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A different look at Coron

Finally made it back to Coron. After four years, the town has seen some addition of new concrete building (nothing too high), and an extended harbour. The ubiquitous zipline also makes an appearance.

Still, the town still looks and feel the same. Even the drive to Maquinit Hot Springs is the rough and bumpy ride it was back then.

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Palawan, Philippines

The Adventure never ends in Coron

Finally, the super delayed continuation of my Coron adventures post! Everybody was nodding off as we putter from the Siete Pecados to the Maquinit Hot Springs. As the boat docked, Gail and I were only concerned about finding the toilets. We hurried through the wooden brige that winds though the mangroves and into the Hot Springs's only two toilets. Afterwards,…read more
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Travel Expenses: Coron 2008

This trip to Coron was certainly one of the cheapest trips I’ve ever had. Of course, it helps that we got to fly for free with Seair, but living in the island is surprisingly cheap. The expensive part of the trip are the island hopping expenses. Apart from the cost of the boat rental for the day (which is actually quite a bargain, since the boatman also acts as your guide and they can even cook your lunch for you), you also have to pay for each of the places in your itinerary.

The cheapest part about this Coron trip was the food. Coron town is pretty small, and there’s plenty of cheap dining options. If you’re not to picky, there’s plenty of carinderia near the market that serves pretty good food at affordable prices. If you love fresh seafood, head on to the market to buy shrimp for as low as Php 180 for a kilo, and a huge lapu-lapu for Php 140. We treated ourselves to a fancy dinner at La Sirenetta after a long day of island hopping. While the food was great, the service was disappointingly slow. This dinner was our most expensive at Php 380 per person.

All in all, Coron was worth every peso. If you’re in a tight budget, it’s best that you travel with a group who can share your expenses. There are places in the island hopping circuit that doesn’t charge for admission: I hear the CYC island is free, and the Twin Lagoons is included in the Kayangan Lake entrance (there are probably more, but I’m too tired to Google. Go research in Owen’s Coron site). My personal favorites among the places we visited were Banol Beach and Kayangan Lake. To further lessen your costs, pitch a tent instead of staying at hotels and resorts.

For the most amazing three days with such a fabulous group of people (not to mention the most spectacular photos), Php 4,593.00 is a bargain.
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Palawan, Philippines

Island Hopping in Coron

We woke up early, though not without hitting the snooze button several times. After our morning ablutions, we walked to the carinderia (small eatery) where we had lunch the previous day for breakfast. Seems like tapsilog (tapa or cured beef, singangag (fried rice) and itlog (sunny side up eggs) was the group's favorite, save for Gail, who ordered a plate…read more

Poll: Where would you go?

Say you have enough money for a weekend trip within the country. Where would you go: Boracay, Palawan or Basilan? Boracay One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, there's a reason why people want to go to Boracay. Those who haven't been there wants to go at least once, and those who have wants to go back. Apart…read more