Penang Street Food Bingo

While researching about the must try foods in Penang, I had the idea of making a Bingo card to challenge myself to try more dishes beyond my usual CKT, assam laksa, and murtabak. My friend Cla helped make it possible (with the eating and the designing), and after taking it for a spin last July, it’s now ready for download!

Penang Street Food Bingo

Two files are available for download: a single card in JPG, which you can use in your mobile device (just edit with your favorite image editing app to mark the items you’ve tried), or if you’re more of a pen and paper kind person, a printable version is also available in PDF. The print version has two cards, and is optimized for printing in letter or A4 sized paper.

We may have been too enthusiastic in ordering food.

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Some notes:

  • You can cross off a lot of items in the card by going to hawker centers. We went to Joo Hoi Cafe on Penang road, and we were able to have good assam laksa, lor bak, otak-otak, chee cheong fun, and cendol.
  • I know tandoori chicken isn’t exclusive to Penang, but Restoran Kapitan in Lebuh Chulia makes really good tandoori and naan.
  • If you’re going to Kek Lok Si temple, you can head to Sisters Curry Mee for breakfast, and then have asam laksa at the Air Itam Market for lunch.
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  • If you want to go off the beaten path though, head to Bayan Lepas for some really good (and spicy) curry mee and kway teow th’ng at the Dhoby Ghaut Cafe.
  • For murtabak, you can try the ones they have at Hameediyah Restaurant. Their biryani looks good too!
  • Roti canai in Jalan Transfer is great for breakfast. Make sure to head straight to the stall with the huge curry pot, or you might end up with eggs on toast instead. They also have teh tarik and nasi lemak here.
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Here’s my updated Penang map, with the hawkers and restaurants I’ve tried (or want to try). It also includes the location of the cat street arts (the green star icons).

For souvenirs, you can try out the pastries at the Ghee Hiang. Their Tau Sar Pneah are really good. My friend who lives in Penang bring home boxes of these everytime he goes home to Johor.

For mobile devices (JPG): Penang Street Food Bingo (440 downloads)
For printing (PDF): Penang Street Food Bingo (380 downloads)

Article by Nina Fuentes

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  1. dementedchris says:

    Thank you for this, Nina! What a great idea. Penang is one of my favorite places — I wish I had this food bingo with me when I visited! I’ll be sure to challenge myself next time.

  2. Doi says:

    Wow. This is just timely. I’ll be visiting Penang soon and will definitely use this as a guide on what to eat while there. :)

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