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I’m one of those millenials, the ones who grew up on the Internet. I practically live online — my work is based online, most of my friends now, are those that I met online, and I keep in touch with them and my family online.

My hobbies for the past 20 years have been influenced by the internet: online chatting, writing, HTML, photography, travel, and toy collecting. It is through the many hours I spent online that I learned about those things, and what continued to fuel passion for them.

It particularly made a huge impact on my traveling. What started as an impulsive decision to travel solo brought on by a quarter-life crisis has brought me across continents and recognition for this blog.

Chefchaouen 31
Found out about Chefchaouen in Morocco through pictures online

The Internet plays a big role in my trips: it’s where I research about my destinations, it’s how I book my flights and accommodations. It’s also where I get my inspirations. It’s where I got the idea to see if Chefchaouen is as blue as the photos I’ve seen online, and to travel over four hours just to visit Tama, the Stationmaster Cat of Kishi Station.

pinitpinasI have an extensive bookmarks of the places I want to visit in my browser, but it helps to have a visual reference. That’s where Pinterest comes in handy. If you don’t use Pinterest yet, it’s a visual bookmarking tool. Though it’s very popular amongst crafters and brides (also wannabe brides), it works well for travelers too.

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When you log in to the site, you are shown “pins” of people you follow, as well as suggested pins based on your interest. You can also type in keywords on the search bar to see specific destinations. Click on the image that appeals to you, and you can click through it to visit the site where the photo is from. Pin it to your own board if you want to bookmark it for future reference.

Follow Just Wandering’s board It’s a Wonderful World on Pinterest.

This is my travel board. It’s basically the places I’ve been to (and want to visit again), and the places I want to see in my future travels. As you can see, I’m obsessing over Europe!

Not on the Pinterest site? You can easily pin images for your pinboard by clicking on the Pin it button (if they have it on their site, similar to what I have here in the blog; just hover on the photos to see the button), or you can install a browser extension that will let you do that.

Pinterest has officially come to the Philippines, and there’s a waiting list to get a sign up. The good people of Pinterest Philippines, however, has given me a signup link for Just Wandering readers, so you can try the site out. I’m told this is only available for a limited time, so sign up now!

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. same with you, i use pinterest a lot just to get some inspiration about fashion, diy, food etc. it’s very usefull. pinterest is one of my favorite sites when surfing on internet

  2. Jhanz says:

    I use pinterest for a lot of things! And yes, one of them are for travel bucket lists… How I wish I’d be able to travel soon as much as you do! :D

  3. Pinterest is one easy image bank to document one’s travels and showcase them as well. it’s also a great alternative to instagram when it comes to food porn but much more accessible. congrats for one great site.

  4. Ana says:

    Pictures can really inspire me. I’m checking out Pinterest lately but I can only find few pictures there about travels in the Philippines.

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