Fiesta Resort Guam

During our 5-day stay in Guam, we were billeted at the Fiesta Resort Guam. Located right at the heart of Tumon, the hotel has easy access to the fine white sand beach and turquoise waters of Tumon Bay. The drive from the airport only took 10 minutes and upon entering the lobby, our eyes were immediately drawn to the manicured lawn that stretched to the line of coconut trees upon the shore.

Fiesta Resort Guam 15
Fiesta Resort Guam as seen from the poolside

I was given an Oceanfront room on the fourth floor. It took all of my self-control not to rush to the balcony to take a photo of the gorgeous view outside and take photos of the room instead before I settle in.

Fiesta Resort Guam 01
Inside Room 424

The room had the usual features: bedside reading lamps, closet, personal safe, alarm clock, cable TV, fridge, mini bar and desk. There were two chairs in the balcony with a small table in middle upon which an ashtray sits. The bathroom is just the right size for 2 people rooming together.

Fiesta Resort Guam 04
Room 424’s bathroom

Fiesta Resort offers a variety of activities to keep their guests occupied. There are two pools, one for swimming, the other for playing pool volleyball or basketball. Lounge chairs are available for those who want to sunbathe and there’s an outdoor snack bar if you get hungry or looking for refreshment. There’s a gym for those who want to keep fit even while on vacation or join the morning gentle stretch, which combines yoga and pilates. There are also activities to keep the kids occupied, as well as a babysitting service.

Fiesta Resort Guam 13
Fiesta Resort’s pool and garden

The hotel has one restaurant, the World Cafe, where the breakfast buffet is served. In the evenings though, you might want to try the beachside barbecue which also include a cultural show featuring Polynesian and Micronesian dances. Craving for ice cream? You don’t need to go far as there’s a Häagen-Dazs Café right outside the lobby. There’s also a small convenience store if you’re hankering for some midnight munchies.

Fiesta Resort Guam 18
Breakfast at the World Cafe

What sets Fiesta from the other hotels in Tumon though is that they can let you check in early. This is perfect for those flying in to Guam on the red-eye flights. If you’re booked at Fiesta, there’s no need for you to sleep at the airport or wander around the island like a zombie, killing time before you get to check-in and rest. Another unique feature of the hotel are its Ladies rooms, which are located in a restricted access wing on the 8th floor. Are you a solo female traveling in Guam? This is something you might want to consider when you visit. The rooms all have ocean views, fancier toiletries and even comes with a small bowl of chocolates.

Fiesta Resort Guam 10
Ladies room toiletries

Fiesta Resort Guam room rates starts at $120 for mountain view rooms. Package rates for rooms and activities (spa, water sports, barbecue dinner, etc.) are also available. To make a reservation, visit the Fiesta Resort Guam website.

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Fiesta Resort Guam sponsored our stay in Guam.

Article by Nina Fuentes

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  1. chyng says:

    I bet you almost refused to do any activities and just stay in this resort all day ^_^

  2. bertN says:

    I like their policy of an early check in. Not too many hotels anywhere allow that and it is pain for exhausted travelers.

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