Notes from Changi Airport

Yes, I’m back. For the nth time. Don’t ask.

I’m killing time because my Philippine Airline flight from Manila landed early — too early. My brother is just leaving his office so I figured I’d kill time by hoarding the free internet terminal before going through immigration.

Notice that my post was after the flight, not before. The Centennial terminal’s wifi was wonky this afternoon, and the internet kiosks were pretty useless. Also, I’ve loaded my laptop with episodes of Queer as Folk, so I just watched an episode while waiting for my flight to be called instead of writing.

The airport was quite busy this afternoon. Actually, the whole metro seem to be outside, clogging EDSA. A trip that takes 40 minutes on a very good day took almost an hour, from QC to Paranaque. Still, I was early for check in, and there was only one group ahead of me in the queue.

I was able to use Gate N3 of the NAIA Terminal 2 for the first time today. It was actually just a stairs down to the ground level where there’s a bus waiting to take passengers to the plane. The plane today was one of PAL’s new Airbus A320-200, with the Recaro seats. The seats looks narrow at first glance, with bigger spaces in between. It’s actually wider though, and the controls for the entertainment system are on top, not on the side.

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It was cloudy and rainy in Manila, probably brought on by the typhoon in the Visayas. The flight was turbulent after take off, but it was fairly uneventful afterwards. Not uneventful enough that I get bored and get some sleep though. I haven’t slept since work ended at 7am, and I still need to work at 10pm tonight. Crap.

Article by Nina Fuentes

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