Lakbay Norte 2: Destination La Union and Pangasinan

Pugo Adventure

Lakbay Norte 2
Benjamin crossing the hanging bridge

Opened just last September 2010, the Pugo Adventure in Pugo, La Union is quickly becoming a favorite among friends and family looking for fun and adventure. While most of the activities offered are not yet available, there’s still a number of things to do. Three zip lines of varying height are available for thrill seekers, while a racetrack for all-terrain vehicles are available for those who prefer to keep close to the ground.

Lakbay Norte 2
Brian at the ATV racetrack

Those longing for more active pursuits can try wall climbing and rappelling, while those who just want to relax can lounge by the pool. There are plenty of picnic facilities (including a charcoal grill), but if you prefer to stay overnight, you can do so at the nearby Traveller’s Inn, which offers discounted rates for Pugo Adventure guests.

Lakbay Norte 2
1-minute zipline

The facility is some ways away from the main road. If you are just commuting, you can ride any Baguio-bound bus that pass through Marcos Highway and ask to be dropped off at Flying V in Pugo. Pugo Adventure provides a complimentary shuttle to and from the facility.

Patupat Factory

Patupat Factory
Cooking patupat in humongous vats filled with sugar cane juice

A local delicacy, the patupat is similar to suman (sticky rice), but with a huge difference: it makes heavy use of sugar canes. In the Patupat Factory in Pozorrubo, Pangasinan, we saw how much work goes into creating this native snack, and how nothing goes to waste (the sugar canes that have been wrung out of juice are used as firewood). The result is a yummy blend of soft, gooey rice tinge with caramel goodness. Sounds weird, but it’s gooood.

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Our Lady of Manaoag

Our Lady of Manaoag
Makoto at the Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine

Back in the 1990’s hoards of Marian devotees flocked to Manaoag, Pangasinan to get a glimpse of the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary and of the “dancing sun.” More than a decade and a sex-change surgery later, the crowds have considerably thinned out, but the image of the Our Lady of Manaoag is still venerated by the locals and devotees.
[UPDATE January 26, 2011] I got my places mixed up. Memory and reading comprehension fail. My apologies. The Our Lady of Manaoag had a pretty impressive candle shrine.

Article by Nina Fuentes

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  1. I like the Pugo Adventure, masarap i-try lahat, mas makakatipid siguro if we avail of package 1 :)

  2. Cha says:

    reposting :)))

    LOL “More than a decade and a sex-change surgery later…” :)

    3ziplines? I can imagine Izah squealing with delight!

  3. lloyd says:

    nina, your manaoaag description i think pertains to agoo. no “dancing sun” and sex change controversy happened in manaoag.

  4. Wow, that Pugo Adventure sounds really interesting. Did you try it, Nins?

  5. mukhang asteeg nga yung Pugo Adventure, at ang mura ng ATV.

  6. dyanie says:

    Kasama nyo ba ang crew ng Sports Unlimited? Saw their teaser which will be shown tom night. Same place kayo! :)

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