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In the most unassuming of places stand Bellagio Square, a dining and entertainment center in Malate, Manila, with facilities for dining, health, beauty and wellness. Located in Jorge Bocobo street, it’s just a short walk from Robinson’s Midtown Mall. So why go to Bellagio when you can stay at the mall?

Bellagio Square 01

For one thing, Bellagio houses dining establishments that you wouldn’t find in the malls. There’s Hellas Taverna, a Greek restaurant with the trademark whites and blues and serves amazing Greek-style coffee; Simorgh, a Persian Halal restaurant with yummy kebabs and deligthful Basmati rice; Yin Lok Kui, a Hong Kong restaurant with great pica-picas and desserts; NAHA, a Japanese-Korean Shabu Shabu restaurant with an amazing dining area on its 2nd floor, and; Patio Guernica, a Spanish restaurant with its sinful Paella, fresh juices and gorgeous antiques.

Paella Valenciana at Patio Guernica
Yummy Paella Valenciana at Patio Guernica

There’s also White Berry, a frozen yogurt place that serves both plain froyo and berry-infused froyo with optional toppings, and Koi, a Japanese-inspired bar & restaurant that has serves a great Tequila Rose shake.

NAHA at Bellagio Square
NAHA’s second floor dining room

There are also health, beauty and wellness shops like Bio Essence (whose architect made a spectacular effort in maximizing a 50 sqm space), Mi & Me (a very cute and very pink Nail art salon) and Tony & Jackey salon (featuring Korean stylists. Surprisingly, most of their clients are Filipino).

Mi & Me at Bellagio Square
Mi & Me’s pretty pink foot spa and pedicure section

There’s an open square in the middle where people can hang out and watch live bands in the weekends. My favorite feature of this place though is its free Wi-Fi. If I just live nearby, I’d always hang out at Bellagio Square.

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Huge thanks goes out to Mr. Leoncio for taking us around Bellagio Square.

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. oh wow — i”l make sure i drop by BELLAGIO SQUARE sometime; we do have a number of upcoming events at ROBINSON’S MIDTOWN — might as well pay a visit while we’re in the neighborhood :D

  2. nina says:

    Go kayo Rotch! It’s a pretty nifty place. Just a short walk from Robinson’s Ermita.

  3. djwoblely says:

    I went there also. Awkward location but it seems nice. The Greek restaurant was nice ran by a real Greek gentleman. He was really nice and introduced us to everyone and the service there was top notch. He seemed like a great guy. Food was real Greek so I can’t complain. I forgot the name of the place though. I have his business card somewhere.

  4. dhonjason says:

    How’s the Paella serving at Patio Guernica? Good for how many persons?

  5. eric says:

    went to koi bar, the chinese owner was drunk and i saw him waving his gun at the bar. never going back to this place.

  6. hola_gurl says:

    i thnk i saw that incident…a couple of cops went by the place to check some things out. dunno, am not sure.

  7. error says:

    beauty and wellness. Located in Jorge Bocobo street, it’s just a short walk from Robinson’s Midtown Mall. So why go to Bellagio when you can stay at the mall?


  8. sarah says:

    we’ll be featuring BELLAGIO at UNTV this coming Friday, Oct 2 UHF ch37, SKY ch21, Home ch59 or via live streaming http://www.untvweb.com

    This is really a must see-place!

    For your question dhonjason, paella of guernica is good for 4-5 persons, yummy and terrific! see and try for yourself!

    thanx to Mr Leoncio and Ms. Sharon. More power to Bellagio =)

  9. Danilo Castro says:

    The place is a great get away place except for the waiters and receptionists that attack guests coming in, trying to plead their case so that the guests would go to their restaurant. the scheme is ok but in their style of marketing it more of “Guerrilla” tactics, so blunt that the guest would either go into Bellagio or go elsewhere seeing a mob go after them… one particular group that does this type of marketing so bluntly is KOI bar/resto. Their staff would go to the extent of blocking other restaurants doors and force these guests to still reconsider to go to KOI. i am not just the one to observe this but i have heard this story so many times over and KOI is the main culprit to this Bludgeon attack on to would be Bellagio Square’s guests… what does the owner of Bellagio have to do in order to police this harrasing system???

  10. eimra says:

    @dan- i thnk i saw the place was closed last time i went by bellagio, they’re are a little irritating whenever i pass by there going to rob malate, cant blame them tho, its their job

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