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10 Things I miss most about Sydney

For sometime now, I’ve been aching to go back to Sydney. I miss Melbourne too, of course, but I felt that my 3 days in Sydney was just a taste test that left me craving for more.

It doesn’t help seeing my Sydney pictures, nor to hear about people planning on going there for the World Youth Day 2008. It specially didn’t help reading about Sydney over at the Lost Girl’s blog.

So what is it about Sydney that I miss so much?
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Like a Virgin Blue

Like a Virgin“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we are about to take off. Please turn off all electronic devices like mobile phones, ipods, laptops and toasters,” said the voice over the public address system inside the plane.

The best word to describe Virgin Blue is cheeky. From their big red planes to the sexy Bondi Babe painted below the cockpit, Virgin Blue just screams attitude. And that is good.
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Travel Expenses: Gold Coast 2007

Yay, I’m (very) slowly working through my backlog of entries!

Here’s the expenses breakdown of my Gold Coast 4-day weekend trip last March. I flew via Jetstar, and lucky for me, their Gold Coast segment flies from Tullamarine and not from Avalon airport (which is about one and a half hour from Melbourne).

I stayed the the overpopulated-by-tourists Surfer’s Paradise. Why? Because there are times when I *do* want to be mainstream.

When I was researching for this trip, I was really frustrated that there’s hardly anything online or in travelbooks about the Gold Coast. Usually it’d just be a mention of the beach, the theme parks and the hinterlands. One day in Gold Coast and I see why that is.
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Travel Expenses: Sydney 2007

Ah, Sydney. How I loved thee.

I’ve fallen inlove with Sydney, mainly because of the harbour and the ferries. I don’t know why, but I just love riding commuter ferries. It’s one of the reasons why I loved the Chao Phraya in Bangkok.

I only spent 3 days in Sydney, though I wish I could have stayed longer. Sydney has so much to offer to travelers, and admittedly, a weekend in Sydney isn’t too expensive. I was surprised when I saw the total myself.

Here’s my 3-day Sydney expense breakdown to give you an idea when you plan your own trip to this lovely city.

[EDIT March 5, 2009] I am an idiot. I made a HUGE mistake in summing up all the expenses, hence the ultra cheap total *facepalm* From Php 13K for a weekend trip, the real total finally came out (after TWO FRICKING YEARS): Php 23K!
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Being cheap in Australia

Coming from a third world country, where things are dirt cheap, checking price tags in Australia can be quite shocking (not the good kind of shock you get when you look at Indonesian prices). At first the prices look cheap, but once you convert it to peso… ay caramba!

That is why they say that when you travel, you shouldn’t convert prices anymore, else you won’t buy anything. However, I do believe that it’s still important to convert — mainly to check if the same product sold in your own country is sold cheaper as compared to where you currently are.

The cost of traveling in Australia is definitely not cheap. Excluding airfare, you can expect to be shelling out around between AU$50-80 (US$40-70) a day, and that’s already being cheap (4-6 person hostel dorm room, 3 cheap meals a day, full day’s transport, maybe a little extra for beer or admission tickets). Also, if you want to visit the top tourist attractions, you would have to spend a couple more bucks for admission (AU$10 upwards). Some attractions are also situated outside the city, and not as easily accessible by public transport, leaving you with no choice but to drive there using your rented car (or bombs, as they call it) or join a *shudder* tour group.
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Happy Mardi Gras!

Sydney's Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras is a month long celebration, starting on the first week of February and ends on the first weekend of March with a parade as a grand finale. Of course, when my sister asked me when do I want to fly to Sydney for a weekend, I picked the Mardi Gras weekend. Afterall, how many…read more