Experiencing the Disney magic at Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland, a place usually associated with kids, is also a place for adults who grew up with Disney cartoons. It’s hard to resist the Disney magic that you feel as soon as you step unto the resort grounds.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Tohru excited to explore Disneyland

Located in Lantau island, the Disneyland Resort is a sprawling estate that covers the theme park, the Disneyland Hotel
and Disneyland Hollywood Hotel. The resort can be reached by the specially designed MTR train on the Disneyland Resort line that connects to the main MTR line through Sunny Bay on the Tung Chung Line. Public buses also serve the resort’s Public Transport Interchange, as well as taxis. Taxi from the Hong Kong International Airport costs approximately HK$120.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Disneyland Park station

Walking from the transport interchange, you’re welcomed by instrumental themes from Disney movies. Just before you go through the ticket booths (day tickets cost HK$350 for adults, HK$250 for kids aged 3-11 years and HK$170 for seniors. Tickets can be bought online.), there’s a musical fountain with Mickey surfing on the waters coming out of a whale (is that Monstro?). The full force of the Disney magic hits you when you go through the park’s entrance. Disneyland is exactly how you’d imagine it to be: grand, whimsical and full of small details that’s distinctly Disney.

Hong Kong Disneyland
One of the many ways to go around the park

Though many of the rides are for kids, there’s a number of attractions that adults can enjoy. Give your competitive streak a treat as you blast through Zurg’s underlings at the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Tickle your senses as you ride in pitch darkness through Space Mountain (be sure to open your mouth wide and scream your hearts out throughout the whole ride). Sit back and enjoy reminiscing through Disney Favorites at the Golden Mickey Show and the Lion King Show.

Hong Kong Disneyland
The Lion King

There’s a lot of people flocking to Disneyland anytime of the year. If you have limited time in the park, invest on a Fastpass, that lets you in on an express lane on Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. If you have serious moolah to spend (about HK$3,200), consider a Supreme tour, wherein you get direct entrance for all attractions.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Buzz Lightyear giving instructions

You’re not allowed to bring food and drink into the park, but don’t worry as there are plenty of food options for all tastes and budget. You can enjoy Cantonese noodles, country fried chicken or a full vegetarian Indian meal in the restaurants around the park.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Main Street at night

Shopaholics who still haven’t gotten their fill from Hong Kong’s crazy shopping scene can still indulge at the many souvenir shops scattered around the park. It’s not uncommon for guests to be wearing shirts, hats and accessories bought from the shops, so don’t be shy and walk around wearing that Minnie Mouse headband you just bought.

Cinderella’s song

The park is open daily from 10 am to 7pm from Sunday to Wednesday, and up to 8pm from Tursday to Saturday. The park’s closing is marked by the grand fireworks by Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Everybody gathers around for this, so if you want prime seats to enjoy the show, be sure to come at least 30 minutes to claim a spot. The park’s pyromusical extravaganza puts other fireworks display to shame. It’s a fitting end to a magical experience.

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This is the third post of a four-part Hong Kong series. Read part 1 and part two to for our adventures in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. For more pictures, head on over to my flickr.

This trip was made possible by Nuffnang.

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. Looks like a whole day of fun!

    • nina says:

      It was! I’m wanting to go back and experience the magic again :D

      • Bing says:

        Hi Nina, nice blog!

        My 6-year old daughter and I are scheduled to go to HK on the 24th and plan to stay at the Bridal Tea House on Yau Ma Tei. How do we go to Disneyland from our hotel?

        Thank you very much.

      • nina says:

        Hi Bing,

        You have three options:

        1) Bus
        There is no direct bus to Disneyland from Yau Ma Tei. You need to take the Airport bus A21 to the Lantau Toll Link Plaza, then ride the R8 bus to Disneyland Resort. Total cost is HK$40 per adult. Details can be found here: http://bit.ly/gEDdlL

        2) MTR
        Again, there is no direct route. From the Yau Ma Tei MRT, you need to change over to the Tung Chung line at the Lai King interchange, then change again to the Disneyland Resort Line at Sunny Bay. Fare is HK$18.50 for adults. Details can be found here: http://bit.ly/goLnA
        Just type in Yau Ma Tei as origin, and Disneyland Resort as destination.

        3) Taxi
        This is the fastest and most convenient, but it’s also the most expensive route to Hong Kong Disneyland. Approximate fare is around HK$175. Details can be found here: http://bit.ly/f6RB4l

      • Bing says:

        Thank you so much! This is very helpful. Gotta print this out :)

        Hope one day you could visit my province up north – BATANES.

  2. Ferdz says:

    Ang saya! Babalikan ko yan for the Lion King and wala yung parade when we were there :D

  3. chyng says:

    remains to be the happiest place on earth! ?

  4. kassy says:

    Fantastic trip! :)

    Hey I was trying to add nuffnang to my site but I just couldn’t seem to make it appear :( help?

    • nina says:

      Hi Kassy! Minsan talaga it doesn’t appear, if there’s no campaign for your site. Just add the code into your blog template and it’d show up :) Not sure if ads are allowed on WordPress.com blogs though :-/

  5. Ed says:

    Great trip Nina! When we visited Disneyland, andaming tao talaga! and it was a weekday. anybody who would see the parade of Disney stars would bring out the inner child in them. heck, i even started waving at the characters/mascots just because of the feeling of being in a magical place. :D

  6. ang tagal lumaki ni luna! dalin ko sya dyan someday, hihi :)

  7. Have you tried all the fun rides? Which one do you recommend as the must “do” at Disney Land HK?

  8. I wanna go there too :) It’s a real shame, I’ve never been to HK :)

  9. Angel says:

    Lahat yata ng nakapanood ng Lion King, nagustuhan yung show :)
    I love the show too :)
    Ang daming pinoy performers sa HK Disneyland no? Napapangiti ako, bigla na lang may sisigaw na kabayan either tourists or performers :)

  10. mitzi cruz says:

    pwede nyo po bang sabihin kung magkano ang presyo ng ticket papuntang HK disneyland,magkano po ba ang ticket kada isa plz bukas po magiinternet ulit ako sana po replayan po ninyo ang comment ko tnx po

  11. mitzi cruz says:

    at isa pa po,9 person po kasi kami sa tingin nyo po magkano ang magagastos namin lahat na po pati stay in on hotel tnx po ulit

  12. kelly says:

    hi.. my husband and i was planning to hong kong with our son until when ung celebration nila sa 5th year? everyday b may parade of characters? thank u.

  13. tina_bayking says:

    Hi!Our family are planning to go to hongkong this May.I would like to ask a suggestion from you if what is the cheapest way in availing an airfare?Is the parade in disneyland everyday?We would bring along w/us our two children,Is it very expensive in going to hongkong?This is our first in hongkong would it be better in an agency?

    • nina says:

      Tina, the best way to get cheap airfare is to watch out for airline promos. You can also check out packages offered by airlines, which already include airfare and accommodation in HK. I’m not sure if there is a parade everyday (there wasn’t a parade when we went there). Hong Kong can get very expensive; certainly more expensive than the Philippines. If you don’t have time to research about where to stay and what to do, I think it’d be best for you to get a package from a travel agent.

  14. cris webb says:

    can anyone tell me of a good package from manila to hk
    which includes hotel for say 5 nights and 2 days entry
    to disneyland. have wife and 2 kids 8 and 3

    pse to email repyly


    mindoro philippines

  15. Lhyn Cruz says:

    My family enjoyed our disneyland adventures , but we miss the fireworks coz we need to go back to the ship,,but I want to come back again…

  16. gloria says:

    Can anyone pls email me how much the promo tour to hk for the month of Aug. And I’m ahe cheapest price. We’re all 9-10 passengers. 1 senior citizen and 2 kids ages 9 and 12..and the rest are adults. I appreciate the reply. Than You.

  17. bless says:

    gusto ko talaga pumunta ng hongkong…..pd pa join…para makatipid ako….kung sino dyan ang mag gro group tour

  18. bless says:

    gusto ko talaga pumunta ng hk…kung sino yung wlang kasama..pd tayo dalawa para share tayo at makaka tipid din tayo dalawa…or kung sino yung mag gro group tour pd pa join….please…you can contact me through 09176339326..thanks

  19. nice travel blogs here… :) I got mine too…. http://allbestofphilippines.blogspot.com
    Hope you can visit back.. mabuhay!! ^^

  20. Gina says:


    Its my first time to go to Hk with my daughter this 22 of July. I want to know how long my time spend going to Disney if i came from Fanling. What would u advice. for the disney ticket. its better to buy through online or in HK ticketing booth. Ticket bought one day pass what are the ride priveledges include for adult and a kids. Pls. ellaborate. 12 days from now were excited. many Thanks if you answer my inquiry as soon as possible.

    • nina says:

      It’s best to set aside one day for Hong Kong Disneyland, specially if you’ll be there on a weekend. I think it’s more convenient to buy online because it saves you having to line up to buy tickets when you get to the park.

  21. shyra lyn vendiola says:


  22. Hershey Pavon says:

    Hi! My husband and I are planning to go to HK by September or December, we are both first timer. Do you know a cheap hotel or place that we can stay? How much will it cost us? What are the places that we must see in HK? By the way, we will stay there for 3nyts and 4 days. Hope you can help us. Thanks in advance…

    • nina says:

      Hi, you can try the Golden Crown. It’s near the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station and Airport Bus stop. When we stayed there last January, our room cost HK$350 per night.

  23. Rone-je says:


    Me & my Hubby are going to Hongkong for 3days & 2nigths & we already book at Sealand House…Can you please help me for our I.T.? What Places to visit & How can we go there…
    Your Utmost Response is Highly Enjoined.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Rone-Je ( Manila )

  24. Mesalina D. Aquino says:

    my husband and i are going to HK on January 22…i do not know the details yet…my agent has not given me our itinerary. my concern is that my husband has walking difficulty from his stroke five years ago and he walks rather very slow. i know that one place we are slated to visit is HK Disneyland. from the NAIA to HK airport and to some of our destinations, could a wheelchair be available to us for his comfort and ease of travel? can this be arranged in advance? thank you so much. am so anxious about this. blessings.

  25. gigi says:

    hi again. i know you stayed at golden crown, but are there any other cheap hotels you might suggest. in terms of security, cleanliness, and location. thanks.

  26. gigi says:

    hi again. how do i book with golden crown? thanks

  27. Lenie Papio says:

    We are planning to go to Hongkong on April 11 to 15 for 7 pax how much it will cost. kindly give me an idea. Thank you so much..

  28. juhannah says:

    hahai mas gusto ko pa nga ang lion king kasi i love lion

    HAHAHAHAA!!! nakakatawa i wish i could go to lion king….

  29. i’m estellena, Sofronio Sangco.i want to send a email in Embassy of the United States America her in Manila how can i send a email.

  30. andrea domingo says:

    Hello gud day.Im planing to go Disneyland with my mother 70 years old.is there a available wheel chair or for rent inside disnel land .& If for rent how much it will cost…Thanks

  31. Beckie Stoney says:

    Hi Nina!

    First of all, let me tell you that I really like your blog. No wonder that it earned many supporters from different places already.

    My family and I are also planning to go to Hongkong Disneyland hopefully this December, and we will certainly look for the places you posted in here.

    Thank you much for sharing. Will definitely come back on this site again.

  32. MC says:

    Hi! Nina, Tanong ko lang kung yong day pass ba na HK$350 and HK$250 sa Disney ay for entrance lang and does not include the rides and shows inside the resort? Hindi ba ito consumable? If yes, would you know the price range of the rides or shows ? I’m doing kasi my budget for our HK tour.

    Hope you reply. Thanks

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