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Last year, I received a message in LinkedIn. I hardly use that social network, so I was surprised to receive anything. Interestingly, it was from the developer of a new (then) last-minute booking app called Hotel Quickly. I was quite eager to try it out (and use the $50 credit they gave me), but unfortunately, back then, most of their properties were only in selected countries in Southeast Asia.

My Deluxe room at the Exchange Regency, booked and paid through Hotel Quickly

Their hotel inventory started growing eventually, and I was elated when they finally had hotels available in Australia right when I was visiting. However, it wasn’t meant to be, as whenever I am available to book for a hotel stay, there are no hotels available, and there are plenty whenever I am stuck at home.

The hotel’s information, succinctly written by the Hotel Quickly crew

I have mostly forgotten about Hotel Quickly, until I received word that they finally have hotels in the Philippines! Not even waiting for the weekend, I hastily packed my bags, and booked a hotel as soon as 12 noon struck the following day.

One tap and you get your booking summary

Hotel Quickly is a last-minute booking app. It promises good deals on hotel rooms for two. The catch? Rates and inventory changes from day to day (depending on the hotel’s occupancy rate), and hotel listing and booking is only available from 8 am to 4 am.

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This is not an app to use for booking a hotel for your vacation; this is for same day booking. Say there was a typhoon, streets are flooded, and you can’t go home. You can use Hotel Quickly to look for a hotel near where you are. Or it’s the height of the summer season, and you want to take a break from the heat, stay overnight at a hotel with the air conditioner in full blast, and spend the afternoon soaking in the pool. You can use Hotel Quickly for that spontaneous staycation.

…another tap, and you’re booked!

Living up to its name, booking hotels is very easy and done swiftly with just a couple of taps on your mobile. You’re saved from scrolling through endless text, as they have already highlighted the best bits about each property. Icons also indicate which facilities and feature you can expect from the hotel. Provided you’ve already signed up for the service and is logged into the app, you can select, book, and pay for your hotel in just three taps.

Manila Hotel, the Fairmont Makati, and Diamond Hotel listed in Hotel Quickly

In the Philippines, Hotel Quickly already have a list of properties for Manila, Cebu, and Davao. From what I’ve noticed, their hotels are usually grouped in specific areas: places where there are either tourist attractions or business districts. Hotels range from budget hotels to five-star: the Manila Hotel and Fairmont Makati are included in their inventory, so you might want to watch out for them.

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Hotel Quickly is free to download from the Play Store, iTunes, and Blackberry App World. Fees and taxes exclusive of the price displayed.

Article by Nina Fuentes

Nina doesn't aim to travel to every country in the world -- she just wants to travel to the places that means the most to her. She started traveling in 2006, and hopes to travel for as long as she can. Her travel blog, Just Wandering won the Best Travel Blog in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards and in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

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  1. Marty says:

    Hi, I just want to ask if breakfast are provided when you book thru the app?

  2. July says:

    hello may i ask? are there extra charges aside from the booking fee?

  3. Carmel says:

    In you 1st booking, did you redeem your own code or from a friends code?

  4. […] and long-term renters. The property is managed by Hotel Innovators, Inc., which also manages Exchange Regency in Ortigas and Y2 Residence Hotel in Makati […]

  5. tina w says:

    Do not use Hotel Quickly under any circumstances! Do not be fooled by the positive ratings listed on this page (they MUST be fake), or the sympathetic responses from Hotel Quickly. It’s all B.S. to make potential consumers think they care. They do not care at all and they lie. This company was supposed to refund me $400.00 over a month ago, and kept telling me in email that the cancellation is in progress. This means absolutely nothing. I will have to file a lawsuit against this company to retrieve my funds for a cancellation and will be suing for court costs also. They are thieves!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I will be posting this review on every website I can find to stop others from being scammed by them.

  6. Sendian says:

    DONT book with them. I booked a hotel in September 2018 through their app for a trip in November 2018 do 2 months in advance. they charged my credit card in full. I arrived at the hotel this morning to check in, I was told my reservation was canceled last week. I pulled my reservation on the app and it was still active no cancellation. I haven’t received an email with cancellation.
    I tried calling them and couldn’t get through as no one was available. I kept calling until finally someone answered his name was Stanley. I asked about my reservation, he said it was canceled by their supplier. I told him I wasn’t Informed of that and he needed to reinstate my reservation as I traveled from Texas to Sedona,AZ and wasn’t going to look for another hotel last minute. He was extremely rude. I had him talk to the hotel staff and my reservation was reinstated. I came to find out that they did this with all the reservations at that hotel and I wasn’t the only one.
    I will NEVER EVER book with them.
    Be careful. You have been warned.

  7. Hemant Gupta says:

    I had booked & paid for a Dec 18 booking in August 18 & was given a confirmed booking.

    When I checked into the hotel, I was told by the hotel that HotelQuickly had cancelled the booking at the same day, not paid them & told the hotel to bill me directly. This inspite of taking the full money 4 months in advance. Then Hotel Quickly mails me that the hotel cancelled at the last moment saying no rooms. I then paid the hotel directly to stay. Also, the site did not refund but said they can only give a credit voucher. They never answer the calls, which is a US number whereas they are based out of Hong Kong.

    Never using this site again.

    They can us the voucher & shove it up their A**.

  8. Gene Menzies says:

    HotelQuickly scammed me as well. They canceled my reservation at the last minute saying the hotel was full. The hotel gave me a room! All they offered was a voucher for future travel. Now I am filing with my cc company for a refund. I am pretty sure that HQ will state that they have a no refund policy. Do not use!!

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