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Commercial Break: PBA09

Here's a short break from my Boracay and Malaysia posts: a video clip for the upcoming Philippine Blog Awards: This year's blog awards will be held in three different cities in three different islands: October 9 in Manila, October 17 in Cebu and October 24 in Cagayan de Oro. Can't attend? You can watch the awards night live over at…read more
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From where I’m sitting…

From where I'm sitting..., originally uploaded by nina_theevilone. ...this is what I'm seeing. The tail end of the typhoon that hit the Philippines has finally left and we woke up to spectacular sunshine in Boracay. The waves are still rough and the wind is still blowing hard, but that's not stopping anybody from frolicking in the cool turquoise waters. Seair…read more
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Manila Domestic Airport

Manila Domestic Airport, originally uploaded by nina_theevilone. This is the most passengers I've seen in the waiting area of the domestic airport. When Terminal 3 wasn't open yet, this place is packed with people waiting for their flight. You can just imagine how crazy it can get when flights get delayed or cancelled. I'm actually quite happy that Seair is…read more
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The longest line

The longest line, originally uploaded by nina_theevilone. This is the longest line you'd ever encounter when flying with Seair. Small planes mean less people, which means shorter queues and faster baggage claims. Seair is giving a great treat at the Philippine Travel Mart at the SMX. Buy 1 Take 1 tickets for Batanes, and discounts as much as 75%! Now…read more

Shopping in Malaysia

I never thought I’d go shopping in Malaysia. It’s always Singapore and Bangkok that I associate with shopping, never Kuala Lumpur. I have other trips in the works, so shopping isn’t really something that I should be doing. But I’m weak, so I succumbed to the call of several material items. Well, chocolates and tea.

I was the only one in our group who walked away empty handed from our shopping stop at Sungei Wang last Sunday. Of course, Monday changed everything. Jonker Walk in Malacca is just plain evil. Not only is it overly crowded with daytrippers, there are plenty of stalls selling all kinds of knick knacks and food that are calling out for you to buy them.

Souvenirs and gifts from Malaysia
Wotta haul! Is that a Liverpool cellphone charm I see?

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Malacca and Genting Highlands

Yesterday and today is definitely one of the highlights of this trip. Malacca wasn’t originally in our itinerary, but with the changes made with Monday’s Merdeka celebrations, we lobbied to make a daytrip to Malacca instead. We were so glad that the Tourism Malaysia office in Kuala Lumpur granted our request. Finally, Malacca!

Dude, where's the sea?
Dude, where’s the sea?
A replica of the Portuguese ship Flora De La Mar, which sank off the coast of Malacca

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