Finally, Nagsasa

I’ve been wanting to visit Nagsasa Cove, ever since I first saw it in Erick Dantoc‘s now defunct Wanderboy blog in 2009. Several plans have been made and scrapped since then, but it was only last Saturday that I finally managed to go there.

Nagsasa Cove
Huts at the beach

Taking a cue from Chyng and Reda, who both contracted the services of Mang Johnny (mobile numbers +639202224687, +639275743315, or message him on Facebook), I quickly fired off a series of text messages, inquiring about his rates and the things he can provide for us. I’m not an outdoorsy person, so I only camp when I know there’s someone else doing the grunt work for me. We were lucky because Mang Johnny basically did everything: from providing the boat that would take us from San Miguel to Anawangin, Nagsasa and Capones island, buy ingredients from the local market and cook it at the camp site, provide and pitch tents for us. He even let us take a shower in their house when we got back to San Miguel, so we can wash off the salt from our body before heading back to Manila.

Nagsasa Cove
Nagsasa in the morning

So did Nagsasa live up to my expectations? It certainly did. Though it’s quite secluded, tourists are now flocking to the coves, which meant finding empty bottles of beer at the beach, lines at the communal toilet, and noisy neighbors when you’re being lola and trying to get some sleep before midnight. Still, it was very pretty. It was serene and swimming there was much nicer than in Anawangin and Capones. I can see myself returning there, although probably not on a weekend.

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Nagsasa 2013

Land transport PHP 212.00 Bus to Olongapo
Land transport PHP 44.00 Bus to San Antonio
Land transport PHP 20.00 Trike to San Miguel
Meals PHP 37.00 Gatorade
Activities PHP 50.00 Anawangin entrance fee
Meals PHP 25.00 Taho
Activities PHP 140.00 Nagsasa entrance, hut, bonfire
Activities PHP 1,000.00 Mang Johnny: boat, tent, food, cooking fee, tip
Land transport PHP 20.00 Trike to San Antonio
Land transport PHP 44.00 Bus to Olongapo
Souvenir PHP 20.00 Singkamas
Meals PHP 149.00 Greenwich
Land transport PHP 212.00 Bus to Cubao
Total: PHP 1,973.00
Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. Erick Dantoc says:

    whoaaa! sayang di tayo nag-abot. andyan kami nila dom, oman at allan 2 weeks ago.

    nagsasa cove ang pinakafavorite kong place sa zambales kaya every year ko itong binabalikan.

    • Nina says:

      Onga, halos magkasunod lang!

      Kitang kita ko ang appeal ng Nagsasa. Para sakin, mas maganda siya talaga kesa sa Anawangin. Or siguro ayoko lang talaga sa madaming tao hahaha

  2. Van says:

    Wonderful post. I should have the courage to do this myself.

  3. B Chai says:

    I noticed you had trikes for land transportation. Is that optional or are there other modes of transport, like vans or buses? I’m just wondering, in case large families travel to the area and the like. Still, you can’t beat that price.

    I loooove the seclusion. Looks like a place you can just relax and enjoy the view without others spoiling the fun!

    Oh yeah, what’s your favorite part of the trip?

    • Nina says:

      In the small town, there’s really no other way to go around unless you brought your own car. It was a pleasant ride, about 10 minutes.

      My favorite part of the trip was just lying on the shallow part of the water and feeling the gentle waves lapping on my back ?

  4. Kate says:

    cute souvenir! singkamas! my fave! :)

    • Nina says:

      The town right before San Miguel has all these singkamas vendors (they even have a singkamas festival!). The ones they sell are so white (probably scrubbed clean so it looks very appealing). Looks weird now though hahaha

  5. Achtung says:

    Wow Nagsasa.. I wanna go there too! I’ve been to Zambales last year but only in San Felipe.. :)

  6. Hello po! Great post po. I wish I could have the courage to go there too. Anyway, it seems to be early for me to do so. I do hope to have experience what you have too. Good luck and More power po!

  7. helenoli says:

    Nice and very helpful blog post! Wouldn’t mind going there using info provided here. :)

  8. Winston says:

    Whoah! You’ve also been to Nagsasa! :D

  9. Yanni says:

    Hello… I really want to go travelbut I have a tight budget… But na inspire ako sa blog mo with prices talaga… haha… Do you mind telling me the bus liners, where makaksakay… Thanks so much!!!

  10. Great post! Thanks for itemizing the total expenses one should prepare if he plans to visit Nagsasa. This should really be helpful. Thanks!

  11. Galing kami dito last Feb. at talaga namang nag enjoy kami. Ang ganda kasi ng place at sarap mag swimming.:)

  12. ayun, thanks sa info Nina, baka sa May na kami punta dito after elections hehe. Sana mapagsabay namin El Nido at yung mga tourist spots sa Zambales. More power to you! :)

  13. ryanasiarooms says:

    Nagsasa looks absolutely out of this world Nina. Will you visit again? Anymore highlights not mentioned in the post?

  14. i missed going to this place, my friends invited me to come here new year’s eve of 2010. I had to drop the invitation.

  15. swt says:

    almost 2,000 petot. is that for 1 person only? i’m thinking of going there with my wife.

  16. Jeff says:

    Hi Ate nina. I just want to ask if that Total: PHP 1,973.00 is per person or how many po yung kasama niyo and if ever I will be travelling alone po. Magkano po magagastos ko?

    • Nina says:

      Hi Jeff, 8 kami sa grupo nyan. Mas mahal kung isa ka lang kasi kailangan mong bayaran yung isang buong banca

      • Jeff says:

        Ay ok. If ever po ate nina okay lang po ba sumama sa inyong next trip. Mahilig kasi ako mag travel kaso yung mga close friends ko hindi kaya mag isa lang ako parati. Wait ko po reply niyo.

      • Nina says:

        Ganyan din ako before Jeff, gusto mag travel, pero walang kasama. Kaya natuto ako mag byahe mag-isa. Mas mahal ng onti, limited minsan sa mga magagawa, pero mas masaya kasi nagagawa ko kung ano talaga gusto ko. Pagtagal, madami na rin akong nakilala at mga naging kaibigan na mahilig mag travel kaya madalas ngayon may mga kasama na ako. Ang puede mong gawin, mag join ka ng mga tour ng mga tulad ng sa Travel Factor, Explore8, or yung mga tours ni Journeying James. Puede rin mag join ka ng Couchsurfing, madalas may mga nagaaya gumala dun :)

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