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Wandering in Kalibo

Kalibo is known as one of the gateways to Boracay island. Bigger than the Caticlan airport, which is nearer the tiny island, the Kalibo International Airport can accommodate bigger aircrafts and chartered flights from Taiwan and South Korea.

Love comes along with the rain
Believe it or not, that’s a part of the trail map of the Bakhawan Eco Park

While most tourists that pass through Kalibo only stay long enough to board a bus or van to Caticlan, there are those that head to this municipality every third weekend of January for the ati-atihan festival.

I’ve done those two, so when there was an opportunity to stay with a friend who lives in Kalibo, I quickly grabbed it.
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Where are you going for the holidays?

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My brother and his family came home to spend the holidays in the Philippines. I tagged along with them to Boracay (where I’m writing this post from) for some R & R.

I usually spend the holidays at home, since I prefer to stay at home when everyone else is traveling. This year, however, some friends are inviting me to go to one of those New Year’s Eve countdown thingies, followed by media noche in one of the hotels in Makati. Since I’m not too excited about the prospect of going home in the wee hours of January 1st (this is the Philippines, after all, where firecrackers can be set off by anyone who can afford to buy it), we decided to just stay somewhere close.
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Brunei Travel Tips

Too busy to write extensive post detailing my three days in Brunei, so I’m just writing down the essential stuff about traveling in Brunei.

Sleeping at the airport
Certain flights from Manila to Bandar Seri Begawan arrive at 1:40am, and unless you are staying with friends and relatives, it can be costly if you will be checking in to your accommodation at this time of the night. Sleeping at Brunei’s international airport is not as scary or uncomfortable at it sounds. There are plenty of cushioned seats with no arm rests, so you can stretch out.

Sleeping at Brunei Airport
My bed for the night

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Travel Expenses: Brunei and Myanmar

Brunei surprised me. It wasn’t as expensive as I initially thought it would. Though my taxi from the airport was expensive, my expenses in Bandar Seri Begawan was kept at a minimum. You can live in Brunei for BND$20 a day: $10 for a night’s stay at Pusat Belia, $3 for breakfast, lunch and dinner and $4 for bus rides all around the city. None of the places we visited had any admission fees.

Myanmar can both be expensive and cheap. In restaurants catering to tourists (usually ones that appear in the guidebooks), you can expect to shell out an average of MMK 2,000 per meal. If you’re adventurous and eat in the streets though, you can get noodles as cheap as MMK 500. A liter of purified water usually go for MMK 300 per bottle. Taxi rides within Yangon can go for MMK 1,500, depending on the driver, the distance and your bargaining skills.
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