Long weekend at Taal Vista Hotel

Though I much prefer traveling for more than three days, there is something to be said about going out of town for the weekend to relax after a long week and recharge for another week ahead. When I received the invitation to stay for a weekend at Taal Vista Hotel, I didn’t hesitate to say yes, and even took advantage of using my voucher from Deal Grocer to extend for an extra day.

View from Taal Vista Hotel
View of Taal Lake and volcano from our room’s balcony

Tagaytay, due mainly for its proximity to the city, is a popular weekend destination for Manileños. That, and the cooler weather, that is just perfect for bulalo, which you can find everywhere in the ridge.

Taal Vista Hotel 21
Our Premier Room at Taal Vista Hotel

Our room was in the new wing of the hotel, which has a view of the Taal Lake. The room features a queen sized bed and a single bed, and can easily accommodate three adult, without it feeling too crowded. The bed was comfortable, as expected, and there was an extra pillow tucked in the closet, so if you’re like me who prefer to have two pillows when you sleep, you won’t have to call housekeeping to request for an extra.

Taal Vista Hotel 22
Taal Vista Hotel Premier Room amenities

Though the beds are heavenly, I quite enjoyed sitting on the arm chair by my bed, which was too comfortable I always end up yawning several times. My second favorite spot was outside in our balcony, looking out at Taal Lake. Nevermind the construction happening next door, looking out at that landscape was one of the simple joys I took from that weekend.

Taal Vista Hotel 20
Premier Room toilet and bath

The bathroom was unlike the other hotel bathrooms I’ve encountered: there was no door! There was separate cubicles for the toilet and the shower, which is great, because it means the water from the shower stays within the cubicle and doesn’t spew all over the bathroom floor (I hate wet floors!). On the other hand, there’s this thing where you are conscious of every single noise you make in the bathroom, because it carries out to the bedroom. Unless of course, you’re THAT comfortable with your roommate, then by all means, be as loud as you want.

Taal Vista Hotel 19
There’s no shortage of salad here

There was a huge fruit platter that welcomed us when we entered the room, along with a welcome message from Taal Vista’s General Manager, Mr. Walid Wafik. It was a nice touch, along with the guest comment card, which was also addressed to him after you fill it out.

Homemade Taho!
Taho all you can

It was a weekend spent eating, and that’s when Cla and I realized that eating at buffets three times a day can get overwhelming. Every weekend, the Café on the Ridge feature Heritage Cuisine, a small sampling of traditional Pinoy fare. There were roasted pork slabs, lechon, and this glorious ham. Yum.

Taal Vista Hotel 11
The chef picking fresh herbs for the kitchen

There are also no shortage of local ingredients and flavors in their buffet. The salad station goes beyond the usual greens and dressings, with their ampalaya salad and dalandan vinaigrette. Same goes for their dessert, where they make their own ice cream. Watch out for their leche flan and siniguelas flavors!

Treeson and Ren
Treeson and Ren by the poolside

After stuffing ourselves, we were only too happy to walk around the hotel grounds, checking out the different rooms and facilities. To my surprise, they have a pool, which was perfect when the sun was out and it was just hot enough for a dip. There is also a spa, where you can get different treatments to complete your weekend.

Amsara Spa
How about a massage at Amsara Spa?

Still, the best feature of Taal Vista is its lawn and view deck, which has one of the best views of the lake. It was never devoid of people during the entire weekend, only clearing out on Monday, when most of the weekenders have left to go back to Manila. It made me happy to see kids running, rolling down the grass, playing hide and seek, despite there having Wi-fi throughout the entire hotel.

Taal Vista Hotel 27
Where to get the best view of Taal Volcano

Now it’s your chance to experience Taal Vista Hotel! The gracious people of Taal Vista gave me a gift certificate, which I’m passing on to a lucky Just Wandering reader. To join this giveaway, simply answer this question in the comment section: What are you looking forward to doing at Taal Vista Hotel?

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Anybody can join, provided you are in the Philippines and have a Philippine address that I can send the gift certificate to. The certificate is valid until July 31, 2013. Giveaway runs until 11:59pm, Friday, February 15, 2013. Winners will be chosen randomly, and announced on the Just Wandering Facebook page.

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Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. sikat101 says:

    I’ve been to Taal Vista but only to use to the viewing area for photos with the taal volcano. I see a giant wheel. Is that part of Taal Vista?

  2. i am looking forward to the superb view of the taal lake.. :)

  3. have an awesome sleep in that bed! haha yun lang

  4. Fair Haduca-Sarga says:

    Yay! Thank you for sharing the opportunity to experience Taal Vista Hotel! I have been itching to go to Taal Vista for months now, but budget is always a consideration. I look forward to seeing the view of the Taal Lake. I want to experience the sumptuous food, as well. Plus, I heard that the spa services of the hotel is a must-try. I also want to take advantage of it. These things, I want to share with my fam bam, too.

  5. spend a cold, lazy night just hanging out at the view deck… :)

  6. I look forward to eating! all your food pics made me really hungry :P

  7. Annetotz says:

    I’ve been to Tagaytay but of course never to Taal Vista Hotel. :)

    I’m looking forward to the awesome view of the Taal Volcano/Lake from the room’s balcony; the superb cold weather; buffet and heavenly sleep with my loved-ones. <3

  8. Karyn says:

    Love their weekend buffet. I still need to try the spa! The view of Taal at the deck is so stunning…

  9. john obrien says:

    the world uniqueness of the view over taal.

  10. Annetotz says:

    I’ve been to Tagaytay but never to Taal Vista Hotel.. :)

    I’m looking forward to the awesome view of Taal Volcano/Lake from the room’s balcony; superb cold weather; buffet and heavenly sleep with my loved-ones… <3

  11. Shashi says:

    Sleep all day and try their buffet :)

  12. I look forward to have a relaxing day, away from the busy streets of Manila with my husband =)

  13. meloyco says:

    I’m looking forward to sitting at the lawn (if possible) or hanging out by the view deck to watch the awesome Taal lake view! =)

  14. blissfulguro says:

    get hold of the extra pillow! hooray for extra pillows :)

  15. albert says:

    i want to taste their homegrown salad and home made ice cream with matching muni-muni sa fireplace

  16. Juned Sonido says:

    It would be nice to take a stroll around the viewing deck early in the morning catching the sunrise and perhaps view the sunset much later. In between that bring a book to read and a blank to write and doodle, possibly sitting on the comfortable arm chair near the bed.

  17. Camille says:

    I wasn’t able to enjoy the food while I was there, like their merienda fare. Hahaha. Maybe next time :)

  18. I look forward to enjoying their new wing, their excellent service, and be in food heaven with all their freshly grown ingredients! :)

  19. I’m looking forward to reading a book at Cafe on the Ridge in the morning, then taking photos at the view deck in the afternoon. :)

  20. Mel says:

    I agree, Tagaytay’s a Manilenyo’s staple! Well the summer’s fast approaching and though a year never passes by without me making a trip, I’ve never been to Taal Vista just yet.

    I look forward to waking up to comfy sheets and pillows and stretching on the balcony with a fantastic view of the lake and volcano. The food looks amazing too! Reading your post makes me sleepy and hungry, all at the same time. :D

  21. Nor Ann (@Nor_Ann) says:

    I want to try this soon..

  22. jelchu says:

    looking forward to the buffet and viewing sunset overlooking Taal Lake. :)

  23. ems says:

    I’ve never been to Tagaytay so I might spend a lot of time outside that balcony, enjoy the views of Taal Lake, the weather and Lamon my heart out. :)

  24. worldofdez says:

    I am looking forward to enjoying the quiet morning breeze of Tagaytay as I wake up hugging the soft pillows and comfy sheets of Tagaytay Vista Hotel. I would also love to enjoy the fresh greens to be prepared by the chef right from the garden..yumyum! I am also looking forward to enjoying the relaxing massage from their spa and dipping in their hot pool. What a relaxing life! This would be a good wedding gift for me and my fiance…Fingers crossed!

  25. Celine Arenillo says:

    Hi, Nina! Thank you so much for the wonderful write-up. I hope to see and have fun with you again and Cla! Regards to you and her!

  26. Essen says:

    i was still in my highschool days last time i went to Taal Vista Lodge…would be more than happy to see the changes they’ve made over the years…

  27. kaoko says:

    It’s a tough call between getting a massage and nomming, but nomming will probably win. :)

  28. jona13 says:

    I would love to experience sleeping in their cozy rooms, partake of the lavish buffet and just relax and feel the breeze of tagaytay..

  29. Michael Rito says:

    I am looking forward for a relaxing vacation and magnificent view of the lake at Taal Vista Hotel!

  30. dyezza says:

    Celebrating our first year anniversary would be perfect at Taal vista hotel. Looking forward to stay at the relaxing ambience of the hotel rooms. And of course the buffet.

  31. jovil says:

    Your post are so much helpful for travelers like me and really makes me wanna visit the Taal Vista Hotel. I want to experience again the cool weather of Tagaytay. Im looking forward to do everything in Taal vista Hotel, resting in a nice comfortable bed inside a relaxing room, swimming in the pool, going to spa, enjoying the other services, eating buffets, and very important is walking down the lawn and view deck which has the best view of Taal Lake.

  32. Patricia Gonzales says:

    I look forward to a pampering massage at their spa!

  33. Jennifer says:

    Oh, man, I missed the contest! But I would look forward to all that you said about this place. Sounds like a very relaxing place to go to. The great view would simply be my most-looked forward to. Will add Taal Vista to my Must-Go-To List…Treeson and Ren seemed to be enjoying themselves. ;p

  34. Pinoy Forum says:

    Wow ang ganda naman dyan napaka class pati na ang pag kain parang mag dadalawang iisip ka kung kakaiinin mo sa sobrang ganda. :D I wish one of this day I could bring my family in that place. :)

  35. I missed the contest! Too bad! But I would still like to say that I am looking forward to looking out that wonderful scenery on the open window of my room at Taal Vista Hotel (if ever I get to stay there) and take a dip not only at their pool but dip my taste buds with their sumptuous buffet! (weakness ko talaga ang food sa travel! omg!) Visiting Tagaytay soon! I hope I get to have a great experience as you have. more power!

  36. malds says:

    Was just there last week :). Friend of mine will be holding their wedding reception there and invited me to go with them para sa food tasting. We stayed there last year as well, me and my parents on a weekend trip.

    Place is nice, and the view is awesome. Nagopen na din yung parang fair beside it. The one with the really big ferris wheel so that’s cool.

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