North Luzon

Destination, Philippines

Lakbay Norte 2: Checking in at Cagayan

After a 4-hour delay, we finally made it back to Cagayan. We’re on the second leg of Lakbay Norte 2, and we’re going to explore more of North Luzon.

Cagayan Museum
First stop: Cagayan Museum

Due to the delay, we had limited time to spend in the Cagayan Museum at the provincial capitol complex. Just enough time to eat a Cagayan favorite: pancit batil patong. I love pancit and the unique twist they put in this favorite noodle dish. It’s just noodles sauteed with sauce topped with chopped onions, poached egg, pork broth, and seasoned with calamansi or vinegar and soy sauce.
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Lakbay Norte 2: Destination Subic

C’ Italian Dining

C' Italian Dining
C’ Italian’s Panizza

Before leaving for Subic, we had a sumptuous Italian meal at C’ Italian Dining in Angeles. Chef Chris mans the kitchen, whipping up pasta sauces to match every craving and taste. The best seller though, was his original creation: the Panizza. Soft thin crust pizza that you top with arugula and alfafa sprouts then rolled like Japanese maki. The original Panizza trumps any copycats — Chef Chris has perfected the crust and toppings to match the veggies.
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Destination, Philippines

Lakbay Norte 2: Destination La Union and Pangasinan

Pugo Adventure

Lakbay Norte 2
Benjamin crossing the hanging bridge

Opened just last September 2010, the Pugo Adventure in Pugo, La Union is quickly becoming a favorite among friends and family looking for fun and adventure. While most of the activities offered are not yet available, there’s still a number of things to do. Three zip lines of varying height are available for thrill seekers, while a racetrack for all-terrain vehicles are available for those who prefer to keep close to the ground.
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