travel. Is this it? It’s interview time already? I’m not ready for this! It seems it was a preliminary check, verifying the information in our application form and confirming that it was us who actually filled out the form.

“What did they ask you?” I asked my friend Kaoko.
“Just the things that are in the application form. Then they asked about my job and what I do.”
“That’s it? Did you put your documents in a clear book?”
She replied, “my documents are just in an envelope, but I realized then that using a clearbook would have been more efficient since you can easily find specific papers. Not that it mattered to me anyway, since the consul didn’t ask for any document.”

Consul windows. Photo by Jane Tenefrancia Uymatiao, used with permission.

After leaving the window unscathed, I realized that there really *is* nothing to be scared of. I faced what I’ve been worrying about head on and I felt that I can take whatever else that is coming my way. My butt hardly touched the seat before my number flashed again and I rushed off to Window 12. There was a burly guy with a warm and friendly voice who was taking finger prints. Despite my newfound confidence, I floundered and stared stupidly when he asked me to state my name and birth date. He was patient as I fumbled with the contraption that scans my fingerprint, assuring me that behind those (I assume) bullet-proof glass are humans that are only doing what they’re trained to do. And that they don’t bite.

“The consul I got assigned to was friendly,” Kaoko relates. “He even chatted with the kids of the couple ahead of me in line.”
“Really? Hmmm,” I muttered. “I hope I get him as well. Is he cute?”

I ended up sitting with two other girls who were ahead of me in line at the entrance to the embassy. We chatted about the purpose of our trips and shared horror stories about friends who got denied, even with extensive travel histories. One by one we were called and soon I was on my feet, standing in front of Window 5.

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“What’s the purpose of your visit,” the consul asked.
“I was invited by the Guam Visitors Bureau to attend a festival towards the end of the month.”
“Why did they invite you?”
“I’m a travel blogger,” I replied. Upon her blank stare, I continued despite warnings not to talk too much. “They are inviting media outfits from all over the world for the festival. I’m one of the delegates from the Philippines.”
The consul flips through my passport and sees my Myanmar visa. I stifled my groan; I knew I will be asked about Myanmar. “What did you do in Myanmar,” she finally asked.
“I went around the country to Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan.”
“Myanmar is part of my bucket list of places to go before I turned 30.”
“What do you do for a living?”
“I have my own business. I write content for websites, design and create blogs.”
“Okay. Your visa is approved,” the consul finally say.
“…” I stare at her, not knowing what to say.
When she saw my eyes flick to my passport, she continued, “we’ll send the passport via courier.”
“Oh wow, thank you!” Screw being formal, I need to express my joy!

Seriously, I think bad passport and visa photos are the norm around here.

It wasn’t until last week that I heard news about my visa. Actually, the day after the interview, I got a call from the embassy that I need to submit a new picture, as the picture I submitted doesn’t meet the guidelines. I had to send it via courier at no additional cost. I felt naked without my passport and kept wondering when it will be returned. An excited call from Niel woke me from my reverie one afternoon. My passport was delivered to their office bearing a new stamp: a 10 year multiple entry visa! Seriously Just Wandering, what would my life be without you?

[UPDATE] The U.S. Embassy Manila often hold a Visa Hour, where their consuls answer visa-related question. Here are two that might answer your questions:
The Visa Hour: Summer Travel Edition (Part 1 of 2)
The Visa Hour: Summer Travel Edition (Part 2 of 2)
There’s also the VISAtisfied Voyager, their official visa blog.

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Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. anna says:

    Hi Nina,

    I read all the posts but I didn’t see anything about requirements… Do I need to bring an NBI clearance or police clearance? or just my birth and marriage cert and proofs of strong ties?

    You’re an inspiration! Congratulations!


    • nina says:

      Hi Anna, I didn’t bring NBI nor police clearance when I went to my interview. It wasn’t included in the list of requirements given to me.

      • anna says:

        Hi Nina,

        Thank you for the quick reply. I apprecite it :)

        May I ask what are the documents you brought with you? Can you share the list here?

        My interview will be up soon and I’m worried that I might miss something important.

        Thanks in advance :)

      • nina says:

        I brought bank certificates, DTI registration, invitation letter, guarantee letter, birth certificate, my parent’s marriage certificate, the bank deposit slip for the payment, the interview confirmation.

    • Carol says:

      Hi! Great blog! :) However, just a question.. do you think it would be advisable to get a visa months before your actual travel date/s? Or would this be a problem? Thank you!

  2. Rushell says:

    hi i will have my interview on monday, i would like to ask what kind of bag did you bring? is it true that they have bag qualifications?

  3. kat says:

    hi nina.. congratulation you’ve got you’re visa.. i just want to ask how long you wait to receive your appointment letter from u.s embassy? and did they mail or email the appointment letter toy u.. THANKS..

  4. allison says:

    Hi Nina. I really enjoyed reading your interview experience. My dream is to be a blogger like you. You write so well. Congratulations you got a visa!

  5. angeline abundo says:

    Hi nina, congratulations with your visa. I have read your blog and i felt excited. my interview will be tomorrow morning. all my papers are ready, all originals. is medicines are ok to bring? because i have a inhaler. thank you. so happy that your blog makes me feel excited :)

    • nina says:

      Hi Angeline, I’m not sure if they allow it, but you can try to bring it in. Just ask someone to accompany you so you can leave it with them if they don’t allow it.

  6. Desiree says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this experience. God bless you more.

  7. Desiree says:

    Hi Nina,

    I’d like to know if I will be the one to give my Interview date or they will be the one to assign a date for me? Salamat, Nina. Laking tulong ang blog mo. You are such a kind person that you have shared this. Some people I know here, they could not even share it. And is it true na mas mahigpit ang Asian Consular Officers than American Consuls? At kailangan bang super laki ang pera sa bangko? Thank you so much, Nina.

  8. Titmothy del Carmen says:

    thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience nina, you really inspired me to be confident. my interview will be on Tuesday June 5,2012 at 8:30, i hope i can make it too. :)

  9. Timothy del Carmen says:

    Hi Nina, i just wanna say that i didn’t make it but i will reapply for another schedule and i just wanna ask if i can give my document without any permission to the interviewer because they did not ask any document to me. Thank you.

    • Desiree says:

      Timothy, why you didn’t make it. I am so sorry for you. I am so nervous now to try. Can you share me what happened? Here is my e-mail addy:

      How sad. Besides, the payment now is $160 and then you did not pass the interview. I really feel so sad for you. I wish, we can be lucky like Nina.

  10. Gilai says:

    Hi. I’m planning to get a US Tourist Visa. So far, I have paid the $160 mrv fee. May I ask how long did you wait for an interview appointment? I have my papers ready but I’m still waiting for a document by June 23 and if I set up a schedule now, I might not be able to get that document. Usually how long do we wait? Thank yo very much. :)

    • Desiree says:

      I think you can apply now online and it is much easier where you will be the one to choose your own date for the schedule by choosing on their given calendar dates. Just make it sure you have completed the DS160 Form because they gonna ask the confirmation code and make it sure you have already paid the $160 in peso (B2) because they gonna ask the receipt number. And if ever you are using public computer, make it sure that you won’t save the password for safety reason from the hackers.

  11. Mitchguru says:

    Tessabear, i am in the same dilemma now. I got denied after he asked me about my bf. Then i got denied. The consul was stern. Maybe subukan ko ulit tapos bka tawagan din ako. Heehe btw, congrats nina. Tessa, sana magbigay ka ng update ng visa mo dito. Thanks

  12. jennet aquino says:

    hi i pass an interview without asking anything im so glad that the consul assigned with me is so good. i just be there infront of him not more than 2 mins be ur self smile and be confident wear wht u are applying for i just get my multiple visa lastjune 15. 2012. its really an exciting exprience i hve gudluck to anyone …..

    • roschelle teodoro says:

      hi to all …guys sa interview ba lahat ng documents na meron ka i aabot na lang ba sa interviewer or hindi ka pwede mgbigay ng documents na di nila inask plss reply sa tuesday na aksi and sched ko thnks po..and thanks nina for sharing your experience here

      • CtC says:

        hi roschelle, u dont need to give all your documents sa nag iinterview sayo. Wait mong e ask ka bago mo ibigay, and kung ano lang ang tinanong sayo un lang din ang isasagot mo. Kailangan mo lang maging honest sa lahat ng bagay, even though u dont know the answer of thier question. And pag nandun kana nd ka maliligaw or anything sa mga dapat mong gawin kasi may nag aalalay sayo kung anong step ang gagawin mo first. Tip ko lang din sayo na maging pasinsyoso ka sa mga tao dun most of them are very strict and snobby. Pero nice naman sila pag marunong ka lang mag approach ng tama. Always say thank you and hello…

    • Lenny says:

      Hi Jennet? how did you passed the interview in us tourist visa? can you give me some tip? and what are the reasons and ties you used? hope for your reply.

  13. roschelle teodoro says:

    hi to all …guys sa interview ba lahat ng documents na meron ka i aabot na lang ba sa interviewer or hindi ka pwede mgbigay ng documents na di nila inask plss reply sa tuesday na kasi and sched ko sa us embassy thnks po..and thanks nina for sharing your experience here

  14. Madzky says:

    Hi Timothy…just want to ask how is your interview last June 5, 2012? can u share too coz i’m planning to apply for a tourist visa… thanks so much…

  15. Madzky says:

    Hi miss jennet…just want to ask regarding your interview? what did they ask u? pls give us story… i am planning too but i’m afraid i got denied….pls enlighten… thanks so much…

  16. Madzky says:

    Ms. Nina, can u share please why timothy got denied…oh that’s what i’m afraid of too, getting denied…pls enlighten…i’m planning to apply for a visa this coming August…Naatrasado lang ako sa pag apply kasi natatakot ako baka denied ang ibibigay sa akin… thanks so much…my email

  17. Madzky says:

    Ms. Desiree:

    You might have an idea regarding my concern about the denial of timothy…please share us… Thanks…

  18. Mary says:

    Hello,,,,,,I got my tourist visa
    Appointment yesterday and my visa was approved…I was so hAppy….felt like winning a lotto lol….

  19. Desiree says:

    Hi, Nina! I just want to know if ever the applicant has been denied, is there any paper or notice to be given to the rejected applicant or the Consul would simply give an apology?

    • Mev says:

      The consular officer I believe gives a blue-colored paper explaining why you were denied.

      I got approved for two visas, B1/B1 and I. If you find that odd, well, the U.S. embassy people did as well, but after looking at my previous application, they understood.

      I don’t know if there’s really a winning formula for being approved. But what I found out from observing those who have been approved or not was that, if you have a legitimate letter of invitation to intern or train in the United States, you’re sure to get a visa, even if you can’t confidently converse in English. Those who applied as a family were rarely denied. Government employees applying for tourist visas were oftentimes denied.

      In my case, I had a letter of invitation with me and my company is U.S.-based with a good record of those it sent to its headquarters returning to the Philippines. I am also a journalist, which I think is a plus (hence the media visa).

  20. Ber says:

    Hello guys, I’m just wondering, do I need to provide a copy of my birth certificate?
    And also, do I need to provide original copies of documents like, business permits, income tax returns, titles and etc. or just photocopy, I’m going for my non immigrant visa interview this Tuesday for an internship opportunity and I am really nervous.
    I also have all the necessary documents for my internship. I’m just preparing for other supporting documents, to prove that my parents are the one to support my journey.

    Thanks a lot guys!
    God bless us all. :)

  21. Fem says:

    This was very helpful. Just got my 3rd US visa yesterday! Goodluck to all :) You can do it too!

  22. linnet says:

    thanks for sharing ur experience,it lessen my nervous during my interviewi got my interview last thursday feb 21 and i dont know yet what visa they will give to me.i hope its a multiple.

  23. linnet says:

    i got it.,

  24. aasachie says:

    Hi po, i am 17 years old but turning 18 this may, i dont have any travel history and i just newly received my passport. i want to apply for US tourist visa, is it possible for me to be approve by the embassy? this will be my first time to travel abroad. i dont even have relatives there, i only got our family friend who has been married to an american citizen. what should i do?

  25. bern :) says:

    I’m so happy for you ninz and congrats that you made it just once and you approved, planning to apply a tourist visa in US and I’m a student is it possible for me to apply/ can u suggest me nin of what things to do? I’m looking forward to hear from you soon.


  26. ayen says:

    Hi :) I’m planning to apply for a tourist visa but then i dont have any travel history yet. Is there a possibility that i can be approved as well compared to those who have travel history already? I’m planning to visit Guam.

  27. tripadora says:

    I enjoyed reading this post nina :) ang funny ng captionsa visa photo mo.sana multiple entry din makuha ko.:)

  28. Andres Angelo Reyes says:

    Hi Nina,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. How long does it usually take to get an interview appointment? My boss and I will go to the US last week of October 2013 for a conference. Our documents are all in place. Do we still have enough time?

  29. Anne says:

    Read your experienced getting a US tourist visa.Would you please recommend a US visa assistance agency in Manila?
    Thank you.

  30. Kc says:

    My interview is on the second week of May. It really frightens me ( Tamar ba spell?!) I even have dreams of it. I was being interview it was going well with few laughs too. Then, in my horror the consul officer denied me…???? I’m really curious about some stories that I’ve heard. Hindi pa daw sila masyado natanong or the consul officer didn’t even bother looking at their papers then suddenly DENIED. Geez, freaks the hell out of me… I don’t have all the papers with. Obviously, I don’t have those. Can you guys tell me what you think?!

  31. April says:

    Ommg! You got 10 years multiple visa entry. So lucky! I’m planning to apply for my visa as a tourist cause I’m going to visit my boyfriend. And hopefully I passed. Any advice from you? Thanks

    • Nina says:

      It’s really hard to give any advice, specially for the US visa application, since sometimes, even people with complete documents can be turned down. My advice I guess, is to be as truthful as possible, give solid evidence that you have strong reason to come back to the Philippines, and to be confident when you go for your interview. Good luck!

  32. Patricia says:

    Thank you, Nina. Feels like I experienced the process first hand. I’m scheduled this coming Monday. I hope I get it. Here we go! All systems go for me!
    Dios Mabalos sa tabang mo, Nina!

  33. madeye says:

    Hi! congratulations on your visa! i too got one unfortunately 2 months before leaving my passport got lost.. i was told that i have to go back to square one since once i declare my visa got lost they’d cancel it as if i’ve never been issued before. i’m wondering if i go for another interview is there a chance that i’d be denied even if i already had one before?your response will greatly add or ease my tensed mind…thank you so much!

  34. les says:

    Hi Nina,
    I am a web consultant and developer too and sometimes writer, i have my website for my business.. when you said you have business, you mean you registered it with DTI? thanks

  35. Carol says:

    Hi! Great blog! :) Just a question.. Do you think it would be advisable to get a visa months before the intended travel dates? I wanna try getting a visa as early as now.. however.. I might travel by mid-next year pa. Do you think that’s okay? Or, too early?

    • Nina Fuentes says:

      Hi Carol, you have to check with the the embassy regarding their policy. For some countries, the earliest you can apply for a visa is three months before your intended departure date. I’m not sure if the US has the same rule.

      • michelle says:

        hi nina:) what do I need to bring documents if im going on my interview?thank you hope rply my question?or you can rply private on my

      • Nina Fuentes says:

        Michelle, the most important documents you need to bring are the confirmation for your appointment, payment receipt for the visa application, and your passport. All other documents are optional. The thing is, you can’t really tell what they’ll be asking you in the interview, so it’s better to bring all the documents you think would be relevant to your application and your trip. In my case, I brought documents pertaining to my business (DTI registration, BIR papers, Mayor’s license, etc.), and documents related to my trip (letter of invitation, letter of guarantee from the Guam Visitor’s Bureau, etc.). You can also bring documents that proves your ties to the Philippines (e.g. land titles, car registration, etc.). I hope this helps, and good luck!

  36. michelle says:

    hi nina:)thanks for rply…by the way can I ask again?what website to get an appointment for interview?thank you:)

  37. boombastic says:

    Hi Nina,

    This is one of the blogs I’ve visited to get tips in applying US visa. Just to drop by to say thanks, nerve wracking experience nga tlga pag nainterview na! hehehe

    Nag apply ako last June and scheduled for Sept interview. Kahit pala nauutal ka na sa pagsagot may chance pa rin pla tlgang ma approve. Naaprove visa ko and got sms after 3 days that i can collect my passport.

    Thank you for this blog at sa lahat ng blog na nabisita ko to get tips! You’re very helpful guys! cheers!

  38. Nina says:

    Hello nina
    Nina here too… my interview is on dec. 3 and i kinda feel nervous and excited.. i hope my baby and i will pass the interview please include me on your prayer guys. Thank you

  39. claire says:

    hi nina,

    Im going to apply non immigrant visa for my mom. How will you know if its a single entry visa or multiple entry? mag ka iba ang fees nun? i cannot see the answer on the site. On you case i saw its multiple entry. thank you

  40. Shie says:

    Hi nina, i dropped by and read your blog. I was inspired! Nwei, i’ll be having my interview on Feb. I’m so nervous! Wt did you wear during the interview? Pls answer. Thank you! :-)

  41. Candy says:

    Hi nina. I paid my visa fee last feb16 and my appointment is on march 1. Kinuha ko yung early appointment kc my sis and cousins invited me to join them for 4days 3nights vacation in guam on march 17. Any advice or tips? Btw i got denied twice

  42. Kate says:

    Hi Nina, I used your blog way back in March 2014, when I applied for a US visa. I got approved (10-year multiple entry) last April 2014, and went to the US in May 2014. I wasn’t able to write feedback then, since I got too busy. I’m back in the Philippines and have since then used my US visa to apply for visa to S. Korea and go visa-free to Taiwan. Before I went to the US, I had a lot of previous travels to other countries, so those passport stamps helped my application. Thanks and more power to you!

    For those who are applying/will apply for a US visa, make sure that your documents are complete, give only whatever documents are asked, and answer questions truthfully. Good luck!

  43. voltes v says:

    Just wana share me my wife and two kids apply for the first time a non immigrant visa today we are lucky to be approve four of us my advise for first timer is try to seat where you can clearly hear and see the consul and the applicant in that way you can prepare yourself and hear set of question being ask and how the applicant answer it you can sometimes see why the consul denied there application because of there answer and dont be afraid always answer back with a firm answer and not try to change it and the way you prepare your ds160 is very important its what you say and not what you show that really matters good luck to all applicant

  44. AMBRY says:

    Hi Nina.

    I’m applying for a H1-B Visa, do I need to bring a DFA authenticated document or original documents will do ( Birth Certificate, PRC docs, TOR and Diploma) ?

  45. mirachel says:

    Hi Nina my husband is approved yesterday ,worry lng nya nakalimutan nya ibigay ung 2×2 picture wala pa naman tumawag sa knya from embassy nabasa ko kc sayo na me tumawag sayo from embassy ? bout dun sa picture mo na pinapalitan sayo me idea kb kung san cla pwede tawagan?

  46. Hello Nina.
    Do I need to bring flight reservation during the interview ?

  47. Joan says:

    Hello Nina,

    Unfornately my visa application was denied yesterday. The reason is I have low ties in the Philippines. Since I have no job and no minor kids based on what the officer asked to me. I am really so sad. I like to tell something that I am currently studying and I have my incoming language exam , and me and my fiance have incoming travel travel together this, December , our flight is booked already. But I did not managed it coz she is so quickly to say ” Sorry to disappoint you,… ?.

  48. Dreamer says:

    I have a question, In the past 2 years I travel 18x Internationally and I’ll been in 10 countries already and I will visit Singapore for 2time (19th travel) and 6times in thailand (20th travel), 5days before my interview.

    I been in Thailand (5th times), Malaysia (3times), UAE (2times) Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam (2times), Hongkong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan. (TAKE NOTE IN JUST 2YR & 4months)

    also I have unused japan visa (everything is set but I got sick on my travel date so I decided not to go and pursue it next year)

    The twist is this:
    I’m only 23, SINGLE MAN
    I only have around 100k in my bank
    I never been employed. I took entreprenerial management in college (graduated 2014) because I don’t have any desired to work in any company or any organization.

    after I graduated in college I start – tshirt printing business that run for a year (only barangay permit/ and I lost it already but I have picture of my stall before), then my current business is
    computer shop & printing services (register my mayors permit and dti just this june but my barangay permit starter nov. last year NO BIR AS WELL SINCE I ONLY PUT IT IN BARANGAY)
    also I sell tour package and discounted airline tickets online.

    do you think I have a big chance to get a B2 visa or I will be denied??
    I dont havea BIG personal ties in this country but I’ll travel in 10countries already in past 2years without overstay or violating law on that countries.


    please rate 1-100% on my chance.
    PS: I dont have desired to stay for so long in US.
    I just want to experience christmas and new year in new jersey and drop ball in new york time square. after than just directly go back to the philippines.

    sorry for my grammar


  49. Danielle Siquijor says:

    Best travel advice blog Ive ever got. Thank you Ms. Nina for a great inspiration!

  50. Berna says:

    Hello! I have a question. I had a previous business and didn’t work out, so it was operational for only 3 months. I am deciding if I will indicate it in my previous employment (self-employed). So, my question is, Is it okay if I could only provide (if ask) a DTI registration and Mayor’s Permit, no BIR permit to be specific?

    Thank you so much in advance!

    • Nina Fuentes says:

      You can include it, and you can also bring the documents pertaining to your business, just in case they ask for it. But chances are, they will be more interested with your current employment/business.

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