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Congrats to the Living la vida Imelda contest winner!

Thank to everyone who shared their Metro Manila itineraries! It was such a joy to read the replies, specially the ones that included detailed descriptions, significance of the places and means of transport. It gave me plenty of new ideas for when I have friends and family coming to visit. If you’re thinking of places to bring your guest, the comment section of that post is rife with possibilities!

Chyng deliberately disqualified herself by saying outright that she wouldn’t take her guests around Manila, while Cornelio started with Manila, yet ventured out of town and had his itinerary spread for more than a day. I intentionally limited the itinerary to one day and only within Metro Manila. Why? Because most of those who travel to Manila only transit here — they fly in only because Manila is the main international hub and they use it as the jump off point to exploring places outside Manila.

In Requiem: Phonie's last days
Father Blanco’s garden circa 2006

Allan Reyes said he’d take his guests to Tondo so that they will see the real Manila, and erica yu-b said she’ll take them for a peek at Smokey Mountain so that her guests would help make the Philippines a better place. I understand what you guys are coming from, but let’s face it — those squatters is what the world already have in mind when they think about Manila. That is what’s often depicted in the media. I believe it’s every Filipino’s responsibility to make the Philippines a better place, not our guest’s.
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Living la vida with Carlos and Imelda

Let’s start the week right with a contest! Up for grabs is a free pass (for two!) to Carlos Celdran’s Living La Vida Imelda tour of the CCP Complex.

Carlos Celdran's Livin la vida Imelda Tour
Why don’t I have a photo of Carlos with the Imelda photo? Fail.

I’ve done the Imelda tour last March and the Intramuros tour last April. I thought more people should experience one of Carlos’ tours, and here’s your chance to try it out for FREE!
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Livin’ la vida Imelda with Carlos Celdran

Mention Imelda Marcos’ name, and the first thing that comes to mind are shoes. Lots of them. But there was no shoes in Carlos Celdran’s tour; just a mention of them. What’s in the tour are two gorgeous buildings designed by National Artist for Architecture, Leandro V. Locsin.

Cultural Center of the Philippines
The unmistakable shape of the National Theatre.

So what’s Imelda got to do with the tour?
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Touring Intramuros with the Mabuhay Guides

Mabuhay Guides is another one of Tourism Secretary Ace Durano’s project to “produce young men and women who will guide DOT visitors to the Philippines, presenting the country in the best possible light in an interesting, intelligent & engaging manner, even as they represent the best the Philippines has to offer.” (from the Mabuhay Guides website)

Fort Santiago 01
Not the best thing to wear that Sunday. It was one of the hottest days of summer!

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