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If you’re headed to Boracay this summer, here’s a guide that I hope would help you in planning your trip. Before December, I’ve always thought that the cheap accommodations in Boracay were all at Station 3. I was so glad to find out that there are reasonably priced rooms in Station 2, and near D’mall too!

Guide to cheap accomodation in Boracay Station 2
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Obviously, this map is not to scale.

If you’ve been to Boracay before, you would probably be able to gauge the location of this alley. If you’re a first timer, don’t fret! I’ll be giving directions on how to go there, and a list of the resort’s contact numbers.

From the jetty port in Cagban (Boracay Island), ride a tricycle to D’mall. The driver will drop you off across the entrance. Head down the path between Julie’s Bakeshop and Budget Mart. You’ll come upon the Ferris wheel. Continue down the path between Lemon Cafe and Cindy’s, going on until you’re at the main beach road, between Aria and Cafe del Sol.

Soak in the sight of the turquoise waters and feel how fine the white sand is on your feet. Turn left, and walk down the road. You’ll pass Hey Jude (they have wi-fi) and Gasthof (they have the best baby back ribs in Boracay and awesome breakfast set). You’ll soon come upon this massage place that has a group of their female masseuse out front, chanting out their “cheer” to entice customers. When you pass Mango-Ray, look up, and you’ll see a sign for Sheena’s resort. Right beside it is the ES Pascual Store:

Boracay 02

Right after the store is the alley. If you’re coming from Station 3, this is what you’ll see:

Boracay 03

The alley itself looks like this from the beach road:

Boracay 04

And there you have it! You’re in a place where you can get rooms for as low as Php 1,000 in the lean season (or even during regular seasons if you get a discount). Save for Sheena’s resort, all the accommodations in this alley are very affordable (Sheena’s rooms start at Php 3,000 per night for two).

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To further assist you in your quest to find cheap accomodation in Boracay, here’s a list of the contact number of all the guesthouses in that alley:

Tans Guesthouse
Phone: (036) 288 6878 / +6336-288-6878
Telefax: (036) 288 3088 / +6336-288-3088
Mobile: (0920) 920 2481 / +63920-920-2481
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Taj Guesthouse
Phone: (036) 288-4628 (+6332-2884628)
Mobile: (0920) 919-6509 (+63920-9196509
Fax: (036) 288-5695 (+6332-2885695)
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Phone: (036) 288-5898

Villa Simprosa Resort
(formerly GP’s)
Telefax: (036) 288-3139
Mobile: (0917) 327-4076

Phone: (036) 288-6982

Eriko’s House
Phone: (036) 288-3382
Mobile: (0928) 485-4100

Jerome Bungalow
Phone: (036) 288-3270

Madid’s Inn
Phone: (036) 288-5392

Sheena’s Resort
Phone: (036) 288-6120
Mobile: (0917) 994-2534 / (0906) 535-4209 / (0919) 642-4189

Again, here’s the video I took of the walk from Tans Guesthouse to the Boracay white beach:

In 00:03 you can see the staircase of Jerome Bungalow in between the pillars, in 00:04 you see Eriko’s House, 00:05 is Madid’s Inn and at 00:06 Jejsellends is at the right. At 00:12, see the palm tree? That’s Villa Simprosa, right across Taj Guesthouse, which starts at 00:15. At 00:26, the guy at the right is inquiring at Sheena’s reception desk, while across it, at 00:27 is Namaste. At 00:32, you can see a reception desk for Villa Simprosa at the ES Pascual Store. At 00:37 is the beach road and at 00:42 is Sheena’s Resort and Restaurant’s beach front. On the left of that is Tans Grill, which only opens at night. The beach proper starts at 00:52.

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I hope this helps you in picking out where to stay in Boracay. Have a nice trip!

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  11. This is cool, many people today is looking for affordable place to stay even in a resort like this.

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  21. Bumping an old post but thanks for sharing this to all of us. This will serve as one of our resources for building our very own cheap accommodations in Boracay

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