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A sort of spin-off my usual What’s in my Bag post because I haven’t packed yet. I’m leaving on Friday, for a trip that I’ve been looking forward to since the start of the year. I really don’t know how to pack for this destination, so I’m sticking with some tried and tested stuff, as well as a new addition to my packing list.


Sha and Winston sort-of modeling the Headware for me

It’s one of those stretchy, tubes of fabric that you wear mostly on your head, but if you’re built like Olive Oyl, you can probably wear it as a tube top or a mini skirt. The wonderful people at Headware sent me a couple to try out, and I’ve taken a liking to it. It keeps sweat from dripping to my eyes and camera when I’m taking pictures and it keeps my hair from flying around the place when it’s very windy (or when I’m on a boat). There are different ways to wear it, but if you’re creative enough, you can use it as a makeshift burka for your doll.

Somebody was bored

Headware is available in R.O.X. outlets (and a whole bunch of other stores listed here) and retails for Php 240 – Php 390. You can get a chance to win a 3-pack Headware by liking the Headware Facebook page (complete mechanics here). You can also try your chances at a contest I’ll be having at the end of the week. Watch out for it!

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Water resistant jacket

Columbia Cliffhanger Jacket
columbia Cliffhanger Jacket

As cute as those cotton jackets are, they only fight against the cold. They’re more of a nuisance when you get caught in the rain because they absorb water. That’s what I loved about my Columbia Waypoint Softshell jacket. It keeps me warm and it keeps me dry. So when I (stupidly) lost it last March, I made sure to find a replacement before the upcoming trip. Pictured above is the Cliffhanger Softshell jacket, which is actually bulkier than my old one but it totally wins because it’s purple. I’m shallow like that.

Comfortable shoes

Nike Free
For something called Free, it’s quite expensive.

Like my jacket, my trusty running shoes (which I don’t use for running — cue the angry villagers!) was due for a replacement. I’ve had the grey and purple Nike Free since 2008 and I find it really comfortable and a great fit for my feet. I’ve looked at other shoes to replace it, but in the end, I decided to go with the tried and tested. After all, if you’re going to be walking a lot, it just makes sense to walk around with comfortable shoes.

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  1. Cla says:

    Malapit na malapit na! *flails*

  2. I bet those Free shoes keep getting more expensive. Nice to see what others pack. Gives me ideas.

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