changi airport

Destination, Singapore

Touring Changi Airport

One of the things I’ve always loved about going to Singapore is Changi Airport. In all my trips there since 2000, I’ve mostly used Terminals 1 and 2. When I last flew out of Singapore prior to my trip last July, there were wooden board all around Terminal 1. Renovations of the terminal have already started then, and this year, the transformation was completed.

To say it was impressive is a gross understatement. It was freaking AMAZING.
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Notes from Changi Airport

Yes, I'm back. For the nth time. Don't ask. I'm killing time because my Philippine Airline flight from Manila landed early -- too early. My brother is just leaving his office so I figured I'd kill time by hoarding the free internet terminal before going through immigration. Notice that my post was after the flight, not before. The Centennial terminal's…read more