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Oops, I did it again

After all my talk about missed opportunities and knowing the events happening around Melbourne, I totally missed out on David Beckham coming to Sydney gah gah gah David Beckham says he is been surprised by the reaction to his trip to Australia. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid player is in Sydney for an exhibition match with his team…read more
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I met Peter Moore!

When you travel, you try to take in as much as you can in the limited time you'd be in one place. You'll try to visit all the attractions listed in your guidebook, dine at all the restaurants friends and acquaintances recommend and buy all the native trinkets you can find. We try to cram everything in a day or…read more
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WordCamp Melbourne

I seemed to have come to Melbourne at a great time - Priscilla the Musical is still on going, one of my favorite travel writer Peter Moore is launching his latest book in Australia, and the event I attended last Saturday, WordCamp Melbourne. WordCamp is a gathering of Wordpress users talking about (you guessed it) Wordpress and blogging. Among the…read more
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Best Savers find (so far)

Savers, is what we'd call in the Philippines as an ukay-ukay - a secondhand shop. Unlike the ukay-ukay in the Philippines, which are cramped and sometimes found in the sidewalk, Savers has a spacious interior. The clothes are grouped by type, size and color, which makes it easier to look for something that might fit you. Apart from clothes for…read more