Poll: Where would you go?

Say you have enough money for a weekend trip within the country. Where would you go: Boracay, Palawan or Basilan?

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, there’s a reason why people want to go to Boracay. Those who haven’t been there wants to go at least once, and those who have wants to go back. Apart from the fine white sand and crystal blue waters, Boracay has plenty of activities to keep everybody occupied. It has a distinct party vibe, yet it’s laid back enough for people who just want to relax. Why wouldn’t you want to go to Boracay?

Said to be the last frontier, Palawan is nature at its finest. Proclaimed as a national reserve, the whole island is virtually unspoilt nature. It may not be as lively as Boracay, but the magnificence of its limestone rocks, subterranean river, coral reefs and their flora and fauna greatly surpasses that little island off Aklan. Do you go to Coron with its spectacular underwater treasures? To Puerto Princessa with its underground river? Or perhaps to El Nido for some much needed quiet time beside the sea?

A tiny island in Mindanao, the mere mention of Basilan brings to mind the group Abu Sayyaf whose infamous acts included the kidnapping and beheading of foreign tourists from Palawan and known for its supposed ties with the Al Quaeda. Their location, local economy and previous warfare in the area made Basilan a destination off the beaten path. However, its proximity to Malaysia and Indonesia gave Basilan a unique cultural blend. Beyond the stilt houses and the underdevelopment you’d glimpse upon a slice of paradise: beaches as white as Boracay and Palawan minus the tourist. But is it worth the trek and the possible threat to your safety (or your parent’s sanity)?

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Where would you go? You can log your votes through the poll at my blog’s sidebar. Feel free to state the reason for your choice in the comments area :)

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. My vote is for Palawan. See “unspoilt nature” before it gets over-run by eco-tourists. And the underground river sounds cool! Check it out before it becomes a major tourist draw with tour buses and long lines and high admission charges. Snorkel on the reefs before silty run-off from on-shore development destroys them.

  2. eric says:


    been there last year, at babalik ako ulit. unspoilt. its just only you and the island. white sand, crystalline waters.

  3. nina says:

    David: Palawan is a reserved area, so it’s going to be unspoilt for a LONG time. At least I hope so. And a lot of tourists have already gone, and are going there.

    Eric: Kelan ka babalik? Pasabay ako :D

  4. estan says:

    BASILAN! I haven’t been there yet. I’m fearless. Those negative news don’t intimidate me! :)

  5. dyanie says:

    Boracay! Coz I never been there! ;)

  6. it has to be palawan for me!

  7. Ferdz says:

    Hmmm… OF course I’ll go with Palawan foremost since I’m leaning more into natural wonders. Basilan would be second for the interesting sights and colors of the locals and of course the spectacle of going there. Boracay? Well if you’re up for the party, why not.

  8. Christine says:

    Palawan without a doubt! Been to Boracay so many times, but never Palawan – which is still a dream destination for me. I also wouldn’t mind going to Basilan, a friend of mine goes there often for work (she’s a journalist) and she swears it’s beautiful.

  9. cedsaid says:

    BASILAN! The thrill of adventure is seducing me. :D

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  11. benj says:

    Since I’ve been to the other two choices, I’ll have to pick Basilan. :)

  12. june says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Palawan for the longest time! However thanks for pointing out Basilan.. hmm… I think a trip to the Philippines should be made this year.. :)

  13. Lizeth says:

    Nice poll, Nina :)

    Palawan for me!

    Been to Boracay twice, been to Palawan (El Nido) once…I would like to go back to Palawan again. :) Palawan is beautiful!!!

  14. nina says:

    Estan: Hehe, nag pa-plano na kami ni Eric (byahilo) to go there this year :D

    Dyanie: Boracay is fun! It’s a barkada destination talaga. Party party party!

    Ivan girl: Iba rin talaga ang appeal ng Palawan no? Where in Palawan would you most like to visit? Ako El Nido talaga.

    Ferdz: Well, if you have the money and the time, why not go to all three, di ba? ;)

    Christine: Pareho tayo, I haven’t been to Palawan yet either. If all goes well, I *might* be going to both Palawan and Basilan this year *crosses fingers*

    Cedsaid: I notice puro guys lang ata sumasagot ng Basilan ah. I know a couple of friends who’ve already went there. Safe naman daw, pero ingat lang kapag medyo volatile ang political situation.

    Benj: Tara, punta tayong Basilan :D

    June: Definitely! :D I can’t wait to show you around Manila! When was the last time you went here, anyway?

    Lizeth: Lucky you! I haven’t been to Palawan yet. I’m hoping to go this May :D

  15. estan says:

    Naks, nina, that would be a great trip. I do hope I can schedule one sometime this year.

  16. dyanie says:

    pupunta ka ng palawan this may? Wooooww!!! Inggit ako!!!!!!!!! :)

  17. Lizeth says:


    i want to go back!! sigh!

  18. Mariel says:

    I’d go to Basilan. Nah, Palawan. Ay, I’m torn! You will not run out of things to do in Palawan pero Basilan looks like a challenge. :D

  19. nina says:

    Estan: Want to join us? We might go this June (Independence weekend)

    Dyanie: I wish! Hahaha! Nothing definite yet, since right now, I can only afford to go to one destination -_-

    Lizeth: I’m not sure I can go to Palawan, though I really hope I could go this year!

    Mariel: Pareho tayo! I’m really torn between the two since I can only afford one trip -_-

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  22. donG hO says:

    definitely ill choose basilan. dont ask why.

  23. snooky says:

    i will go back to basilan. that is my birthplace. I am a traveler, i have been to palawan and mostly all the philippines islands since i was young. basilan is a very nice island like hawaii, except for the tourist as you said. soil is fertile and anything you plant will grow. we have land planted with rubber trees there. fruits in basilan and other parts in mindanao are priceless which you cannot find in luzon or visayas. do you have durian, huani, marang etc. i bet you do not know these fruits right? so who wants to go to basilan with me? ai’nt you afraid? Nomas pregunta porque, yo soy the basilan y muchas familias, hermano y hermana esta na basilan y zamboanga. dos ciudad ta llama sila “Latin City of the South”. muchas gracias.

  24. mingkoy says:


    Landscapes. Seascapes. Adventure.

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