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My 15-year old niece took her first flight out of the country last night. She’s due to arrive in Melbourne right about now, but so far, I haven’t received any text messages or calls from either her or my sister. And joy of joys, I’ve also run out of pre-paid credit on my mobile, so I can’t call them.

Naturally, I Googled for flight tracking websites. The biggest downside with these flight tracking websites is that most of them are limited to flights coming in and out of North America.

I did find one that covers Asia and Australia: Flightstats.com. I liked the website because aside from its nice interface, once you register, you can receive alerts on flights you are tracking.

Unfortunately, I’ve refreshed the page a million times and it hasn’t updated the flight status, nor have I received any alert. Worse still, Philippine Airline’s website only track flights that depart and arrive in Manila. Bleah.

Maybe I should just sneak into my sister’s (my niece’s mother) room and check her cellphone, no?

[EDIT] Silly me, I forgot to check Tullamarine’s website. Doh!

Aside from checking every inbound and outbound international and domestic flights to and from Melbourne, the website also have a Live Flight Radar that lets you see all the flights originating and leaving Tulla.



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I was really excited about this radar thingie, but it takes up too much memory and my poor 5-year old compy just couldn’t take it *sigh* But it’s nice to know my niece’s plane landed there. Now, if I can just confirm she really *is* there already…

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